Michael Jones, “Philippe de Commynes, Memoirs”

Philippe de Commynes: The Reign of Louis XI 1461-83
Translated with an Introduction by Michael Jones

Originally published as
Founder Editor (1944-64): E. V. Rieu
Present Editors: Betty Radice and Robert Baldick
Penguin Books, 1972

This memoir, by one of the advisors of the French king Louis XI, offers an interesting perspective on the Wars of the Roses and on Edward IV’s 1475 French campaign. Text preparation, markup and proofreading by Judie C. Gall with additional formatting by Tina Cooper.


jonesText copyright © 1972, Michael Jones. This edition is still a work in progress. We are grateful to Professor Jones for permission to place this edition online while he completes a review of the text, and will correct any errors found by Professor Jones on completion of this review. Professor Jones was born in 1940 and educated at Rugeley Grammar School, Leicester University and Trinity College, Oxford. He was a tutor at Exeter University in 1966-7. Since then he has lectured in history at Nottingham University. He became interested in medieval Europe at Oxford and specialized in French history. He is the author of Ducal Brittany 1364-1399 (1970).

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