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The Back to Basics section originally appeared in the Ricardian Bulletin, the newsletter of the Richard III Society, from June 1992 – June 1994. Created by Research Officer Peter Hammond, with contributions from other members, it offers background, major events, and principal players associated with that period of English history of most interest to Ricardians — the Wars of the Roses, the fall of the House of Lancaster and rise of the House of York, and the life, times, and reign of Richard III.

Using Back to Basics

The contents of the nine separate Back to Basics sections are displayed as a topical index and as a list of contents for each section. Back to Basics is the work of members of the parent society and th Scociety Libray referred to is the property of that entity. Where applicable particular references are linked to documents available in our Online Library, such as The Arrivall of Edward IV, The Second Continuation of the Croyland Chronicle, pertinent sections of Vergil’s Anglica Historia, or The Warkworth Chronicle, for example. 

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People of the Fifteenth Century

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