Learning Resources

Member Resources–Journals and Libraries

  • Society Periodicals (with links to Tables of Contents for recent issues)
  • Circulating Libraries
  • Academic Programs
    Includes publications, conference, scholarship awards.
  • Research officer: both the parent society and the American Branch research officers assist members in planning individual courses of study or researching particular topics.

Resources for Teachers (and students!)
As this site evolves, this section is expected to grow considerably.

Connecting with Scholars/Finding a School

  • The Medieval Academy’s Committee on Centers and Regional Associations maintains a page with listings of U.S. university centers of medieval studies and regional medieval associations. Many of the listings include links to the organizations’ web sites.
  • The Labyrinth maintains a page of links to Professional Organizations representing a variety of medieval studies subdisciplines and special topics.
  • Link to the University of London’s Institute of Historical Research. 

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