Message From Dr Phil Stone

Message from Dr Phil Stone – Chairman of the Richard III Society

Dear Friends

As you must all aware by now, great things are happening here at the
moment. The actual finding of male human remains at the site of the old Grey Friars church in Leicester
has come as a marvelous surprise. Needless to say, we are all hoping for the best, that they really
are the remains of Richard III.

It seemed like a good idea, therefore, to write to you to give you some news of how we are responding
to events. Just because you are far away doesn’t mean that you have to feel you are out of things.
Perhaps you can put some of this message, including the attached pictures, in your own websites and
branch magazines, making your local members aware of what is happening.

Obviously, we are unable to tell you whether the finds from the Leicester Grey Friars dig are the remains
of King Richard or not, but I am able to tell you that they are now in the laboratory at the University. As
soon as the results of the analyses are made public, we will make them known to members of the
Society as quickly as possible by one means or another.

As part of our response to the breaking news we have engaged a PR consultant – actually, he is a
member – to help us make the most of these momentous events. With his help, we will make sure that
the Society’s name is at the forefront of breaking news about the finds, etc.. He will also help us to
maximise the publicity that can come from the Society’s involvement in the dig.

There are many websites where you can get further information. Naturally, we are trying to keep the
Society’s site as up-to-date as possible but there is also a website from Leicester University which tells
much about the findings. Go to:

Beth and went to Leicester yesterday to see the dig site. It was the first opportunity we had had since the
project began and a most interesting visit it was. Attached are some of the pictures I took – please use
them for your websites and magazines if you want.

Philippa Langley, whose project the dig has been and who has driven it fromthe start, will be speaking
at the Society’s AGM in York next week. We are hoping that she will be able to give us some news as yet
unpublished, though I know she is constrained by the wishes of Channel 4, the television company that
is preparing a programme about Richard III and the Leicester dig. If you can be there, you can be
assured of a very warm welcome.

With all best wishes to all our members overseas