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The American Branch of the Richard III Society was organized in December, 1968 to “promote in every possible way historical research into the life and times of King Richard III of England” and “to secure a reassessment of the historical material relating to this period and of the life and history of this monarch”. There are over 350 members nationwide with individual Chapters in New England, New York- Metro, Michigan, Illinois, Eastern Missouri, New Mexico, Arizona, the Southwest and the Northwest.

On the weekend closest to Richard’s birthday, 2nd October, the American Branch holds an Annual General Meeting at different locations around the country to conduct Society business and present relevant papers and presentations .   The American Branch publishes quarterly the Ricardian Register, and also distributes the Parent Society publications, the Ricardian Bulletin and The Ricardian, to all American Branch members. See “Benefits” below for more detail.

Annual dues are $60 a year, individual membership, which includes all publications. Please see our How to Join page for more information.

The Richard III Society Inc was chartered under the laws of the State of New York as a non-profit educational institution. Members of the American Branch also hold membership in the English Society. 

Membership in the Richard III Society is open to all. The Society’s unique blend of professional scholars, theater professional and general readers with a love of history & literature fosters an especially vigorous exchange of ideas & information.


Member Benefits

  • Periodicals. Members receive the Ricardian, the parent society’s annual journal, which is highly regarded by historians of the period and the quarterly magazine  of the Richard III Society, Ricardian Bulletin. The American Branch publishes a quarterly magazine, Ricardian Register, and distributes the Parent Society publications, an annual journal: The Ricardian, and a quarterly magazine, Ricardian Bulletin
  • Meetings. Members of the American Branch are full members of the Richard III Society and can attend the annual meeting of the Parent Society held in London, usually at the same time as the American Branch’s AGM, although there may be a week separating the respective meeting dates. American Branch members may also receive discounts for some events, books, and other merchandise sponsored by the Parent Society.
  • Lending Libraries. Many historical and literary works relating to the Yorkist and early Tudor era are out of print or otherwise difficult to find. The Society maintains a circulating library, non-fiction and fiction, for member use, as well as a growing collection of audio-visual materials
  • Annual Meetings  England, a one-day meeting is held on the Saturday closest to October 2, Richard’s birthday. Members of the American Branch are welcome to attend. The American Branch sponsors a two- to three-day Annual General Meeting in varying locations. This business meeting is supplemented by a plenary address, a series of concurrent workshops and lectures on fifteenth-century topics, an awards luncheon, and a banquet.
  • Sales Office. The American Branch’s Sales Officer stocks a range of reference works, stationery items, and Ricardiana.

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