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The parent society’s first journal, The Ricardian, was first published in 1961, a mimeographed assortment of transcriptions of primary sources, news on Ricardian sites, members’ observations on aspects of the Ricardian controversy, and lighter fare such as crossword puzzles. Within a decade, the journal had split into two entities —The Ricardian carried the more scholarly contributions, and the Ricardian Bulletin served as the member newsletter.


The Ricardian

Published four times a year through 2002, this journal carries an average of two to four major articles and eight to twelve book reviews an issue.

Since 1985, articles in The Ricardian have been listed in the bibliographies of the Royal Historical Society. The Society’s research library holds indexes for earlier issues of the journal, as do many branch and group libraries.

The editor of The Ricardian is Anne F. Sutton, 44 Guildhall Street, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 1QF. The journal accepts advertising: for rates please contact the editor. 


Ricardian Bulletin

The Ricardian Bulletin has served for several decades as a less-formal member forum, focusing primarily on events in England, where the majority of members are to be found. Regular contents include minutes of the annual general meeting; reports on branch and group activities; information on upcoming Ricardian gatherings, day trips, and lengthier trips to the continent; announcements of forthcoming research weekends and academic conferences. Beginning with the Summer 2003 issue, the Bulletin has been redesigned to accommodate lengthier articles and other features.

Because new members, in particular, may join with only a limited background in the literature of the period, becoming familiar with Ricardian sources and issues sometimes an overpowering task. To help give new members the tools they need to pursue their own interests, a series entitled Back to Basics was launched in June 1992, offering reading lists for basic Ricardian issues and for further study of fifteenth-century nobility and gentry, along with a glossary of medieval terminology often puzzling to the armchair medievalist. A newer feature is a “member debate,” allowing members to present various sides of a complex and contentious issue in one issue and then have broader comment in the next.

The Ricardian Bulletin is edited by Miss Elizabeth Nokes, 4, Oakley Street, London, SW3 5NN. This publication accepts classified advertisements, at a rate of 10 pence per word, or part thereof, remittance made payble to: Richard III Society. Deadlines for editorial material and advertisements are: January 15, April 15, July 15, October 15.


Ricardian Register

Ricardian Register coverA quarterly publication of the American Branch, the Ricardian Register reflects the diverse interests and backgrounds of its audience. With our obligations to scholarship fulfilled by the parent society’s Ricardian, we can relax and have a little fun here. Serious articles rub shoulders with the less serious and, occasionally, the downright frivolous. Regular features include a book review section that often re-reviews old favorites; a “Ricardian Watch” that highlights developments at Ricardian sites in England and sightings of Richard III in contemporary journalism, film, and literature; and regular updates on Branch programs and projects. Editorial contributions are warmly welcomed: articles should be 8-10 double-spaced typewritten pages in length, including notes. Deadlines are February 25, May 25, August 25, and November 25.

Please send classified advertisements for the Ricardian Register to: The rates are: Back Cover, half page, full color: $80/Full page, B&W insert: $80/half page, B&W insert: $40/quarter page, B&W insert: $20/dedication box (2.25 x 1″ approximate): $10/memorial box to fit — optioinal donation.

Copy deadlines: March issue –Jan. 15 / June issue — April 15 / Sept. issue — July 15 / Dec. issue — Oct. 15


Other Publications

In England, the Richard III Society has published several works of fifteenth-century source documents and scholarship on the period, either directly or through its charitable sister organization, the Richard III and Yorkist History Trust. Additional information on these publications is found in the section on academic activities. For up-to-date details, see The American Branch has sponsored a reprint of a classic 1938 novel, Patrick Carleton’s Under the Hog, and two volumes of conference proceedings, with a third in preparation.