The Ricardian Chronicle is the newsletter of the American Branch of the Richard III Society. It is created by and for the society’s members to share our Ricardian experiences, including but not limited to travel to Ricardian points of interest and chapter events.


June: The Missing Princes in America Project


Dec: Virtual GMM; What did I do during lockdown? I learnt Latin!

June: In Memorium: Jonathan Armstrong Hayes


Dec: Why Richard’s Story Now? By Anne Easter Smith

June: Welcome Michaela Jacques, 2018 Schallek Recipient


Dec: Philippa Langley’s Missing Princes Project Comes to America

June: Analysis of Eleanor Butler. Nance Crawford


Dec: A Visit to King’s Cliffe Church—and its Fotheringhay Artifacts. Susan Troxell

June: Interview with Joanne R Larner, Ricardian Review


December: GMM, Heraldry, Sharon Kay Penman Interviews Joan Szechtman, NB Here is the link if you wish to play the music file only

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June: Interview with Nance Crawford & Diana Rubino, GMM details, Ricardian Reviews & Overstock Book Sale


December: Interview with Anne Easter Smith, Richard III travels, Chapter news, Annual Report.

June: Member’s experiences attending Richard III’s re-interment.