The Wardrobe Accounts of Edward IV

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“The Parcelles of the Accomptes of Piers Courteys whome the Kings Highnesse and goode grace hath assigned and ordeigned by his high comaundment to rule gouverne and kepe his grete Warderobe within his Citee of London and all his goodes and stuff beying within the same unto his mooste honourable usse safly for to kepe, and also for to make into the same his saide grete Warderobe monysion of all maner of stuff necessary to and for his moost honourable use and behove And also for other personnes at his said high comaundment And to make oute off the same his grete Warderobe deliveree of stuff at alle tymes necessarie and behoovefull by his saide high comaundment as wel for his moste royal personne as for all other personnes as his said high comaundment And also as well of alle sommes of money by hym receyved provysions of stuff goodes and merchandises boght and pourveyede and deilveree off the same made as of all costes and expenses by him made and doon in thoffice of the same grete Wardrobe unto the use and behove of oure saide souverayn Lorde the Kyng and other at his said high comaundment that is to wit from the xviij day of Aprille in the xx{th} yere of the moost noble reigne off oure souverayn Lorde Kyng Edward the iiij{th} unto the Fest of Saint Mighell tharchaungelle than next and immediatly suying that is to say by a quarter of a yere and lxviij dayes.”

Wardrobe Accounts
of Edward the Fourth

A{o} 1480

“Money commen and growen off the ferme of the mansions and tenementes apperteignyng and belonging unto the same grete Warderobe within the said time” [the tenants of each of the tenements are mentioned with the specific amounts of their respective rents]….vij li. xviij d.

“The same Accomptant charges hymself frely to have receyved of the Kygnes Highnesse and good grace as in the price and value of diverse velvetts satyns damasks and other silks boght of Piers de Vraulx of Montpelier in Gascoignye….CCC xxxviij li. xv s. vj d.

“And of C li. also by hym receyved of the Kings Highnesse and goode grace for the making of vj coursour harneis, and an hoby harneis of grene velvett enbrowdered and wroght with ageletts of silver and gilt and spangl of silver and gilt.

“And of xlviij li. xviij s. iiij d. receyved of the Kings Highnesse and goode grace and value of CC l xxix unces of di’ in old spangl and wat floures of silver and gilt of the Kings own store after the price of the unce iij s. vj d.”

To divers persons for scarlet cloth at from seven to ten shillings the yard, of violet ingrain from eleven to thirteen shillings and four pence the yard; of cloth of Mustrevilers from iij s. viij d. to v s. the yard; of “Franche blac cloth” from v s. iiij d. to xiij s. iij d. the yard; of russet cloth at iiij s. the yard; for murrey and blue cloth from ij s. viij iij s. iiij d. the yard; and for green cloth at vj s. viij d. the yard; to skinners for “skinnes of fox of Irland” at vij d. the pece; for “powderings made of bogy leggs” at ij s. the hundred; for white lamb skins at xiiij s. the hundred; for “a furre of blac bogy shanks” xiij s. iiij d.; and for bogy shanks vij d. each.

For crimson velvet of Mountpelier in Gascony at xiiij s. and xx s. the yard; for black velvet; black velvet speckled with white; “blue velvet figured with tawny;” white velvet; white velvet with black spots; tawny velvet; “motley velvet;” “chekkerd velvet;” “grene chaungeable velvet;” “velvet purpull ray and white;” “velvet russet figury;” “velvet cremysyn figured with white;” at viij s. the yard.

For black cloth of gold at xl s. the yard; for “velvet upon velvet white tysshue clothe of golde and for xxv yerds di’ of velvet uppon velvet grene tisshue cloth of golde” at xl s. the yard; for “cloth of gold broched upon satyn ground” at xxiiij s. the yard; for “blue clothe of silver broched uppon satyn ground” at xxiiij s. the yard.

For white and black damask at viij s. the yard; green damask at vij s. viij d. the yard; “white damask with floures of diverse colours” at viij s. the yard; “damask cremysyn and blue with floures” at vj s. the yard; for black satin at vij s. the yard; white satin at x s. the yard; green satin at viij s. the yard; for “chameletts of diverse colours” at xxx s. the piece; black chamelet at iiij s. the yard.

For “baldekyn of silke” at xxxiij s. iiij d. the pece; to Richard Rawson of London Alderman for “grene and white sarsynett” at iij s. vj d. the yard; to John Pykering citizen and mercer of London for grene sarsinett at iij s. ij d. the yard;” for sarsinetts chaungeables and other diverse colours after v{xx} yerds to the C, price of every yerde iiij s.” for tawney sarcinet at iij s. at iij s. iiij d. the yard.

For a piece of “grene tartaryn xviij s.” for “rede worsted of the moost assize” at xxxiij s. iiij d. the piece; for “rede worsted of the myddel assise” at xv s. vj d. the piece; for “worsted grene and rede of the myddel assise” at xvs. vj d. the piece; and for red worsted “of the leeste assise,” at x s. vj d. the piece.

To Alice Claver sylkwoman for an unce of sowing silk” xiv d.; for “ij yerds di’ and a naille corse of blue silk weying an unce iij quarters di’ price the unce ij s. viij d. v s. for iiij yerds di’ of quarter corse of blac silk weying iij unces price the unce ij s. iiij d. vij s. for vj unces and iij quarters of silk to the laces and tassels for garnysshing of diverse Books price the unce xiiij d. vij s. x d. ob.; for the making of xvj laces and xvj tassels made of the said vj unces and iij quarters of silke price in grete ij s. viij d. and for xvj botons of blue silk and gold price in grete iiij s.

For “streyte riban of silk” at xv d. the ounce; for “brode ryban of blac silk for girdelles” at xv d. the ounce; for “ryban of silk for poynts laces and girdelles” at xiv d. the ounce; for ij dosen laces and a double lace of silk made of ryban of silk” at xv d. the ounce; for “a mantell lace of blue silk with botons of the same” xvij s.; for “xl dosen poynts of silk ribbon at xx s. the pound and xv d. the ounce; for “frenge of gold of Venys” at vj s. the ounce; “for frenge of silk yelowe grene rede white and blue at xviij s. viij d. the pound and xviij d. the ounce; for a garter of rudde richely wroght with silke and golde xvij s.

For a “counterpoynt of arras silk with ymagery conteignyng xix fl’ elles lx s.;” for iiij counterpoynts wherof j of arras with ymagery without silk oon other of greene verdours with trees; oon other of white verdour with a scripture and iiij{th} of white verdour playn” price of one with the other xxij s. iiij d. each; for “iiij costerings of wool paled rede and blue with rooses sonnes and crownes in every pane xij li.”

“To Lisbet Ketiller for a grete tikke xxxij s. for a myddell tikke xxxiv s. for CCC lbs. of down at xlvj s. viij d. the hundred;” for featherbeds with bolsters to them from xvj s. viij d. to xx s. each.

For thread at xvj d. the lb. for Utnard thread at vij d. the lb.; for five ounces of ribbon of green thread at j d. the ounce.

To Martyn Jumbard embroiderer for eight great roses embroidered at iiij d. each, and for xlviij small roses embroidered at j d. each.

For eight pair of hosen of cloth of divers colours at xiij s. iiij d. the pair; and for four pair “of sokks of fustian” at iij d. the pair.

“To Petir Herton cordewaner for a pair of shoon double soled of blac leder not lined” price v. d.; “v pair shoon of blac ledre double soled and not lyned price of every pair” xiiij d.; for “two pair shoon of Spanish ledre double soled and not lyned price the paire” xvj d. “a pair of shoon single soled” vj d.; for “a pair shoon of Spanish ledre single soled” v. d. each pair; for xj pair sloppes wherof oon pair of blue ledre iiij payr of Spaynyssh leder v pair of tawny leder and a paire of red Spaynyssh leder price of every pair xviij d. a pair of sloppes of blac leder v d. and for a pair of sloppes of by yond see leder price vj d.” “for viij paire of sloppes [NHN Note:Notices of Sloppes of “russet leder,” “tawny leder,” and of Spanish leather also occur, each of which cost xx d.] lyned with blac velvet of the Kings own store;” to Thomas Hatche for two pair “of slippers price the pair vij d.”

“To the same Peter Herton for ij pair of patyns of leder price the pair xij d.” for a “pair of Botews of tawney Spaynyssh leder price xvj d. for a pair of Botews of blac leder above the kne price of every pair iiij s.” “for ij paire Botews sengle blac ledre unto the knee price the pair iij s. iiij d. for iij pair of Botews of rede Spaynyssh leder single above the knee; and for viij paire of Botews of tawny leder above the knee price of every paire vj s.

“The same Peter Herton for a pair of Bootes of blac leder price vj s. viij d.; and for ij paire of Bootes oon of rede Spaynyssh leder and the other tawny Spaynyssh leder price of either paire viij s.

To “Selys goldsymthe for M{1} lij ageletts of silver and gilt weying CC lxxxj unces iij quarters and for C lv unces grete and small spangl of silver and gilt cont’ in all CCCC xxvj unces and iij quarters price of every unce vj s.C xxviij li. vj d. with xlviij li. xviij s. iiij d. as in the price of CC lxxix unces di’ of old spangl and wat floures of silver and gilt of the Kings own store delivered unto the said Selys in partie of paiement of the said C xxviij li. vj d.”

“For the Copersymthe for iij paire of claspes of cooper and gilt with roses uppon them price of every peire iij s.” and for two paire of claspes of coper and gilt with the Kings armes upon them price the pair v s. and for lxx bolyons of coper and gilt xlvj s. viij d.”

For “a paire off blac spurres parcell gilt v s.” for “a paire of longe spurres parcell gilt price vj s.

For iiij hattes of wolle price the pece xij d.” for “a hatte of wolle price viij d.;” for “bonetts” from ij s. vj d. to iij s. “every pece.”

To “Hastings Purssyvant for x ostriche feders price of every pece x s.

“For di’ C ryngs of laton iiij d.” “to John Copersymthe for CC smal gilte nailes price of ever C iiij d.”

To Piers Draper citizen and ironmonger for “crochetts of the moost and mydell and leest assise” the first at iij s. iiij d. the second at ij s. vj d. and the last at xviij d. the hundred; for “tapethooks” at vj d. and “tentorhooks” at ij d. the hundred; for a “clove hamer” xij d.

“And the wages of diverse Taillors working in the same Warderobe as well aboute the making of diverse roobes and garmentes for the Kings moost royal persone as for the lynyng of diverse peces of arras and tapicery; with also verdours lyned with busk” [NHN Note: Then follow their names and the amount of each of their wages whence it appears that they received from viij d. to vj d. per diem each; and the whole sum paid them was vj li. x s.]

“And in wages of John Caster skynner and other diverse skynners workinge aboute the furring of diverse roobes and garmentes of owre Souverain Lorde the King and making of divers furres of sables for the same” at vj d. per diem xiiij li. x s. v.d.

“John Poyntmaker for pointyng of xl dosen points of silk pointed with ageletts of laton for every dosen pointing ij d.” “and for pointing of ij dosen double laces for either dosen ij d.”

Expenses Necessary

John Poyntmaker for pointing of lx dosen points of silk pointed with agelettes of laton for every dosen pointing ij d. vj s. viiij d.; and for pointing of ij dosen double laces for either dosen ij d. iiij d. The aforesaid Richard Andrewe citezein and hosier of London for making and lynyng of vj pair of hosen of puke lyned with cloth of the goodes of the saide Richard for lynyng every pair iij s. iiij d. xx s. John Copersmythe for the amending of a broken chayer emended with small’ gilt nailes iij d. Rauff Vnderwood wyredrawer for iij lb. and a quart’on of wyre of iren forto hang with verdours ayenst the grete bay windowe in the Quenes old chambre in the Warderobe towarde the Dragon price of every lb’ viij d. ij s. ij d. and for crochetts and tapethooks for the hangyng of the same verdours iiij d. and for his werkemanship hanging of the same verdours iiij d.

“Robert Boylet for wasshing of ij pair of shets and ij pair of fustians that were occupied by Thambassiatours of Fraunce whiche were loged in Maister Sutton place xij d. And for wasshing of ij pair of shets of ij breds and viij pair of shetes everiche of iij bredes after the Kinges departing from his grete Warderobe in the monethe of Juyll’ the xx{ti} yere of his mooste noble reigne, for euery pair wasshing iij d. ij s. vj d.

“And for ceryng candell’ at ij tymes v d. And to Joh’n Massy tawyer for tawing of a tymbre of hole sables iiij s. And to Robert Boyllet for xxx burdons of risshes at divers tymes whan the Kinges highnesse and goode grace rested and abode at his said grete Warderobe with the cariage of the same iij s. iiij d.

“William Whye taloughchaundeller for iij dosen and ix lb’ of pis candell’ for to light whan the Kings highnesse and goode grace on a nyght come unto his said grete Warderobe and at other divers tymes price of every lb’ j d. q{a} iij s. viij d. q{a}. And to Agnes Cosyn for making of viij pair of shetes of Brussell’ clothe everiche of ij bredes for making of every paire vj d. iiij s.

“John Carter for cariage away of a grete loode of robeux that was left in the strete after the reparacon made vppon a hous apperteignyng unto the same Warderobe late in the tenure of John Malter ferrour iiij d. And to a laborer called Rychard Gardyner workyng in the gardyne of the same Warderobe aboute clensing and making clene of the said gardyne and other thyngs by iiij daies di’ takyng iiij d. by the day xviij d. And to Piers Draper for M{1} sprigge price vj d. And for di M{1} of latisnaille price iij d. of hym so boght and expended at Eltham aboute covering of the fonte att the cristenyng of Lady Kateryn the Kings doughter. And payed to ij watermen for bote hyre and cariage of divers chistes and cofres with other divers stuff belonging unto thoffice of the Roobes within the moost honourable household of oure said souverain lorde the Kyng from Grenwiche unto Baynardes Castelle in London iiij d.; and thens for cariage of the same stuff into his saide grete Warderobe iiij d. And unto John Huntman for cariage and bringing of the Kinges carre at divers tymes frome Grenewiche to London ij s.

“And to Alice Shapster for making and wasshing of xxiiij sherts and xxiiij stomachers, v dosen handcouverchieffes, and xij combe couverchieffes, for making and wasshing of every sherte xij d., xxiiij s.; and for making and wasshing of every couverchieff ij d., xxiiij s.; for making and wasshing of v pair of shets, everiche of iiij bredes and v elles di’ longe, for every paire, making and wasshing iij s. iiij d., xvij s. viij d.: for making and wasshing of xiiij pair of shets everiche of ijj breds, for every pair making and wasshing xx d. xxiij s. iiij d.: for making and wasshing of viij pair of shetes, everiche of ij breds, for every pair making and wasshing vj d., iiij s.; and for making and wasshing of iij hedeshets large xij d.

“And in money paid by the said accomptant unto John Lucas of Kent for seasing of a pece of blac satyn course cont’ xxxviij yerdes forfait unto the Kinges highnes, that is to say, for the said John Lucas rewarde for xix yerdes of the same satyn, moite of the said xxxviij yerdes satin to hym due by statute of such forfaitures made, preised at v s. iiij d. the yerd, C j s. iiij d. And for the batillage and bootehire of the said accomptant as it hath bene accustumed after the rate of v marc by the yerde, that is to witt, for a quarter of a yere and lxviij daies, within the tyme of this accompte, after the rate of ij d. by the day, xxviij s.

Sm{a} pagine huc x li. xix s. viij d.”

“Reparacion off the Kinges Carre.

“Costes and expenses maade and doon as well as for necesarie thinges boght for the Kynges carre and for the reparacon of the same within the tyme of this accompte, that is to witte, John Jaks for a forehors bridelle, price iiij s.; for v other bridels price the pece ij s. iiij d. xj s. viij d.; for vj teying haltres, price the pece xvj d., viij s.; for v pairs trays garnyssht, price in grete xxv s.; for vj drawing colers, price the pece, iij s.; xviij s. for a crouper for the lymour, price iiij s. for a doser price ij s. iiij d.; for a lymour sadell’ price v s.; for apayre lymour hamys garnissht xviij d.; and for a payre of braying roopes price vj d. Sm{a} to{l} iiij li.

“And to Agneys Philipp for ij auxeltrees for the same carre ij s.; for xv lb. cloutes at ij d. the lb., ij s. vj d.; for stiroppes viij d: for ij bondes of iren iiij d.; for a bedd xvj d.; for CC nailles viij d: for a chevel bolt and a lymour bolte weying xvj lb. price in grete ij s. viij d. for iiij newe lynces weying xvj lb. at ij d. xij d.; a speringcheyne with staples and hookes weying xvj lb. at ij d., ij s. viij d.; for ij braying roopes v d.; for amending of the lokks of the same carre v d. for sowing of the barehide of the same carre vj d.; for lycour for the same carre iiij d.; and for ij grete nailles for the same vj d. xvj s. Sm{a} in all’ iiij li. xvj s.

To{1} pagine xv li. xv s. vij d.”

“Yit Expenses Necessarie.

“George Lufkin for makyng of x doublettes of blac satyn a doublet of purpull satyn, and a doublet of purpull velvet, for every doublet making with the inner stuff unto the same vj s. viij d. iiij l.; for the making of iij long gownes of clothe of gold, iij longe gownes of velvet, and vj demy gownes and a shorte loose gowne of velvet and damask, for every gowne making iij s. iiij d., xliij s. iiij d.; for making of a jaket of cloth of gold ij s.; for making of a gowne and hoode of the liveree of the Garter for the Duke de Ferrar’ viij s.; and for making of a mantell of blue velvett for the saide Duke deFerrar’ garrnyssht with a riche garter of ruddeur vij s.;

“And payed for the cariage of divers bedding and stuff from the Coldherber into the same Warderobe at oon tyme iiij d.; and for an other cariage of the federbeddes and other stuff for the said Coldherber, and also the herber into the same Warderobe, and also for the costes of a man awaiting uppon the same stuff vij d.

“Payed for bystowing of many harneis of Milayn oute of the rayne iiij d.; Robert Boilet for wasshing and drying of ix pair of shetes of divers bredes for every pair iij d., ij s. iij d.; for wasshing and drying of iiij pair of fustians, for every pair iij d., xij d.: for wasshing and drying of a blanket j d.; for wasshing of iij rede cupborde clothes of rede worsted iij d.; for wasshing of divers old peces of busk and of a paillett vj d.

“Martyne Jumbard for enbrowdering and setting of CCCCxxvj vnces iij q of agelettes and spanges of silver and gilt for the garnysshing of vj coursour harneys and a hoby harneis of the same suyte of grene velvet for every browderyng and setting xij d. xxj l. vj s. ix d.; and to Gilmyn sadeller for making and lynyng of the saide vij harneys, for every pece xx s., vij l.; for xlix bokels of laton for the same harneys at iiij d. the pece xvj s. iiij d.; for making and stuffing of a sadelle covered in tawny velvet x s.; for v yerds of cremesy sarsinett for stuffing of the saide agelettes at iiij s. viij d. the yerde, xxiij s. iiij d.; for vij lb. of white threde at x d. the lb., v s. x d.; for rede threde, ceringe, sowing, and making of every C of the said M{1} lij. xx agelettes for every C xx d. xvij s. vj d. for vij yerdes chaynes of laton to put in the saide agelettes for cutting, price of every yerde ij d. xxiij s. iiij d.; for the making and garnysshing of x hors houses that the Kinges highnesse and goode grace yave to my lady Duchesse of Bourgoingne his sister price of every pece making ix s. iiij l. x s.; for x sursengles of twyne price the pece viij d. vj s. viij d.

“Richard Carter for cariage of divers parcelles apperteignying to thoffice of the Beddes caried from London unto Eltham xv d. and to the Kinges carreman for a reward awaiteng uppon certen of the Kinges books in the Kinges carr viij d. and for making of iij pair hosen of franche blac cloth boght of Hastinges Pursyvant for every pair making with the lynyng price iij s. iiij d., x s.

“Piers Herton for lynyng a pair of botews of blue leder lyned with blac velvet xx d.

“And to Alice Claver for the making of xvj laces and xvj tasshels for the garnysshing of divers of the Kinges books ij s. viij d.; and to Robert Boillett for blac papir and nailles for closyng and fastenyng of divers cofyns of fyrre wherein the Kinges books were conveyed and caried from the Kinges grete Warderobe in London unto Eltham aforesaid v d.; Piers Bauduyn stacioner for bynding gilding and dressing of a booke called Titus Livius xxs.; for binding gilding and dressing of a booke of the Holy Trinite xvj s.; for binding gilding and dressing of a booke called Frossard xvj s.; for binding gilding and dressing of a booke called the Bible xvj s.; for binding gilding and dressing of a booke called Le Gouvernement of Kinges and Princes xvj s.; for the binding and dressing of thre smalle bookes of Franche price in grete vj s. viij d.; for the dressing of ij bookes wherof oon is called La Fortesse de Foy and the other called the Book of Josephus iij s. iiij d.; and for binding gilding and dressing of a booke called the Bible Historial xx s.

“John Cave for making of iij beddes of rede worsted at the Herber iij s.; for lyre and rynges of laton to the same iij s.; for hanging of the saide bedds and divers costers there ij s.; for making of ij travasses of grene sarsinett for either pece iij s.; and for making of a travas with ij curtyns of grene sarsinett for the chapelle at Coldherber whan my Lady Duchesse of Bourgoingne was loged there iiij s.; and for CC ringes of laton for the same xij d.; the saide Piers Baudvin for gilding an old pair of claspes ij s.; and for gilding of olde bolyons v s.; and payde for x burdons of risshes spent in the same Warderobe at divers tymes whan the Kinges highnesse and goode grace came thider, price with hte cariage, xxij d.,