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Richard III Society-Sponsored Conferences

April 3-5, 1981, Trinity College, Oxford

  • Rosemary Horrox, The Household of Richard III
  • Ralph A. Griffiths, Wales and Richard
  • A.J. Pollard, Richard’s relations with northern and southern officeholders
  • Gwen and Brian Waters, tape and slides on monasticism
  • Lorraine C. Attreed, Children in the middle ages

April 1984, Quincentenary Symposium, Jesus College, Cambridge

Papers published in Richard III: Loyalty, Lordship and Law

  • Anne Crawford, The Private Life of John Howard: A Study of a Yorkist Lord, his Family and Household
  • Michael Jones, Richard III and Lady Margaret Beaufort: A Re- Assessment
  • Keith Dockray, Richard III and the Yorkshire Gentry
  • Anne F. Sutton, ‘A Curious Searcher for Our Weal Public’: Richard III, Piety, Chivalry and the Concept of the ‘Good Prince’
  • R. H. Helmholtz, The Sons of Edward IV: A Canonical Assessment of the Claim that they were Illegitimate
  • P. W. Hammond and W. J. White, The Sons of Edward IV: A Re- examination of the Evidence on their Deaths and on the Bones in Westminster Abbey
  • Norman Macdougall, Richard III and James III, Contemporary Monarchs, Parallel Mythologies
  • Colin Richmond, 1485 and All That, or what was going on at the Battle of Bosworth?

April 1987, Christ Church College, Oxford

  • Rowena Archer, Katherine Neville
  • Ian Rowney, Changing perceptions of monarchy
  • J.J.G. Alexander, Flemish manuscripts
  • Christine Weightmann, Margaret of Burgundy
  • Livia Visser-Fuchs, The Short Version of the ‘Arrival’
  • Alexandra Sinclair, The Beauchamp Pageant
  • David Baldwin, The Battle of Stoke

March 30-April 1, 1990, College of Ripon and York St. John: Life in the Fifteenth Century

  • Rosemary Horrox, Fifteenth Century Attitudes in the Age of Richard III
  • A.J. Pollard, Nobility and Gentry
  • Edward Powell, Law and Justice
  • Gerald Harriss, Kingship
  • Margaret Aston, Prayers for Princes: Serving souls in the fifteenth century
  • Philip Lindley, The artist in late medieval England
  • David Palliser, Urban society
  • Peter Jones, Information and science in the fifteenth century

April 2-4, 1993, University College, Durham: The North of England in the Time of Richard III

  • R.B. Dobson, The North in the 15th Century: Church and Politics
  • Anthony Goodman, Northumbrian Society in the Later Fifteenth Century
  • Rosemary Hayes, A Calendar of Ancient Indictments for the North of England, 1461-1509
  • Christine Newman, The Economic and Social History of Northallerton 1470-1540
  • Jonathan Hughes, Private Prayer in the North of England with special reference to the piety of Richard III
  • Henry Summerson, Carlisle and the English West March in the later Fifteenth Century
  • Alexander Grant, Richard III and Scotland

York University Bursary Scholarship Recipients, 1988-1992

  • 1988: Ben Nilson, the shrines of St. Cuthbert at Durham, St. Wilfred of Ripon, St. John of Beverly, St. William of York, from the late 14th century to the Dissolution, with particular emphasis on assessing their continuing popularity as pilgrim destinations.
  • 1989, Sara Tranter, working on an examination of social relationships and responsibilities of a late medieval Yorkshire mercantile family.
  • 1990: David Crouch, working on York Corpus Christi plays.
  • 1991: Clara Barnett, thesis on the St. Cuthbert window at York Minster, what is was like, the iconography of St. Cuthbert, what a study of the window reveals of the patronage of the Bishops of Durham in the Minster, as well as the anti-Lancastrian content of the art in the Minster.
  • 1992: Jill Rickers, work on Apocalypse Window in York Minster, unique for its position (as an East window) and in this imagery for the period.

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