The Richard III Society Libraries

The largest of the Richard III Society’s libraries is the parent society’s Barton Library, named for our founder, L. Saxon Barton. Housed in London, it offers a collection of over 600 volumes of non-fiction and fiction titles, in addition to an extensive collection of journal articles and similar materials. Members of the parent society should consult any issue of the Ricardian Bulletin for additional information on borrowing procedures.

American Branch Libraries

The American Branch has split its collections into three groups: research, fiction, and audio-visual.

The Judy R. Weinsoft Memorial Research Library

This library includes in its collections more than four hundred books and several hundred articles, extracts, and unpublished papers. Since 1994, its collections have been enhanced through contributions from the Judy R. Weinsoft Memorial Library Fund. The library is particularly strong in nonfiction works about Richard III and, more generally, the political history of the period of the Wars of the Roses. These core works are supplemented by additional holdings in late medieval history and culture, as well as works of literary criticism related to the portrayal of Richard III on-stage or on-screen.

Fiction Library

Richard III has been a popular topic for novelists, and the fiction library has in its holdings well over a hundred volumes set in the Wars of the Roses or, more generally, in the medieval era. The Fiction Library also houses an interesting and unique collection of unpublished plays.

Audio-Visual Library

This is the newest of the American Branch libraries, and currently has in its holdings approximately two-dozen videotapes and a small collection of audiotapes. Most of the videos are of films or television broadcasts; there are a few tapes (video and audio) of lectures and presentations on Ricardian topics.

Library Catalogs and Borrowing Procedures

Borrowing privileges are restricted to members only. The libraries are provided as a service to members, who may lack easy access to a research library or one with a strong inter-library loan program. Catalogs are available online to members or available in printed form from the librarians upon request. Books are sent via U.S. Mail, library rate/insured. Members may keep books for a period of up to four weeks, and then mail them back, also library rate/insured, together with reimbursement of the outbound postage. Journal articles from the research library do not circulate, but members may order photocopies for a modest fee.

Our libraries welcome donations of books, money, or stamps. All contributions are tax-deductible.