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November 2003

  • To commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the death of Paul Murray Kendall, Compton Reeves has allowed us to place this biographical sketch online.
  • The American Branch is pleased to host the online version of the Society exhibition, “To Prove a Villain: The Real Richard III” displayed at the Olivier Theatre during the Ian McKellen/Richard Eyre production of William Shakespeare’s Richard III.

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September 2002

  • Added information on three graduate students given financial aid through the Society’s William B. and Maryloo Schallek Memorial Graduate Fellowships Awards.
  • Long-time soc.history.medieval contributor Martin Reboul isn’t exactly right-thinking about Richard III, but he has some interesting theories about the Battle of Barnet. With a “Two Men in a Trench” episode on Barnet in the works, the author is hoping for comments on his approach, reproduced here with permission. (Large file)

August 2002

June 2002

  • Happy 550th Birthday!
    On October 2, 2002, Richard III turns 550. A page of Richard III-related events in England for the summer, fall, and winter, put together by the Worcestershire Branch, with links to our parent society’s site.
  • The Ghost of Richard III. Long 1614 poem about Richard III written as a first-person confession.

April 2002

  • Holinshed’s Chronicles. E-text version now online for the reign of Richard III (completed) and the reigns of Edward IV and Edward IV, work in progress

March 2002

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