Common Bibliographic Sources

Abbreviations found in articles etc.
Many abbreviations are used in articles and books to simplify constant references to them. Where they are used most books print a list somewhere, usually at the beginning of the book. Some of the abbreviations are not easy to understand, they sometimes differ slightly between different books. We will print a selection in every issus of the most common versions, beginning with the Calendars (a calendar is a sort summary of a document arranged chronologically).

CPR: Calendar of Patent Rolls. The Patent Rolls contain enrolments of letters patent, of grants of offices, lands, etc., pardons and so on. They were issued open with the Great Seal pendant. The two (large) volumes for 1467-1477 and 1476-1485 are in the Library.

CCR: Calendar of Close Rolls. The Close Rolls contain enrolments of letters close (i.e. issued folded and closed by the Great Seal) of royal orders and instructions and of private deeds such as land transfers. There are no volumes in the Society Library.

CFR: Calendar of Fine Rolls. The Fine Rolls record payment to the king for lands an offices, also the patents of appointments of sheriffs and escheators, and of offices in the gift of the Treasurer such as customs posts, also various writs dealing with lands. There are no volumes in the Society Library.

CChR: Calendar of Charter Rolls. The Charter Rolls recorded original grants of privileges, lands and possessions and of peerages and confirmations of previous grants. Their use was slowly being discontinued by 1483. The Library has an extract covering 1469-1501.

CInqPM: Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem. These documents record inquests held on the death of any tenant thought to hold land directly from the king (a tenant in chief) inquiring into lands held, rents and services related to them and name and age of the heir. The printed calendars to 1485 are simple lists of manors held by the deceased, from 1485 onwards they are full calendars. None are held in the Library.