Remember before God,

Richard III, King of England

And those who fell at Bosworth Field,

Having kept the faith.

22 August, 1485.

Loyaulte me lie.

Arms of King Richard III

Arms of King Richard III

This volunteer-maintained site is sponsored by the American Branch of the England-based Richard III Society and devoted to the study of:

  • King Richard III, last of the medieval English Kings. The last King to be killed in battle & the last of the Plantagenet Kings.
  • The Wars of the Roses, a dynastic struggle in the later middle ages that pitted the House of York against The House of Lancaster.
  • Fifteenth-century England and its culture.
  • The reputation of Richard III in history, literature, and drama.

The Richard III Society was founded in 1924 in England as The Fellowship of the White Boar, and was renamed the Richard III Society in 1959. The American Branch was founded in 1961. Today the Society has more than 4,000 members worldwide; American Branch membership is close to 400.


Plaque on the Richard III Statue – Castle Gardens, Leicester

Historians & scholars have been questioning how much his bad reputation is true and how much is myth, since the early 17th Century, when Sir George Buck (1560-1622) discovered the only remaining copy of the act of Parliament, Titulus Regius, which brought Richard III to the throne. (All other copies were destroyed by Henry VII following his victory at the Battle of Bosworth). He found it in the Croyland Chronicle, one of the sources for his History of King Richard III. (Sir George was a descendant of Sir John Buck, an adherent of Richard III who had been executed following the Battle of Bosworth).

In March 1461, young Richard was granted the title “Duke of Gloucester.”

In 1469, the War of the Roses resumed with Richard’s brother losing power in 1470. King Henry VI resumed his reign only briefly, however. Edward IV was back on the throne the following year. Richard’s loyalty to his brother Edward during this time brought Richard great rewards, including lands & titles. He married Anne Neville, the daughter of the earl of Warwick, and gained a share of her substantial wealth. Richard and Anne had one child, a son named Edward, around 1476.

Richard was a distinguished battle commander. In the early 1480’s He helped his brother invade Scotland and received an area of Cumberland and the right to other lands for his efforts. His role in the campaign against Scotland increased Richard III’s prominence and power.

When King Edward IV died in 1483, his oldest son was set to become the next King of England as Edward V, at only 12 years old. On his deathbed Edward IV declared Richard as Lord Protector of his nephew.


Plaque on the Richard III Statue – Castle Gardens, Leicester

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