Part II: Letters 1 though 50

Ryght worshipfful Sir I recomawnde me unto you. Forthermore Sir lyke it you to wytt that at my last beyng at Callez John Dalton and I hadd certeyn communicacion for your horse and if I might aspoken wt you I wold aboght hym of you so that ze wold aben resonabyll for he shuld be for a gret gentylman of whom you might deserve gret thanke if yt be so that you thynke the horse wolde serve hym praying you to owe me therin yowr goode wyll and send me worde by the brynger heroff ys at all tymes knoweth God who ever preserve you wrytton at Langham the xiiij day of May.


yours Wylliam Adam.
Addressed: To the worshipfull George Cely merchaunt of the Stapell at Callez hit. dd.
On the Dorse: to have bought a hors of G. Cely Nichil.

The viij day of August Anno lxxv Richard Cely to Petter Vanderathe ande to Gysbryght van Wenysberge of Breggis vijj sarplers good Cottes: The poiis and mony after.

No xxxj .ij sacc lxj cl.
No xxiij .ij sacc lxiij cl. Summa: xxj sacc d vj cl.
No xxxvj .ij sacc lx. cl.
No xxij .ij sacc lxx. cl. Summa Argent: cclxxiijli iijs vjd ster.
No xl .ij sacc lxv cl. Summa Argent: cccixli xijs flemysche.
No xxv .ij sacc lvij cl.
No xxxviij .ij sacc lix cl.
No xxiiij .ij sacc lxv cl.
Of the wyche in honde in thys Bames
Marte of every sarpler viijli fl. amounteng…lxiiijli fl.

And the overpleues ys lent them to pay at ix monthis
and ix monthis and so haulffe ys payabull the
viij day of May next the som of…ciixjli xvjs.

Item the toder haulffe ys payabull the viij day of
Feverell Anno lxxvj the som of…cxxijli xvjs.

Item the same day Richard Cely to Barbell Berneught
and Aleamus Bolonys, iiij sarplers of gode cottes:
pris and argent after…

No xlj. .ij sacc l cl.
No vj .ij sacc lxv cl. Summa: x sacc xxxvj cl.
No xxxix .ij sacc xxxix xl. Summa Argent: sxxjli xiiijs viiijd ster.
No ij .ij sacc lxij cl. Summa Argent: sclixli vs xjd flemysche.
Of the wyche to receyve in honde in this
Bames Marte of every sarpler viijli flemysche,

And the overplus ys lent them even porteonys
to pay at ix ande ix monthis that ys
to pay the viij day of May next the som of…lviijli> xijs jxd ob.

Item the toder haulffe ys payabyll the viij day
of Feverell Anno lxxvj the som of…lviijli xijs xjd ob.

Item the xvj day of Auguste Richarde Cely to Conelluz van Dorne of Breggis vj sarplers of goode cottes: wolle the pois and argent after

No x .ij sacc lxv cl.
No xlij .ij sacc lj cl. Summa: xvj sacc xxvij cl.
No vij .ij sacc lxx cl.
No xix .ij sacc lxxj cl. Summa Argent: ccvjli ixs iiijd ster.
No viij .ij sacc lxxj cl. Summa Argent: ccxxxiijli xixs xjd flemysche.
No xiij .ij sacc lix cl.
Of the wyche to be receyvyde now in this
Bames Marte next of ever sarpler, viijli flemysche…lxviijli fl.

And the owerplus ys lent to the sade merchant
by ij paymentes to pay at ix and ix
monthis holle this mony the no day receid so
he to pay the firste payment the first day of
June next…iiijxx xijli xixs xjd fl.

And the toder haulffe ys payabull the first
day of Marche Anno lxxvj, the som of…iiijxx xijli xixs jxd fl.

(Anno lxxvj)
Wellbelovyd Brother I recommaund me herttely to yow ferthermore informynge yow that the xiij day of Aprell the zeere above sayd I Robard Cely have ressayvyd of Wylliam Eston mersar of London xijli ster: to pay at Andewarpe in sencyon martte the xxiij day of June for every nobyll of vjs viijd ster: vijs xd flemeshe and I pray yow to delyver to the sayd Wylliam Eston xij li starlynge at the same ratte takynge a byll of ys honde to paye at London the sayd xijli at a day as longe hafter the day as I toke the mony wys beffore. In wettnes herof I sette my seelle at London the xiij day of Aprell

per Robard Cely.
Addressed: A George Cely.

Ryght reverent Syre and my specyall frende I recomaund me unto you ferder more an yt plesse yow ye schall understond that y have schypped in the George of London Wylliam Bellson beyng master ix packys d. of felles contaynyng iijm viij cl felles the whych felles leyyt in the for rom of the sayd schyppe v packys iij c d. and the remenant leyng abaft the mast upon John Tamys fellys the whyche felles war Thomas Kestenys and thay war arested be Thomas Hadam for the som of lxli. Syr y schall understond that Thomas Keston hat ywreten unto me that y schuld fynd the way and the men to saff the cortte harmeles her and taake the felles for myn own that I schuld be sewyr of that som in dyschargyng of the sewyrteys and allso in party of payment of seche goodys as he ys owyng unto me ye know well and ther for Syr I pray yow that ye woll ressayve them as myn own proper good and so yt ys and allso I pray that ye woll pay the freyght and all hoder scostys therof Syr y pray you that ye woll recomaunde me unto my masters youre fader and allso unto youre broder Rechard and ye may say unto hem that Hary Seysell recomaunde hem unto yowre broder Rechard Cely and he prayd hem harteley that he would bey for hem ij vernakelys1 seche as youre broder Robard hath yyeven unto Sent Tolowys scryssche2 no mor unto you at thys tyme but the Trenytie have you in hys kepyng Wreten at London the xxviij day of September Anno lxxvj

Be youre owne
Wylliam Maryon.
Addressed: Unto George Cely marchant of the stapall
at calles thys letter be delyverde.

  1. Vernicles, cor copies of the Vernicle of Rome, St. Veronica’s handkerchief with the portrait of Our Lord.
  2. St. Olave’s Church, Hart Street, otherwise Saint Olave’s-next-the-Tower.

Rychard Cely the elder
Jhesu Mliiijclxxvij
I grete the wyll and I understand there com no marchauntys to Caleys for to bye woll nor fellys for the weche ys ryght hevynese for the marchauntys of the stapyll for the weche I fere me every man wull fende the mene for the sale and delyver ys woll and fellys into sure men ys handys be the mene of sale to marchauntys strangers the weche have repayryd to Caleys afor thys tyme for the weche I wolde ye hadde commyngaschon wyt syche marchauntys as ye have fonde sure men and good men for to aventer som of my woll and fell in there handys be the mene of sale at long dayys for I fele men schall do so at thys seson for the weche I wolde thynke John Underhaye were a good man for to tryste and hoder men syche as ye thynke good men spare not for a long day for I fere me yt wyll com thereto for I understand wyll there be dyvers men of the felychepe of the stapyll of Caleys have solde woll for iij zere day the laste payment and the pryse kepyt and the money xxijs viijd for the li. also for money be exchange at London ys vijs xd fls for vjs viijd ster. and for to resayve at London in hand and for to delyver at Bregys at a monyth day after vijs xd fl. for vjs viijd ster for the weche I can thynke money wyll better thys marte noe for the weche doe as wyll as ye can for I have not schargyd the wyt a peny nor send me no sterlyng money for the lose ys to grete at thys seson I wryt no more at thys tyme but Jhesu kepe. Wryte at London the xxiij day of May in haste.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: To Jorge Cely at Caleys be thys lecter delyverd.

Jhesu Mliiijclxxviij
Ryght whorshypfull Fadyr aftyr all dew recomendassyon pretendyng I recomewnd me unto yow in the loliest whisse that I con or may Fordyr mor plesyth yt to undyrstone y resseywyd an lettyr from yow wrytt at London the forst day of May the whech lettyr I hawe rede and do whell undyrstonde I fell be yowre sayd lettyr ytt ys conclewdyd wt the Kyng and hys counsell that whe shall pay the soudyar starlyng mony whe wher at losse ynowe affore thow ytt be no mor mony ys styll at Calles ijs ijd lowar1 than ytt ys in Flaundyrsse and now starleng mony to that ytt ys to grett an losse whe most soffyr ytt whe may nott chesse me semyth yff ytt could be browght anbowght that whe myght have an quyne2 at Callez agen and let non hoder many go in the town of Calles but starlyng mony than showld whe make bettyr shyfft and ytt showld nott torne us to so grett losse for now as the casse stondythe at thys tyme ther ys no merchant that spende an grott in the towne of Calles but they lesse an halpeny and men of the stapell breng the mony to Calles that ys browght ze may se what losse ys in grett somys but yff the mayer and the fellyschup seke an remedy herfor ytt wyll be for the fellyschyp to grett an loss &c. Plesyth ytt yow to whett y felle by yowr wryttyng the schyp at London and ze wold shyp and se myght hawe any comefortt in good fayth ytt wher whell done that ze sheppyd also ze shall stonde in as good casse as any hothyr men & whan ytt ys at Calles the venter ys borne I thanke God ze hawe growyn at Calles to answer the costes & charagys of the same and hovyr and above that I trost to God to make yow hovyr at thys marte cli ster: and mor and I may be whell payd as my hoppe ys y shall be in any whysse lett yowr felles come thys next sheppyng and yowr xix sarplers and a koke and aftyr yff God send fayr whedyr and good tydynges ze may dayly send mor &c. I woll be the grace of God unto thys syngsyon martte and ther I woll speke wt John Vandyrhay and seche merchantes as I am acostomed to delle wt y moste do as hothyr men dothe ar elles y most kepe stylle y undyrstode by John Daltonys wryttyng at London whan ytt come to me ther that he myght an sowlde all yowr wolle halfe in honde the tothyr halfe at Whyttsontyde ytt whas no mor but all your howlde woll knowe hym ryght whell that shall hawe any at that day y shall se at the marte what y may do yff I can do none bettyr I most do as hothyr men dothe &c whe have chossyn Robard Tate to be howyr lefftennawnt and he most be at Calles wt in thys monyth no mor unto you at thys tyme but Jhesu have you and all yowrs in hys blssyd kepyng Amen wrytt at Calles the viijth of May lxxviij

per yowr son
G. Cely.
Addressed: Unto my ryght whorshypfull Fadyr Rychard Cely merchant of the Stapell off Calles Dewellyng at London yn Martte Lane so it come.

  1. Written over ‘hyar in an,’ crossed out.
  2. Cunnaguin, mint. Our coinage.

Rychard Cely the Elder
Jhesu Mliiijclxxviij
I grete the wyll and I have resayvyd a lecter from the wrete at Bregys the ix day of Jun the wheche lecter I have wyll understand every ponte and I have resayvyd closyd in the sayd lecter iij lecters of payment acordyng to youre wrytyng be Thomas Granger bryngar and I understand well the zeyng of money be exchange at the marte ys not good and also I understand be Thomas Granger the sodears at Caleys wyll not be plesyd for to take for the payment viijs fls. for the nobyll ster: for the weche it ys to grete a lese for the stapyll to bere aftyr there desyar for the weche I am ry sory that I have chargyd me so sore and so meche but I wyll understand more of that mater or I schepe woll or fell I bogwyt a vml fell in Cottyswolde and they be good I am avysyd not for to schepe neder woll nor fell tyll I have wrytyng from the of syche maters and resayvyd of mony at Bregys that be the grace of God ye sall and have done full well and Jhesu for ys grete mercy send a good pesse in the Duke of Borgand landys for ellys wyll be no good marchantys warde I wryte no more but Jhesu kepe you wryt at London the xvij of Jun in grete haste.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: To George Cely at Caleys be thys delyver.

Rychard Cely the Elder
Jhesu Mliiijcxxviij
I grete [the wyll] and I send the a lecter wryt at London the xiij day of Jule of the answare of your houre lecter but I fele wyll ye have not that lecter as zete I wryte to the that I have schepyt and wyll schepe xl sarplerys of cottyswolde woll and x packys of fell or more for the weche I wyll ye schall make porveons for frayth and hossyng as ye schall onderstande be my fyrste lecter afor wryte and ye shall porvay for hossyng for Rychard Cely and the felle for viij packys of fell were of I have a perte wt you in the same fellys as ye schall understand be thy broder Rychard Cely at ys comyng to Caleys schortely for the schepyng ys ner don and schall be wyt in vj dayys for weche I wryt to the schortely and in grete haste and also in good faythe for lake of money I forgoe many good barganys of fell for the weche I am ryght sory but I pray the have thys mater yn my[nd] and lete me understande wat redy mony I have at Brygys of myn in hand that I may scharge the and that I may doe hony goo[d] there wyt as I fele wyll I schall I wryt no more Jhesu kepe the. Wryte at London the xx day of Jule in haste.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: To Jorge Cely at Caleys be thys lecter delyverd.

Rychard Cely the Elder
Jhesu Mliiijcxxviij
I grete the wyll and I marvele meche wat ys the cause that ye send me no letter from Caleys neder thy broder nor thyselve for the weche I thyng ryght strange in someche as I am so schargyd for thys good late schepyt it were grete comfort for me to here howe ye doe and in wat case my good ys yn at Caleys my fell the bacons for to be deperde and make all sengyll fell and serte cottyswolde on them selve and London somor fell themselve wynter in lyke wyse there ys non askwse but ye may wryt at all tymys as hoder men doe to there maysters and frendys I wryt no more but Jhesu kepe yow. Wryt in London the xvij day of Auguste in haste.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: To Jorge Cely at Caleys thys lecter delyverd.

Rychard Cely the Elder
Jhesu Mliiijcxxvijj
I grete the wyll and I have resayvyd from the a lecter wryte at Caleys the xiij day of Auguste the weche lecter I have wyll understande and ye have solde vj sarplerys of my good cottyswolde woll pryse the sacke xix marke to Peter Van de Rade and Danyell van de Rade marchantys of Bregys the poyse the argent and the dayys I clerely understande and also I understande ye have solde to John Delopys and Cornelys van Dorne and Gysheryhrt van Dehnysbarge marchauntys of Bregys vj sarplerys of my good cottyswolde pryse the sacke xix marke the poyse argent & dayys I understande wyll for the weche I am wyll plesyd I understand ye have resayvyd my woll schepyt xlvij sarplerys and a poke all Cottyswolde and my fell in savete I thanke God and the frayght payd for the weche I pray yow send me a cope of the payyng of the frayfte that I may wryt in my bogke the passelys and for the costom and subsete pay yt as hoder men doe there ys I payd before and my pertyschon hellpyt to and as for the reste I wyll ye paye yt for I understand wyll we schall paye the costom and subsete sterlyng money doe as hoder men doe schortely I have not schargyd the wyt a peny to pay for me neder at Caleys nor Bregys not at the marte for the weche I pray the doe in thy pertys as wyll as ye can as my very stryte ys in the and take the warled as yt ys in sale and exschange a payyng of custom and subsete take you no thowe therefore I understonde that mater before your wrytyng for the weche I have bogwyt not j sacke woll thys seson but I have payd my woll marchauntys in cottyswolde for the woll I have in Caleys & fell John Cely & all they schall doe there beste for me for a tyme were I pray for the make salle to sure men and ye can for warled ys not good were for it ys as good for to lese in the begeyng as in the ende save as meche as ye may for the exschange be syche it wyll be hevy to bare the weche I pray God ament hyt I wryt no more to you at thys tyme but Jhesu kepe you. Wryt at London the xxv day of Auguste in grete haste. Also I wyll ye dell wyt Borganys man at the marte for ys payment ys good to me at all tymys befor the day as Rychard Cely can enforme you the man of Lyne ys dood [sic] payment and that ys mery for to dele wyt syche men take good men and doe the better to them rader.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: To Jorge Cely at Caleys be thys lecter delyverd.

Jhesu Mliiijclxxviij
Item the xxiiij day of November I have bogwyt of Wyllyam Medewynter of Norlache1 xl sacke of good cottyswolde woll good woll and medell woll of the same xl sacke pryse the sacke of bothe good woll and medell woll xij marke the refus woll for to be caste to Wyllyam Medewynter be the woll packer at the packyng of the forsayd woll at Norlache and the forsayd woll for to be waye at the Lede hall at the Kyng beme and the rekyng made & and the iijde peny payd in hand & the toder iijde peny the second payment the laste day of May neste comyng & the reste the laste payment the laste day of Septembyr neste comyng thys byll enden betwne both pertys I Rychard Cely marchaunt of the staple of Caleys wrete wyt my hand

Item the xxiiij day of Jenever I have delyverd to Wyllyam Medwynter in party of payment..xxli


Jhesu Mliiijclxxix
Item the ij day of Apperell I have delyverd to Wyllyam Medwynter in party of payment..xxli ster:

  1. Northleach, in Gloucestershire.

Rychard Cely the Younger
Jhesu Mliiijcxxviij
Right whelbelovyd brother George I recomende me to you informyng you that I have beyn to seke your blacke goune at Redhodes and hyt wos at Bondmans and I have ressavyd hyt and zent hyt yn your schest and as for your barell vc pound garnettes ar not zeyt cum to Callez syr I have spokyn wt Tomas Adam and I tow[d] hym that I porposyd to stope Robard from hys passayge and he has desyryd me to spar Robat for and I reyst hym the ys no mane that wyll helpe hym owt of preson and so he Tomas has promysyd me in hys brothers name that hys brother schaull agre wt me at Lon[don] Hary Whayt delywyd to the sayd Robard a xxxs. to pay hys ostes and he has playd hyt at dys every qe and so Tamas ys fayn to go to master lefe tenant to pray hym to pay Robardes costes to London sy in thys mater I wyll do my beste for you Syr the mercha[nds] ys cum owt of Frauns and whe say the pays ys not lyke to lat longe betwen Frauns and ws no mor to you wryt at Callez the Thursda after youer departyng

I pray ze recomende me to aull good frndes

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: A George Cely at Bregys be thys dd.

Jhesu Mliiijclxxviij
Item the iiijth day of Fewerell sowlld be me in the name of my fadyr Rychard Cely unto Peter Johnson, Nycolas Andreson, Arnowld Derycson, Albryght Allbryghtson, John Henryson and Nycolas Claysson merchantes of Dellfe and Holland iij Mlxclxxj coltes felles pris lxciiij nobulis di. argentt — ciiijxx xjli xviijs viijd ster:

Item I resseywyd oppon hevery c xxvs iiijd fl. for li. ster: summa xxxixli xs ster: ytt ys lli viijd fl.
the rest ys — clijli viijs viijd ster: It most be reconyd at xxiiijs the li. summa — ciiijxx ijli xviijs vd fl.
Summa total fl. — ccxxxijli xixs jd fl.
Wherof ys resseyvyd in redy mony…lxxvijli xijs vd fl.
Item lent the man to pay at bamys next…cxxvli vjs viijd fl.
Lent the man to pay at Calles mart next…xxxli fl.

Item the xiiijth day of Marche sowld per me George Cely in the name of my fadyr Rychard Cely unto Danyell van de Rade merchant of Breges j sarpler good Cottes pryse le sac xix marke number and poysse affter &c.
No xxxij l sac do. xviij cl: Argent… xxjli xs viijd ster:
Item yt amountes affter viijs xxvli xvjs ixd fl.

wheche ys resseyvyd in redy mony per
me George Cely

Rychard Cely, the younger
Jhesu Mliiijclxxix
Ryught reverent and wellbelovyd brother I recomende me wnto you as harttely as I can dewse or thyke inforymng you that I have ressayoyd a letter from you wryttyn at Callez the xxvij day of Marche be the qweche I do well onderstonde the demenyng of owr brother Robard and of hys neyd and how ze have holpyn hym and how ze be lyke to help hym mor and ze wryte to me for cownsell Syr me thynkes hyt weldone to leve hym now at hys neyd so that ze may stond sewyr I wnderstond be your wrytyng that ze be schargyd wt an offe I pray God make yow well qwyte therof and owre father wors sory that he has chargyd hym so sor or begone on hys byldyng byt at he trystes of comforte from you &c whe heyr saye that our brother has wrettyn for hys wyfe and sche has askewyshyd hyr that ther be so many flemynger and fraynchem apon the see that sche dar not com Syr ther was a mane wt my godfadyr and askyd hym for owr brother Robard and sayd he wosse sory of hys losse the caws of hys askyng for hum was for he ys owr brother Robardes sewrte for xvli that owr brother mwste pay at marte besyd xli that ys to Wylliam Eston qwat ys mor God know whe heyr saye that hys wyfe has sent to hym for mony ze wryt [sic] to me a clawys in your letter. The mor ys done for hym the mor ys he beholdyng byt me thynky [sic] the mor comfort that sche have of hym and the mor helpe he have of you the les wyll sche sett by us be well ware how that ze do hyt ys better to pyttye than be pyttyd I awyse you to leve hym no mony ne do nothyng wt hym byt afor record ze knowe the onstedfastnes of hym well I now I cannote thynke how ze schall stonde sewyr of that ze have lente hym byt zeve ye can geyte parte of hys fellz transporte to the court and zeyt hyt wulbe sayd be hyr frendys that ze have ondone hym whe be informyd that owr brother Robards chyld ys goyn to Callez ageyn whe marwell in so myche as he browght lettyrs at he desyryd none ageyn Syr I wryt the playnear to yow for owr father sawe your letter er hyt come to my handys and wos resenably welplesyd therwyth so that ze sontde sewyr owr father rydys in Cotsold1 wtin viij dayes and I go to my loorde2… Syr I pray ze remembyr my loordes hosse clothe he… Syr I have made Robard Eryke a byll of xvjs fl. payabull at syet the qweche ys my dewte I pray you harttely that hyt may be anssorde Syr your hors ys in good plyte and he hawltyd sor syn ze departyd byt whe have made bathe thys for hym and so he ys hoyll he wyll play wt a straw to you Godd sende me a goyde market for owr hors and you a good market for owr fellz Jhesu kepe yow Wryt at London on Good Fryday and I go to my lord on Ester ewe Syr I pray ze recomende me to owr ostes and aull good frendes and grete well Bawsler.
per your brother
Rychard Cely
Addressed: % my welbelovyd brother George Cely merchand of the stapell at Callez at oste wt Bornellz whedow

  1. Cotswold.
  2. Sir John Weston. See Footnote 1, Letter No. 26.

Rychard Cely the Elder
Jhesu Mliiijcxxxix
I grete you wyll and I have resayvyd a lecter from you wryt at Caleys the xix day of Apperell the weche I have wyll understande and ye have hadde comyng wyt Gylbar Pamar Borganys man and lese nor ixs vjd and iiij monthys or v monthys he wyll no lese were fore ye have made non wyt hym for sothe I can have of Rychard Tywe mercer of London ixs viijd to resayve in hand and pay hym in Wysson marte neste lli lese the weche I am avysyd for to take oppe at London as meche as I schall nede there for thys tyme I have resayvyd of the bryngar of the lecter xijlisterlyng in carleche grotys xijd lese the weche xijli sterlyng ys vjli warthe di. onse the lose is grete in the myte I schall ressayve but xjli xviijd ob for the same werefore send me no more for I cannot understande that ys not good for me I am in speche wyt Hewe Brone mercer for money to resayve at London lli ster: and I to delyver at Wysson marte ixs xviijd fl: for vjs viijd st. the weche ys grete lose to me werefore make me at lli ster: aswyll as ye can and as schorte day as ye can. I have packyde my woll in Cottyswollde xxvij sarplerys good packyng the weche com to London dayly as for all maters longg to me do as wyll as ye can as my tryste in the and doe as moste men doe ye schall understande at the marte weche ys beste to doe at the makyng of thys lecter we were in good helle all my hossolde I thanke God and zete the sekenese ys grete in London1 God for ys mersy sessyde I wryte no more at thys tyme but Jhesu kepe you. Wrete at London the last day of Apperell in grete haste.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: To Jorge Cely at Caleys be thys delyver.

  1. The Pestilence of 1479.

Rychard Cely the elder
Jhesu Mliiijclxxix
I grete you wyll and at the makyng of thys lecter we were in good helle at Brytys plase in Eseykys youre moder & I, Wylliam Maryon but Rychard Cely youre broder ys wyt my lorde of Send Johnys at Sotton1 all mery I thanke God the sekenese ys sore yn London werefor meche pepyll of the sete ys yn to the contre for fere of the sekenese I wrot to you answere of the lecter ye send to me lat John Stokars man & of the xijliof Carlyche grodys I schall have but xjli xviijd in the torwer of the wache that ys not good also I wrote to you I may have money at London for ixsviijd to paye at Synschon marte but tary & have non take tyll I have wrytyng from yow but I can thynke I must take som for my woll ys com from Cottys wolde xxvij sarplerys I loke dayly for the men of Cottyswolde for to wey at Ledehalle & than I muste have money for them I may have Hewe Brone and Rychard Tewek also Syr Wylliam Stoker2 mayer of the stapyll send to the marchantes at London for to wyte wat every man wyll schepe werefor I can yeve non answere tyll I have wrytyng from you also your broder Rychard hath solde sorell horse for iiij marke and lent hym the money tyll Mechelmesse and I have ys hoder horse to carthe and I schall paye for hym as he coste at Yorke and soe the horse ys wyll solde and as for youre horse ys no sale at London the horse ys fayer God save hym and Send Loye werefore God send you a schapeman for hym and redy money in hand I wryte no more to you but Jhesu kepe you wryt at London the xiij day of May in haste.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: To Jorge Cely at Caleys be thys delyver.

  1. Sutton, a manor of the Hospitallers in Prittlewell, Essex.
  2. Sir William Stocker, Lord Mayor of London, 1484. He died in his year of office.

Rychard Cely the elder
Jhesu Miiijclxxix
I grete you wyll and ye schall understand I have resayvyd be excheaunge of John Hosyer mercer of London a cli ster: I for to paye to John Hosyer in marte ix s vjd for every vjs ster: and I schall delyver to John Hosyer anoder cli ster: ixs vjd for every vjs viijd ster: and iiij monthes day after the resayvyng in the marte for the weche cli ster: ye schall have a lecter of payment of John Hossyer to be payd to me at London in Octobor next com and soe I have wryt a lecter of payment and derckyt to you some ij cli ster: for to paye in thys synschon marte to John Hossyer in thys manar forme befor wryt for the weche I praye you se in my lecter be wyll payd for I have bude my streydly for the payment there of also I schall payd to Rychard Haynys mercer of London for John Perys of Norlache1 more than lxli ster: for the weche Rychard Haynys mercer wyll have money of me in thys sunchon marte be exchaunge as the markyt gothe and I have promysyd ye schall delyver hym lyke as ys man and ye can agree in the marte for that schall be good payment for me in October or Novembor and it be lxxxli or cli ster: Thoms Cryspe hathe spoke to me for have xlli or l for the weche I wyll ye delyver to Rychard Cryspe ys son as ye can agree in the marte I wyll be glade and ye can resayve my money and delyver yt be excheunge to sure men for I wyll nat schepe tyll I have my money hom in lecters of payment be the dayys new so long by for me v c or vj c baras2 canvase for to packe woll wyt Robard Bereke wyll helpe yow to bye hyt. I wyll no more but Jhesu kepe you. Wryt at London the xxj day of May at wrytyng of thys be in goode elle at Brytys3 Plase in Eseykys.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: To George Cely at Caleys thys lecter delyver.

  1. Northleach.
  2. Arras.
  3. Brytys, Bryttes, or Bryttys Place, hodie Bretts is in the County of Essex, Hundred of Chafford, Parish of Alveley. The house is about a mile north-west of Alveley Church, within sight of the road from Alveley to Romford. W. Sautre possessed Le Bryttes Place in 1404. John Sautre sold it in 1446 to Richard Andrews, King’s Secretary and Dean of York, brother-in-law to old Richard Cely, who sold it to Richard. Richard Junior died seised of it in 1494. (Inq. P.M.., 9 H. VII., Sept. 20th).

Rychard Cely the elder
Jhesu Mliiijcxxix
I grete yow wull and I have resayvyd a lecter from you ryt at Caleys the xxxj [day] of May the weche I have wyll understande and also the same day I have resayvyd a boykys therin v lecters of payment acordyng to youre wrytyng and I have schewyde the lecters [unto] John Domynyco Bartholomeo Lombarde to ys clarke and he saythe the lecter schall be payd at the day and I have schewyd John Spynyell Lombard ys lecter and hathe promysyd payment at the day but as for Phyllypys Sellar of Dorney1 ye meste wryte to me were I schall speke wyt hym at ys comyng to London the xiiij day of Jun I schewyd the Lombardys lecters at London I wrote to you a lecter I send to yow be John Rose and ij salt salers of sylver of the weythe of x unse or xj or there abods bothe wyt a jw ryng and I spake to John Rose for to speke to you for to bye for me a carathe at Caleys for j horse a schorte carthe bare unschude the wyllys for I have hyar of my wolde Caleys carthe se the carthe body be good hassche and hexsyd rydy for goe to warke for I have gret nede ther to I supose it wyll coste a vjs or vijs clotys lynys pynys and all praye John Parcar for helpe you or Thomas Granger for I traywe ye can but lytyl skyll of syche ware I wrote to you in the lecter send be John Rose as for all syche money as ye have resayvyd for me and schall resayve in this marte I wyll ye make home to me as meche as ye can for I here saye ther schall goe schepys of war to the see were for God send wsse pese ye schall here myche more in thys pertys nor I can at Brytys I wyll ye bye for me v or vj c of good baras2 canvase at the marte for I am avysyde for to by more woll I have marvele that ye send me no wrytyng be Randofe of syche maters as he com to London for I fere me ys comyng ys for grete maters for the plase and her ys but strange warlede for to sue non the sekenese raynyd sure at London God send wan ys wyll ys the the [sic] wrytyng of thys lecter we were all in good helle I thanke God. Wryte at London the xiiij day of Jun in grete haste.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: To George Cely at Caleys be thys lecter delyverd.

On the Dorse: John Smethe.

Jacob de Bloke…. ixli xixd fls.
xxxix Andrews iiijs vjd sum…. vjli xvs vjd fls.
xxx Rynysche iiijs iiij sum…. vjli xvs fls.
xij hutrysche iijs sum…. xlviijs
An lewe…. vjs viijd
x postlatys ijs vjd sum…. xijs vjd
iiij crounys at vs iiijd sum…. xxjs iiijd
iij Arnouldes ijs ijd sum…. vjs vjd
An gylden rydar…. iij vjd
Item ij docates…. xxxiijs
Item in plakes vli…. vli fls.
Summa Pagine…. xxxiijli viijs vijd fls.
Rychard Crisp…. xlvijli
Item receyved per John Mell xxiiijli fls. xijs…a sum
Summa…. lxxjli fls.
G. Palmer in redy mony…. cli fls.
Upon wyche mor li3
  1. Doornik, commonly Tournai.
  2. Arras.
  3. ‘li’ crossed out.

Jhesu M
Master Cely I pray you let your man do so myche for me as to go the syne of the Ster next on to Flemmynges dame wher aur daggers be mayd & I pray yow let hym receive a dagger off hym & pay therfowr ijcrs vj grs by the same tokyn that I payd hym vj grs in Ajust Alsso I pray yow that he may go to the capmakers next beyond Wylliam Konettes on the same synd to Flemynges dame warde & let hym receive off hym vj sengell bonotes of dyvers colors as I besapke for & I pray yow let him be paid for them & at your comyng to Cales ye schall be content wt Goddes grace Syr ye may say ye have a howmly felow off me for ye have don so myche for me that hit lyse not in me to deserve hit but ye schall have my serves and that God knows how preserve yow at Cales xixth day of Juylly.

By yowr owne to my power
H. Stawntoun.
Addressed: To the right worshipffull Jorge Cely merchant of the stapall so itt dd.

Rychard Cely the elder
Jhesu Mliiijcxxix
I grete you wyll desyryng for to here of youre recureng for I understande be John Rose ze were sore seke at Bregys were for your moder and bothe your breon and Wyll Maryon and I were sory & hevy for you the laste day of October I have resayvyd a lecter from you wrete at Bregys the xxiij day of Octobor the weche lecter I have wyll understande and I tryste to God ze be recurede and wyll amendyd youre cam to me the sonday befor Alhalou day at dynar tyme at London and Wyll Eston mercer and Wyll Mydewynter of Norlache1 dyned wt me at tyme and the comford of your lecter causyd me for to bye the forsayd Wyll Mydewynter lx sacke of Cottys woll the weche ys in pyle at Norlache and John Caly hath gadered and bogwt for me in Cottyswolde xxxvij sacke be the toode and sacke and halfe sacke for the weche I schall hoape meche canvase for the weche and ye can bye for me iiij or v c of Borgan2canvase or Barase3 canvase of good brede as brode as Normandy canvase and iij dosen packe trede of Caleys trede it were good for me and ze cannot I meste purvae at London for the same but I am avysyd for to packe the forsayd woll after Crystemese towarde Candelmese I tryste in God ye schall be at the packyng of the sayd woll in Cottyswolde I wyll not seppe no woll afor Marche as I am avysyd at thys tyme I wrut no more at thys tyme but Jhesu kepe you. Wrytt at London the vj day of November in haste.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: To Jorge Cely at Caleys or Bergys thys lecter delyverd.

  1. Northleach.
  2. Bergen, commonly Mons.
  3. Arras.

Jhesu Mliiijcxxix
Whelbelouyd brother I recomend me harttely un to yow Desyryng to heyr of your whelfar and good heyll & informyng you at the makiyng of thys our father and mother wher and whe aull wher in good heyll thankyd be God Syr owre father commaunddyd me to wryte and in forme you that Pelyp Sellar ys dyssessyd and has not payd owr father no peny of hys Dwete qwer for owre father wyll that ze kepe the pawyn in yowr handys tyll tyme that ze have wryttyng from owr father whe onder stond that hys wyffe ys sente for hyddyr hyt wher whelldoyn to enqwer and ondyrstond of hys frendys ther how he mythet be payd Syr ower mother desyer you to by for her a loafe of iij or iiij li sewgyr and bryng hyt wtyow at thys Kyrstemes owr father sayes he cando no thyng in Phelype Sellars matter tyll tyme he ha wrytyng frome yow I longe sor for William Fawkene for Meyqe ys sore syke of the cray and the crampe I pray yow remembyr my rynge no moyr to yow at thys tyme byt I pray Jesu send you heyll and bryng yow wheyll to Lond.. and in savete Wryttyn at London the viij day of Novembyr.

Syr heyr ys game of leters I now byt mege ys syke whe lette hyr fly to erly and that ys seyn by hyr now.

per yow brother
Richard Cely.
Addressed: A my welbelouyd brother George Cely merchant of the estapell of Callz beyng at Bergye.

Rychard Cely the elder
I grete you wyll and your moder and I desyer for to here of youre reperyng and amenyng as I tryste in God ye schall ryght wyll be as mery as ye can and spare for no coste of syche tyngke as may be good for you in good mete dryke and your fessychens doe be there consell and plese them at my coste and take no gret labor in rydyng tyll ye be stroke and for that cause I send Wylliam Cely to you for to do for you wyt the have syth of some good man for I wyll not that ye labor to the marte kepe yourselve wyll yn onnywyse I have lever my money be note resayvyd tyll anoder tyme radar nor ye schall labor yourselve and not holle werefor the brenar of thys lecter schall enforme you of hoder maters of Phelep Selar and hoder maters syche as ye wyll desyer for to here of Wylliam Cely schall wate on you and tend to as long as schall plese you and I tryste to God ye schall come home to London or Crystemese I wryt no nore to you but Jhesu kepe you Wryt at London the xj day of November in grete haste.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: To Jorge Cely at Bregys by thys lecter celyverd.

Richard Cely the younger
Jhesu Mliiijcxxix
Ryught interly whelbelovyd brother I recomend me unto yow wt aull my harte desyryng grehytly to heyr of your amendment and good heyll informiyng you at the making of thys owr father and mother brother godfather and all owr howssowld wher in good heyll thankyd be God and desywr grehytly to her of yours Syr whe marwell grehytly that whe have no wrytyng frome yow syn Wylliam Cely departyd whe had no letter from hym byt whone and that whos wryttyn at Callez hever a cam at yow Syr heyr ys Phelype Sellar ys factors come the ton was weddyd Phelypys dowter hys name ys John Forner and the tother ys name ys Herry Deinorres be the meyn of a brocur hos name ys John Jacope a lombar whe bar them on hand at the byll wos prodeste and owr father pwt the matter in John Jacopys hand and he has labord for payment and the viij day of thys present monythe of Desembyr I ressayvyd iijc crownys iiijs the kynge payd them every crown at iiijs vjd the brocar has awardyt that I schaull ryd to owr father into Essex and bryng a letter of hys hand to them derectyd to you that ze may delyver them the fardell wtarras that Pelype Sellar leffyt wt… and I schawll have vli for the prodest and aull hother costes byt the broca[rs] parte wylbe myche. I pray yow say to them at fette the arras from you [that] byll wos prodest Syr my lord1 has wryttyn to me to cum se hym thys Crystemas I pwrpos to go to him iij days afor Crysteme and be ther iiij dayes and cum agen and ze cum not to London iiij dayes a fo Crystemes I pray you send me my ryng be sum trwsty man owr mother lokys for the cas for the peny that ze toke mesur of I pray Jhesu send you hydyr in sawete ever I go to Bawlsall2for than I schawlbe better be sene than I am lyke. No more Wrettyn at London the ix day of Desembyr.

per yowr brother
Rychard Cely.
Syr I spake to you for hawlve a dosyn payr of Frenche glovys iij for men and iij for whomen.

Addressed: Unto my ryught whelbelovyd brother George Cely merchantt of the estaple of Callez be thys dd.

  1. Sir John Weston, Prior of St. John’s; see Letter 16, Footnote 1.
  2. Balsall, in Warwickshire, a manor of the Templars granted to the Hospitallers on the dissolution of the former.

Rychard Cely the elder
Jhesu Mliiijclxxix
I grete you wyll and I desyar for to here of youre recuryng and of youre good hele as I tryste in God ze be I have resayvyd a lecter from you wryt at Bregys the xxj day of November the weche lecter I have wyll understande the weche was to youre moder and me an bothe youre brethon and Wyll Maryon a gret comford and fele be your wrytyng that Wyll Cely was come to you at that day for the weche I was wyll plesyd that he was wyt you and he can doe anny thyng for your hesse in thys marte tyme as I tryste he wyll also the vj day of Dessember I was payd of Phelepe Seller lecter of payment all in cronys at iiijs ster. a crone for the weche I wyll ye delyver the plegys to ys faturs for the weche I have delyver to them a byll wryt wyt my hand for to delyver to you for the sayd plegys but I understand ye delyveryd a byll of your hande wrytyng to Phelepe Seller at the resayvyng of he plegys the weche bylle ys loste as they saye werefor ys faturs hath promysyd for to make you a quytons nottarys syne see wyll to that mater for youre dysecharge of the forsayd plegys for John Forner and Hary Demerys payd me at London for sayd lecter of payment. I wryt no more at thys tyme but Jhesu kepe you. Wryt at London the xj day of Dessember in hast.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: To Jorge Cely at Caleys or Bregys be thys lecter delyverd.

Rychard Cely the younger
Jhesu Mliiijciiijxx
Ryught enterly whelbelovyd brother I recomend me harttely on to you and I thanke yow for aulle kyndnes schewyd be yow to me at yowr laste beynge heyr Syr whe undyrstond be a letter frome my godfathyr of your comyng to Callz and the woll flece thankyd be God whe have sente yow be a mane of master the whytys the whete of the woole and schpys namys acordyng to your desyr whe ar aull mery my loord1 has cepeyd hys estyrn at Sente Johnys2 in London and I had bene wt hym ther aull the tyme he and hys howssowlde recomendes them harttely on to yow the morne after the wrytyng of thys howre father departes to Awelay3 and into Cottyswolde Syr ther is a devysyon fawllyn be twen owr brother Robard and sche that schowlde abe hys wyfe and he has gevyn hyr ower and he pwrposes to absente hym selffe and com to Callz schorttly and as for John Rawns matter I have spokyn wt the kynges howzer and a wayes he has sent the syngnete to Callz and heyr has bene Lenarde Boys and thay has fonde the menye at the mony schawll be payd at Callz Bawll ys in good plyte he mornyd tyll he had setteschype and the smythe has gevyn hym a Drynke for the kow and I have sente hym to Awelay belowtelay till I cwm agen no more to you at thys tym Jesu kepe yow wryttyn at London the vij day of Apryll.

per your brother
Rychard Cely.
Addressed: Unto my ryughte whellbelouyd brother George [Ce]ly merchant of the estapell beynge at Callez.

  1. Sir John Weston, Prior of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem in England, 1477-1489. He is continually referred to in these letters. The Priors of St. John held a reputed manor in Alveley parish, called More Hall, later part of Kelliton or Kennington. The Order of St. John held land in the neighbourhood at Rainham and Southall, and the Church of Thurrock Grays. Sir John Weston must have resided often on his Essex manor, and as a near neighbour of the Celys was a great man in their eyes. He was of the same family as Richard Weston, of Henry the Eighth’s reign; but the Sutton referred to in these letters is not the later family place of Sutton, in Surrey, but is Sutton Temple, in Essex, as possession of the Hospitallers.
  2. Clerkenwell.
  3. Alveley, in Essex.

Rychard Cely the younger
Jhesu Mliiijciiijxx
Ryught interly welbelovyd brother I recomende me wunto yow as tendyrly as harte can thynke informyng yow at the makyng of thys howre father and mother wher in good hell and whe aull thankyd be God Syr I hawe bene in Cottyswolde and packyd xxix sarpelles woll for howr father and in the mene sesun howre father ressavyd a letter from yow to me derectyd and of Lokyngton a carte and a cower qwher in I have lokyd and fwnde aulthyngs acordyng to yowr wrytyng howr father has payd for the kustum v s. and Lokyngton haskys for frayte vj s. viij d a ye not zeyt payd Syr I have bowte no fellz zeyt I departe to Addyrbery1″ te fyrste day of May and qwen I cwme agene I wyll wryte to yow mor playnely I pray yow se my godfathers letter and lete hyme se yowrs howr father marwwellys that he have no wrytyng frome you I pray yow wryt byt for hoype in ws to a whor dyscwmfortes for hever aut ther for lete ws indewer ws to plese as Jhesu geve ws grase to do ho have ws and howre good frendes kepynge.

Wryttyn at London the xxx day of Aprell.

per yowr brother Rych: Cely.
On the Dorse: Syr my lord of Sente Jonys2 commende hym to yow and thankys yow for yowr tydy[ngs] and prays yow of contynewans he ys ryght glad of them and he prays yow to remembyr hys saddyllys styropys and spowrs and clothe for hosyn aull tys at thys Whytsuntyd he pray yow that hyt may be had.

Addressed:Wnto my ryught whelbelovyd bether George Cely merchande of he estapell beynge at Callez so dd.

  1. Adderbury, in Oxfordshire.
  2. Sir John Weston.

Rychard Cely the elder
Jhesu Mliiijciiijxx
I grete you wyll and I have resayvyd of Lokynton schepe a pype and the stofe there in and a carthe and ix dosen packe threde and I payd vs for the fraythe and vs for the custom for Rychard Cely was at Norlayge1 at that tyme and hathe packyd my woll for wyt Wylliam Medewynter xxvj sarplerys and iij sarplerys at Westewell2 and ys com hom in savete I understand ye be at Bregys I pray God be your spede in the maters that ye goe for I fele Robard Cely ys at Bregys for fere of fytyng at Caleys in to Beschpys Corte for the lude mater of Jonne Narthe the weche ys meche adoe for at London the frendes of her hath spoke wyt me for that mater but all they wyll not grant a grote for zeve them were I have sayd to them I wyll not seve them a peny of my good were for I understand sche wyll falle of for to have all the zetys that Robard hathe delyverd her and to have all Robard Cely hathe of herys and I understande Sir John the pryste hathe promysyd for to make thys ende but and Robard Cely were wyse and wyll avysyd all thys wyll be layd aperte wyll noe for ys undoe and he wede her but I may not saye werefor I have wryt a lecter of this mater noe for ys undoe and he wede her but I may not aye werefor I have wryt a lecter of this mater to Wylliam Maryon more clerely for the weche I pray you zeve hym good consell and send me wrytyng for I may do noght but prevely kepe thys mater preve and let me understand ys entent and after that I shall wre more to you. No more at thys tyme. Jhesu kepe you.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: To Jorge Cely at Caleys be thys lecter delyverd.

  1. Northleach.
  2. Westwell, in Oxfordshire.

Rychard Cely the younger
Ryught interly whellbelovyd and my syngerler good brother I recomend me wnto yow in as lovynge whyse as harte cone thynke enformyng you at the makyng of thys howr father and mother my godfather maryon and whe awll wher in good heyll thankyd the good Loord Syr hyt is so be greght labor that the woman that howr brother Robard whos caugyllyd wt sche has made hyme a qwyetane and sche has aull her awne good that was browght to howr brothers ageyn and aull the good that howr brother levyd wt her save a gyrdyll of goulde wt the bokyll and a pendawnte silver and gylte and a lytyll golde ryng wt a lytyll dyamond and a cyrpete of damoske sche gas awkk thother thynges that he levyd wt hyr and wyll have Syr howr father and mother wolde that ze payd for hys bord at Callez and delyver hym vs or mor in hys porse and ze take a byll of hys hande of as mwche mony as ze lay houte for hyme and whe wolde that he wolde come to Hawelay1 and be ther tyll the matter be better hessyd hour father thynkes he neddyes not to be large of spendyng remembyryng aulle thynges Syr I pray you lette hyme not se thys letter ne tell hyme note if tys zed byt of the qwetane and hy hyme to Haweley in as gret haste as ye can. No mor to you at tys tyme. Jhesu kepe you. Wryttyn at London the xv day of May.

Syr I pray yow send my doblet by hym be the nexte good frend that comes.

hyt ys not for hyme to come to London zeyte.

per yowr brother
Rychard Cely
Addressed:Unto my ryughte whelbelovyd brother George Cely merchand of the estapell at Callys be thys dd.

  1. Alveley.

Rychard Cely the elder
The reference to the holidays makes it probable that the true date is 1480, when Whitsunday fell on May 22.

Jhesu Mliiijcxxx[sic]
I grete you wyll and I have resayvyd a letter from you wryte at Calleys the xiij day of May the weche letter I have wyll understande of youre beyng at the martys and of the sale of my medell woll desyred be John Destermer & John Underhay were for be the Grace of God I am bysyd for to schepe thys forsayd xxix sarplerys the weche I bogwyt of Wylliam Medewynter of Norlayche1 xxvj sarplerys the weche ys fayre woll as the woll packar wyll Breten saythe to me and also the iij sarplerys of the recturs ys fayre woll meche finar woll not was the zere before the weche I schepede a fore Ester laste paste the schepyng ys begone at London but I have non schepeyd as yete but I wyll after thys holy dayys for the weche I wyll ye orde for the frayth and hoder costys thys same day youre broder Rychard Cely ys rede to Norlay2 for to se and caste a sorte of fell for me and a noder sorte of fell for you & Rychard Cely Wylliam Cely ys fore wyt hym God be there spede and as for syche maters that the felyscher cam to London for I can wryt to you no thyng for I was in the contre Thomas Burgan mercer send to me for to a delyverd me money be exschanchege be for hand but I have take non of hym nor of no man but wyll ye dele wyt Borgan3 I pray you doe as wyll as ye can in makyng hover of money for I fere me Rychard Cely wyll scharege me wyt fell in Cottyswolde and he lyke the passell wyll werefor I have send hym for ys bryng also youre hors Bale ys fayre werefor I wolde ye send for hym here ys no sale sale of horse I wryt nomore to but Jhesu kepe you Wryt at London the xxij day of May.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed:To Jorge Cely at Caleys be thys delyverd.

  1. Northleach.
  2. Ibid.
  3. Mons or Bergen.

Rychard Cely the elder
I grete you wyll and I have resayvyd a lecter from you wryt at Celays the xxix day of May the weche I have wyll understand and that ze have solde vj sarplerys & pok of my medell cottyswolde to John de Solermer of Gante pryse the sacke xiij marke for the weche I am wyll plesyd were I for I have schepyd at London the laste day of May xvij sarplerys of my cottyswolde woll were of be vj clotys medell woll in grete haste for the cokyys were made the same day and the schepys depertyd ij day of Jun and my lorde levetenant he depertyd the same day and I pray God send my lorde and the woll schepys wyll to Caleys Rychard Cely hath be in Cottyswolde and hath bogwyt xv c fellys for you and him seve and xv c for me of Wylliam Medewynter the weche cam to London thys same day I wyll ye bye for me v or vj c of canvase at the marte for to packe wo[ll] wyt of a good brede not elle brode halfe quarter lese and ot of the smaleste but pra thy rond canvase for to packyng in woll I pray you send me wrytyng of all sych maters as schall long to me for [I] thynke ye mythe wryt myche more nor ye doe for my lorde Send Johnys1 send to me for tyyngs every weke for the weche my lorde takyt a….plear for to have syche tyyng as ye here in thys partys for the weche ye may lese doe but wryt moche the more of tyyngs for my lordys sake for in good faythe he is a curtes lorde to me and to you and Rychard Cely I wryt no more but Jhesu kepe you. Wryt at London the ij day of June in gret haste.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: To Jorge Cely at Caleys or the mart thys lecter delyverd.

  1. Sir John Weston.

Rychard Cely the younger
Jhesu Mliiijciiijxx
Ryught interly whelbelovyd and my syngeler good brother I recomende me wnto you in as lovyng whys as hartte con thynke plese hyt yow to wndyrstonde at the maky[ng] of thys howr father and mother my godfather Maryon and whe aull wher at London in good heyll thankyd be the good Lorde Syr I have bene in Cottyssowlde and bohut for hus xxv c pelles pryse le c of xvc iiij li and of a ml hevery c iij li iij s iiij d and I have payd and a mwster pay wt in thys v days in parte of payment of thes felles and for caryayge xl li and above and I mwste pay to Wylliam Mydwynter at Bartyllmewys tyd xx li. and at Hallowtyd xx li. for the sayd felles Syr I pray yow have theys days in remembrans my powr honeste lyes ther apon and at my comynges hwte of Cottyssowlde apone a schorte pwrpos howr father has schypyd xvij sarpelles of hys wooll that whos packyd at Norlache1 syn Ester and ther ys vj of theme myddyll and that ys aull the myddyll woll of howr fathers thys vij zeyr and at the next schyppyng howr father wyll schype the remenand of good whooll of thys sorte and hawlle hys felles and so w[y]ll I howrys and I have resayvyd ij lettyrs from you whon of howr brother Robarde and ther in whos of hys own hande contanyng iiij li starlyng payabull the iiij day of [sic] I pray God send ws good payment and another Edwhard Lenawlles the qweche I do whell wnyrstond I pwrpos to be the gras of God to be at Loutelays Woddyng on Sonday next and my godfather to Syr heyr ys yowr blake hors and yower gray at London thay ar in good plyte ther ys no mane byd no mony for them and they stond you to grete coste dayly as for horsse and hawkys I pwrpos never to have paste whon at onys Syr I ondyrstond be yowr wryting that ze have levyd Thomas Grayngar to be your atornay at Callez Whyll ze go to the marte I do send hym a letter and ther in the schypys namys and the whette of howr fathers and nwmbyr that he schawlle ressave hyt by be the grasse of Jhesu have you in hys blessyd kepyng wrytyn at London the sekund day of June.

Be your brother
Rychard Cely.
Addressed: Wnto my ryught whelbelovyd brother George Cely merchand of the estapell at Calleys or at the marte be thys dellywydd.

  1. Northleach.

Rychard Cely the younger
Anno Jhesu Mliiijciiijxx
Ruyght enterly whelbelovyd brother I recomende me wnto yow as lovyngly as harte cane thynke enformyng yow at the makyng of thys hour father mother and whe aull wher in good he[y]ll thankyd be God and the xxvj day of thys monthe I resavyd ij lettyres frome you whon to houre father another to my selve the qweche I do whell undyrstonde and heyr I sende yow closyd in thys a byll of master Richardes had from the mayar of the estapell for the dyscharge of the xxiij s iiij d. of the sarpler for xvij sarpelles xix li. xvj s. viij d and I feyll be your letter at the woll schpyd at your departying frome hens whos not so good as I wholde hyt had bene howr father whos at the packyng ther of hyme selfe I trwste to God thys wholl schaull plese you better and as for myddyll wooll ze have aull that belonges to that sorte syr I have resavyd not zeyt byt xv of howr felles byt thay be good I wnderstonde be your wrytyng that ze wyll come in to Ingland schortely I pray you kepe your porpos and whe schaull be myrry be Goddes grase my loorde comendes hym to you and lokys dayly for the geyr that ze promysyd to pwrway hym and Gladman prayse yow purway a saddyll for hyme sumwhat lesse then my loordes schall be a lyes styll at Berwyke1 and I thynke wyldo aull thys somer syr I h[a]ve ressavyd at the day whell and trewly the iiij sterling of hour brother Robarde and now the schype heyr byt houre father powrpos not to schype tyll hyt be ny myhelmas and ther for whe wylloke for yow dayly and syr I pray yow brynge wt yow the rekenyng that I am in dettyd to you and whe schaull se a way therin be the grase of Jhesu kepe you and bryng you to Yngelond soyn and in safete Wryttyn at London the last day of Juyn.

Syr howr father has ben dysesyd soe I tryste hyt be an axys byt I wolde fayne that ze whor her tyll he be better mendyt.

per your brother
Rychard Cely.
Addressed: Un to my Ruyght Whelbelovyd brother George Cely merchand of the estapell at Celleys be thys dd.

  1. Berwick in Essex, in the parish of Rainham, belonging to the Hospitallers.

Rychard Cely the younger
Jhesu Mliiijciiijxx
Ruyght interly whelbelovyd brother I recomende me wnto yow informyng yow at thys howr father ys aull hooll and ryught merry thankyd be God as my neymer the bryngar of thys can informe yow Syr howr father wyll that ze be not over haste in comynge in to Yngelonde for thys cauys he wndyrstode whell that the woll that whos schyppyd at your departyng from London ys not lyke goodnes to that at ys of the laste zeyrs growythe and therfor he whoulde not that ze schulde sell them togeyddyr byt as for the myddyl woll at wos laste schypyd he wyll that John Wandyrhay have hyt acordyng to your wrytyng and hour father whowlde fayne that ze mythet make salle of the good woll of the furste sorte as whell as ze can he dar not sende no moor to Calleys tyll he heyr of the salle of the forsayd Syr hour father wndyrstones of owr brother Robardes chyldysche dellyng and Wylliam Browell has beyn wt hym and me and he says that Dowlton or ze have a peceaulte of xiijli fl. payabull at Bammys marte next whenyng to hym that hyt had bene payabull at Senchan marte laste and that made hym so bowlde as he says byt howr father wyll that ze the cler nes1 [sic] and send us whoord how hyt ys no mor to you Wryttyn at Bryttes the v day of Juyll.

tomorrow I go wt my loorde to Gurovys End2 to brynge to my lady Marget.3

per your brother
Rychard Cely.
Addressed: Wnto my ryught whelbelovyd brother George Cely.

  1. Perhaps a word is omitted, and he meant ‘Ye see the clearance.’
  2. Gravesend.
  3. The Dowager Duchess of Burgundy, who was visiting her brother, King Edward, that year. See Introduction.

Jhesu Ml>iiijciiijxx
Be yt knowyn to all men that whe Rychard Cely and George Cely merchantes of the stapull of Callez howthe unto the meyr constapullis and fellischyp of the same stapull for costum and sobsede lxxvli xiijs jd qr1 ster: to be pd to the sayd meyr constapulis and fellyschyp or to the brynger herof at ther pleser to the wheche lxxvli xiijs jd ster: whell and trwly to be pd whe bynd us and heyder of hus for the holle and to make good all the costes and lossys that shall happon or fall for un payment of the sayd som beyt be exchange or reexcheynge or hodyrwhysse in whetnesse herof whe hawe sett unto owr selys the xj day of Jowle Anno ut suppra.

On the Dorse:

Item alowid from Sir William Stoker knyght & meyer of the stapull at Cales for the xxiijs iiijd ster:a pd in Inglond xixli b xvjsviijd st:
Rest… lvli xvjs vdqr2 st:
Item paide the xjth day of Juyll in the handes of George Cely… lvli st:
Rest clere… xvjs vdqra st:
  1. 23s. 4d. per sack had been paid in London and the sum was reckoned at £19 16s. 8d. Flemish. Compare Letter of October 29, 1480.
  2. Ibid.

Rychard Cely the elder
Jhesu Mliiijciiijxx
I grete you wyll and I have resayvyd a letter from you wryt at Caleys the xxjj day of August the weche I have wyll understand and ze have solde iiij c lbs fell for the weche I am wyll plesyd but I understand and ze can sele no woll as zete I tryste Gos ze schall full wyll we schall schepe at London woll & fell were for ze moste se wyll to resayyng at Caleys for I have no man for to send wyt the schepys for Wylliam Cely ys for wyt Rychard Cely wyt my lorde Sent Jonnys1 into France God be there spede for the weche I tryste to you for the resayyng of my woll & fell and all soe for youre fell & Wylliam Maryons fell I sopose ye have not meche a doe at thys marte for the weche I pray you send me wrytyng of youre goyng to thys marte or not for and ye be at Caleys at the ladyng of my woll & fell I wyll plesyd and ye may so doe I have resayvyd of Mondedanell iiij sadellys & a grane & payere of styropys and be the Grace of God Wylliam Maryon & I schall lade your schepe wyt fell the schepyng ys not as zete begon as it gothe fore I schall wryt to you and ye here of Ware send me wrytyng schortely for I wyll not be the fryste that schall schepe I wryt no more to you but Jhesu kepe you Wryt at London the fryst day of September in haste.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: To Jorge Cely at Caleys thys letter delyverd.

  1. Sir John Weston, on Embassy of 1480. See also next letter.

Rychard Cely the younger
Jhesu Mliiijciiijxx
Ryught whelbelovyd brother I recomend me unto your and I pray you hartely to be at Bolen1 the iij day of Septembyr for my loord2 wyll be ther and I pray you brynge wt you your crosse3 and v ar vj li. Flemysche for me and howr metyng I wyll tell yow mor. No mor to you. Wryt at Dowyr the sekunde day of Septembyr.

per youre brother
Rycharde Cely.
Planttan pays [sic] you to delyver thys byll to hys brother Nowell zer ze cum to Bolen.

Addressed: A my whelbelovyd brother George Cely at Calles so hit dd.

  1. Boulogne. The shortness of the appointment for the next day is noticeable.
  2. Sir John Weston and Thomas Langton were commissioned to go on an Embassy to France to treat of the long-delayed treaty of marriage between the Dauphin and King Edward’s daughter, August 24th, 1480 (Rymer, xxi. 135).
  3. Money, contemporary slang.

John Cely was apparently a brother to old Richard Cely, and uncle to George, whom he calls cousin.

Right wurshipfull and welbelovyd Cosen I recomaunde me unto you and also my sister youre aunte comaundyth her unto yow as hartyly as she can or may all way thankyng yow off youre grett labur and besinesse that ye had for her now at this tyme for the wiche she hopeth to rewarde you in such wise as ye shalbe plesid wyth the grace of Godd Item sir y have byn wyth mayster Ylam and he hath promisid to pay this lxxli vjs viijdyt ys redy for her also sir ye shall understande that my sistur yowre aunte hath made her exchange wyth John Mathew mercer of London for the iiijxx xjli flemysche the wyche ys yn yowr handes and she shall reseyve here of the sayd John Mathew at suche dais as they be agreyd lxxvli xvjsviijd ster: and heruppon she hath delyverd to the said John Mathew the bylle of yowre hand the wiche mone she prayeth your hartly to paye to the said John or to his atorney & bringer of your said bylle now at this nyste marte as her very truste is yn you that ye wull do Forther more sir as for the byllis of John Eton that Fydyan axith Ingudd sayth we cannott yett fynde them y trowe nor nevyr shall yf we can he shall have them and so saiete Fydian no mor to yow at this tyme but allmyghty Jhesu have you in keping Wrete at London the vjth day of September anno mliiijciiijxx

Be John Cely.
Addressed: To my Cosen Jorge Cely merchante off the stapull att Caleis be this delyverd.

This letter contains a notice of the same transaction by the writer’s sister which is mentioned in the last letter. John Cely was evidently uncertain whether he should catch George at Calais or at Antwerp, and tried both.

Right wurshipfull Sir and welbelovyd Cosyn I recomaunde me unto you wyth all myne harte plese it you to wete that my sistur youre aunte hath made a bargen wyth John Mathew mercer of London and shall reseyve off hym at such days as she and he be agreyd lxxvli xvjs viijd ster: and she hath delyverd hym youre bylle of youre hand be the wiche he must reseyve of you now att this marte iiijxx xjli flemysshe the wiche she praith you to paie to the said John Mathew or to his atorney or bringer of your bylle acordyng to her covinaunte and promisse &c no more at this tyme but allmyghty Jhesu hawe you in keping Wrete at London the vj day off September anno mliiijciiijxx

Be John Cely.
Addressed: To my Cosen Jorge Cely at Anwarp marte be this letter delyverd.

Anno lxxx
Ryght reverente and worchopfull broder I hartely recomaunde me to yow Farthermor plese yt yow to wette that at the makyng of thys letter howr father & mother wer mery and in god hell blessyd be God and so we hop that ze be and azfor howr broder Rychard Cely ys departtyd wt my lorde of Sentte Johnys wt the Inbassetorys into Frawnce1 werof I saposse yow wnderstonde ryght well and I ham att London and have ben grettely desshessyd almosste hever sen yow departtyd fro Allvolay2 and moste partte have kepte my bedde for I hafe ben so seke & sore that I goo wt a staffe I thanke God I ham now daylly amendynde Item Brother George the causse of my wryttynge ys thys and I pray yow herttelly of howr good broderhod that ze wyll do so moche for me to see that Wyliam Barwell mercer of London be contentte of ys byll of xiiij li. xv s. and wat mony yow lay howtt for me I wyll conttentte yow here for and I had natte have hade that mony of Wylliam Barwell at that tyme I had loste all my platte worfor good Brother remember me & I shall dessarvytte to you wt the grasse of God hoo have yow and all ws in ys blessyd kepynge amen wrette at London the vj day of Septembe wt grette payne.

Be your bother
Robard Cely.
In a different handwriting: Do myne hevyn.

Addressed: To my welbelovyd brother George Cely marchand of the staple of Calles.

  1. See Letter of September 2, 1480.
  2. Alveley.

Richard Cely the elder
No year is given, but by the reference to ‘My Lord of St. John’s’ being at Boulogne it seems to belong to 1480.
Item be the grace of God I have schepyt woll and fell at porte London in my name.
Item in the Thomas of Raynam,1 Hemonde Danyall, mayster, vj packys contening xxiiij c ij fell.
Item in the Blethe of London, Laryus Bordon, mayster, vij packys and ij c fell contening xxx fell.
Item in the Anne of London, Patryke Mechelson, mayster… ij sarplers.
xxxiij… xviij cloves Summa iiij sacke d. x cloves rebate… ix cloves.
xxv… xviij cloves. Summa clere iiij sacke d. j clove.
Item in the Thomas of London, Thomas Horne, mayster… ij sarplers.
xxix… xv cloves summa iiij sacke d. viij cloves, rebate… ix cloves.
xlv… xix cloves Summa clere iiij sacke, xxv cloves.
Item in the Mary of Mallyng, John Underwode, mayster… ij sarplers.
xliiij… xvj cloves Summa iiij sacke d. ij cloves. Rate… ix cloves.
xxxiij… xij cloves Summa Clere iiij sacke, xxj cloves.
Item in the Edward of Mylale,2 Thomas Arnolde, mayster…v ij sarplers.
xliij… xvj cloves Summa iiij sacke d. ij cloves. Rebate… ix cloves.
xlix… xiiij cloves Summa Clere iiij sacke xxj cloves.
Item in Ncolas [sic] of Colchester, John Smythe, mayste[sic]… ij sarplers.
liij… ix cloves Summa iiij seke xvj cloves. Rebate… viij cloves.
lv… vij cloves Summa clere iiij sacke, viij cloves.
Item in the Mary of Brekellyssay,3 Wylliam Recherdlay, mayster… j sarpler.
xlvij… Rebate iiij cloves.
Summa clere… sacke x cloves.
Summa totallis… xj sarplerys.
Summa totallis in sackys… xxiiij sacke vj cloves.
I cannot have my woll packyd the weche lythe in pyle at London in no wyse for the weche it schall abyde tyll the neste schepyng I understande be youre lecter that ze schall packe my woll xx sarplerys the weche was schepyt in Marche I wolde fayne understande the packyng of that sorte I send to you wt schepys Robard Good for to helpe to londe my fell and youre xviij c fell and hode fell and Wyll Maryons fell I wyll ye se scharly to hym and wan the schepys be dyschargyd send hym home be water to London for I have grete myse of Rychard Cely and Wyll Cely at thys tyme in good faythe I may not dele wyt woll and fell and my hosbandry in the contre bothe but I may have helpe I was never so wery of delyng wyt worde as I am at thys tyme and shyt that my Lorde of Send Jonnys cam to Bollen I hadde no wrytyng from you but j lecter none late for the weche I understod not veryly for ye were in Franse or at the martte I hadde so many sayyn of men that cam from Caleys and no lecters for the weche I was gryly astonyd and grete lectyng in my besynese for the weche I pray the wryt and send be sure men that I may understande my delyng also ye wryt not to me of the reste of my fell weder they be refuse or nay and wat sum of fell ther be for I wat fell the reste schold be. I wryt no more to you at thys tyme Jhesu kepe you and huse Wryte at London xxv day of September in haste.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: To Jorge Cely at Caleys delyverd.

On the Dorse, in a different handwriting:

Le Costum and sobsede.
The Costum and sobsede of my fadyrs… iiijxxxiijli iiijs xjd ster:
Wylliam Maryons… xxijli ster:
Rychard Cely Jenyer… xvli vs vjd ster: cxxxli xs vd ster:

  1. Rainham, in Essex.
  2. Millhall, on the Medway.
  3. Brightlingsea, in Essex.

Rychard Cely the elder
Jhesu Mliiijciiijxx
I grete you wyll and I lecte you wyt I have payd xxiijs iiijd of the sarplere for xxij sarplerys woll and fell to Sir Wylliam Stoker mayar of the Stapyll the xiij day of Octobor — Summa xxvjli xiijs iiijd as aperyt be the waront the weche I have in my hand I schall send the waront to you wat tyme I understande ze be at Calleys I send to you wrytyng of my schepyng at London at thys tyme be Robard Good my schylde the weche I myght not wyll a myssyd hym and Wyll Cely bothe for the weche youre moder and I were not so sarvyd thys xx zere for the weche I purpose me to more esse be the grace of God the weche have you in ys kepyng Wryt at London the xiij day of Octobor in grete haste.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: To Jorge Cely at Calys thys lecter delyverd.

Rychard Cely the elder
Jhesu Mliiijciiijxx
I gret you wyll and I have resayvyd a lecter from yow at Caleys the xvj day of Octobor the weche lecter I have understand wyll and that ye have solde a sarplere of my good woll Cottyswolde pryse the sacke xix marke and vj sarplerys of my medell woll Cottyswolde pryse the sacke xjjj marke all solde to John van Underhay of Mekelyn for redy mony in hand as I understand the pyse and summa argent I understand be the byll I understand be Wylliam Cely ys lecter that my woll xj sarplerys and my fell schepyth at London late rysthe ryght full at Caleys for the weche the fellys muste be made were for I wyll that Wylliam Cely be style wyt you at Caleys for to make my fellys wyll and to helpe to packe my xx sparlerys woll the weche was schepyt in Marche laste paste and as Robard Good I wyll he come home as sone as he may have a fare passage I have gret myse of hym also my xxiijs iiijd of the sarplere ys payd at London and the waronte send to Caleys be a marchant of Berelay1 I understand be youre wrytyng yt ys lyke beware wyt frase for the weche I wyll avyse yow to purchese a savecondyte in anny wyse or that ye pase the se for dyverse causys the weche I wyll wryt to you of or ze com hover the se and yt beware as I fere me yt wyll be for the weche wryt I have not as zete packyd my woll at London nor I have not bowgyt thys zere a loke of woll for the woll of Cottyswolde is bogwyt be Lombardys werefor I have the lese haste for to packe myn woll at London I have a grete scharge at Caleys of my woll there at thys day God send us good sale. I wryt no more to you at thys tyme. Jhesu have in kepyng. Wryt at Brytys the xxix day of Octobor in haste.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: To Jorge Cely at Celys be thys lecter delyverd.

  1.  Perhaps Barlaere in Flanders.

Rychard Cely the Younger
Jhesu Mliiijciiijxx
Ruight interly whelbelovyd brother I recomend me harttely unto you and I thanke you of your grehyte coste and scheyr that ye dyd to me and my fellowys at howr laste beyng wt yow at Calles Syr whe had a fayzeyr passayge and the Satturday aaftyr hwor departtyng whe ceme to the kyng to Helttame1 to home my loorde2 whos ryught whelcwm and ther whe tarryd tyll the kynges dowter whos krystynd hos name ys Bregyt3 and the same nyte ryught late whe come to London and heyr I fownd father brother Robar and my goddefather Maryon and thay ar myry howr mother ys yn Essex I se har not zeyt my godfather Maryon tellyd me that he has wryt lettyrs to yow I ondyrstonde apart of them Robyn Good tellyd howr fathe tha ze had v hors and I tellyd hym ze had byt iij and how ze have sowld Py j to Sir Umfry Tawbot and he whos welle content I towllyd howr fathe of the lose of twesyltonys mewyll Syr howr father wyll not schype till Marche and he wolde fayne that the wooll wher packyd I feyll by hym that he wolde not that ze come home at Crystemas for he thynkes ther wyll be salle abohut xij tide ther ys gret dethe of schepe in Engelond Sir I wollde wryte more to you byt I depart into Essex thys same day to see howr mother no mor to you Wryt at London the xv day of Novembyr.

per yowr brother
Rychard Cely.
And the mewyll my be gityn send hym to howr father for he whoulde fayne have him.

Addressed: Unto my ryught whelbelovyd brother George Cely marchant of the estapell at Calles.

On the Dorse: Domine fyat pax cum vyrtute.

  1. Eltham in Kent.
  2. Sir John Weston returning from his French Embassy.
  3. Edward the Fourth’s daughter Bridget, born 1480, died a Nun at Dartford in 1517.

Jhesu Mliiijciiijxx
Ryght rewerent and worshypfull Fadyr affter all dewe recomendacyon pretendyng I recomeawnd me unto yow in the most lowlyest whisse that I con or may Fordyr mor plesyth ytt yow to undyrstond that I hawe resseywyd an letter from yow beryng date at London at London [sic] the xiij Octobyr in hast wheche y do whell undyrstond and I hawe resseywyd yowr warant and ys anlowyd appon yowr byll ancordyng As towchyng hodyr clausys in yowr sayd letter y undyrstond them ryght whell and as for Robyn ye undyrstond be this how whell he has done nonethyng but put ze to cost &c as towchyng me bothe be yowr sayd letter and be my cossyn Maryons I am sory and y con nott be mery tyll that I hawe ben wtyow and y whollde aben wt yow shorttly savyng my besynesse ys soch that I connott as ze know In dede I hawe be gon to pak yowr woll I thanke Good ytt rysythe full fayr and som medyll woll ze shall have but and ytt rysyth as ytt do ytt shall nott be moche I have men appon yowr fellis dayly in good faythe y nevyr sawe yowr goods so loud in my dayys and so dyd all men ze shall hawe abowe an Ml made fellis and yowr woll ys lyke whysse arayd be the grace of God y shall fenyshe all thynges hevyr that y go unto the marte As towchyng my clawis afore I hawe ben long hens as ze know nevyr the lesse and my debyteyys had done ther deuteys y myght so aben for that resson ryght whell Now y hawe sen that at y dessyryd long to se y toke this seson wheche tyme y wollde that y hade lyne syke in my bede yf ye be dysplesyd therwt y hawe had letterys dyvars to an kept Wylliam Cely styll at Calles in dede he departyd hevyr any wrytyng and allso y shall nott nede hym grettly y hawe helpe y now y am yn good whay of my besynesse now zett whas ther ryght lytyll done therto whan he departyd ytt ys so that her whas grett ado at Calles for that woll that come in the last schyppyng becawis that the dokates bare nott dat of the xiiij day of Septembyr dyvars men wold an hade ytt but newe woll ther ys derectyon takyn that ytt shall nedyr be newe nor howllde but yt shall hawe that lysens that ytt shall passe wthowght howlde woll appon ytselffe1 men hade whent that the fellis showld abene howlde zett whe con nott tell ther ys replyyng ther an zenst y thynke that ze shall sett them in the same casse as the wholl stondys whe shall do moche therto. Y whas to sweffte in wrythyng to my cossyn Maryon y wrott hym they wher howllde fellis.It ys so that the xiiij day of Novembyr ytt whas concleudyd be Cortt that at from Candyllmesse for ijs no man shall sell but for xxvjs le li I thynke ytt shall causse an stope ze most now wrytt me yowr hadvysse how y shall be demenyd wher I shall howld hand tyll than or sell affore and y con Ther ys but lytyll Cotteswolld woll at Callez and y understond Lombardys has bowght ytt up yn Ynglond and ze undyrstone what sobstons is at London to schyppe I hope ther whas nott a better markett toward for Cottes woll many a day. I woll not avysse ze to schype in the ded of wynter yett yss long lyyng fowlle whedyr and jepardes for stormys.

Of tyngyes I con none wryght yow for sarten as zett but at myn howllde lady2 ys comyng from Byng3 to Sent Thomers4 and the ambassetters bothe of Ynglond and Fraunsse y connot say what whorlld whe shall have some of the Deukes Counsell wholld hawe whar and some pesse the very grounde must come howght of Ynglond The Frenche kynge has forneshed his garysons appon the frontes all redy &c. My lady proposeth to ly at Sent Tomers and the Frensche ambassett shall ly at Tyrwhyne5 iij wekes thens &c.

Her ys but fewe merchantes at Calles now I am in whay wt Ishbrught van whennysbarge for an ij of yowr sarplers I hope I shall go thorow wthym. I woll that y myght undyrstond be wryttyng wher the kyng porposythe to hawe whar wt Frawnsse or no my brodyr Rychard may undyrtsond that of my lords yff y yndyrstode be tymes y myght yff nede be porvay me of saffe condytt y whollde forst ondyrstond how the Kynge take my lordys answar & no mor unto yow at this tyme but Jhesu hawe you and all yowrs in His kepyng Amen Wrettyn at Calles the xvjthday of Novembyr Anno iiijxx.

per yowr son
George Cely.
Addressed: Unto my ryght whoschypfull fadyr Rychard Cely merchant of the Stapell of Callez Dwelling at London in Marte Lane do it dd:

  1. Usually a buyer of new woll was compelled to take it with a certain proportion of old (see Introduction).
  2. The Dowager Duchess of Burgundy, Margaret, sister to Edward IV.
  3. Perhaps Busigny, now in French Flanders; or Binche, in Hainault.
  4. St. Omer.
  5. Terouenne.

Rychard Cely the younger
Jhesu Mliiijciiijxx
Whelbelovyd brother I recomende me harttely onto you plessythe hyt you to wnderstond at the makyng of thys howyre father and mother and aull the howshowlde ar in good heyll at London and merry thankyd be God Sir I have resasayvd a letter from yow wrytt at Calleys the xij day of Nowembyr wherby I wndyrstone your greve gwerof my godfather has wryttyn to yow he saw howe father pensyffe and heve at Robyn Godys comyng home and afor as ze know hys condyssyon of howlde and that causyd hym so to wryte Syr howr whyen ys comyn and ys ryught good as of that contre whon hagyshed wyll gene xxs and the rembenant ys lyke to be dronk her and and at Aunelay1 for frayte costome and caryayge my godfather has gevyn towarde Syr as towchynge the matter of your hors I harde hwor father never speke whorde of them more than I whrote to yow in a letter that I sente be Assche Laybacar and as for the blynde hors I pray yow selle hym what somever ze gehyt for hym as for ij or iij hors ys not myche as ze pwrwayd qwheras ze wryte at thay have yow in jelosy I cannote parsave hyt they thynke as ze horssyd and aqwayntyd that and any whar be ze schuld be desyryd forthe wt other and as fortewyn a whar ys ze to be takyn or sclayn the leyste of bothe wher j dethe bothe to father and mothe whe mwste tendyr thayr ayge and have a ny to howr own whell ze ar goyng to a marte that I know well has not bene heyllfull ner mery to yow in tyme paste qwerfor I schaul not be were myr new qwyhet tyll I heyr of your good comyng to Callys ageyn howere father schype at thys tyme byt ij packes felles that he cowde not have no rome for at the laste schypyng and as for lyys woll schaull abyde to marche Syr whe how to my godfather xiiijli ster: qwerof my lorde howys was xli I se hyme not thys viij days Petter recommend hym wnto yow and thankys yow of yowr grette cheyr at Calleys he has hys deyd of my loord and as for whar betwene ws and Frawns I can thynke ze schaul have noyn ther goys hover inbassette schorttely what they ar I connott tell thys day begyn the counsell at Whestemynster Syr whe loke not for yow at thyus crystemes for becawys of the wheddyr and in aspessyaull that howre father and whe tryste at ze schull make sum good salle aftyr the hallydayes of wooll and fell as I pray God send ws lyke to be many felles for schepe begynys to dy faste in diverys contrey and I wholde whe wher doyng among hodyr men Syr I pray yow sende me the rekenyng of my loordes staife and soldallys and the spor rowell. No mor to yow at thys tyme. Jhesu kepe yow. Wryttyn at London on Sente Clementes zewyn.2

per yowre brother
Rechard Cely.
Addressed: Unto my ryght whell belowyd brother George Cely merchant of the estaple at Calles be thys dd.

  1. Aveley.
  2. November 22.

Jhesu Mliiijciiijxx
Ryght rewerent and whorshipfull Fadyr affter all dew recomendacyon y recomeawnd me unto you in the mist lowlyest whyse that I con or may Fordyr mor plesyth ytt yow to undyrstond that y hawe sawllde unto Gysbright van Wenysbarge ij sarplers good Cottes he has takyn hon of the xx that ys packyd agen anodyr of the todyr sortt as be an byll closyd herin makes mensyon &c yt ys so that I hawe nott zett made and zend of the pakyng of your sort of xx sarplers ther ys xj pakyd all redy the cawis of the taryyng of the remenawnt ys ther was moche bettyn wholl and as sone as that con be whonde and made rede ytt shall be entyryd in that at ys to take ther ys in the pakeyng of thes ij sarplers mor nan an sarpler medyll wholl cast howght as son as ytt ys packyd ze shall undyrstonde be the next how ytt ys &c. yowr wholl ys all yclowsyd and nevyr a hone packyd agen saveing that at ys fowllest arayyd ys takyn togydyr and whan yowr woll ys pakkyd ytt shall be cast howght and whardyd and so pakyd agen yowr fellis be the iiij made ye shall have mo made thane I wrott to yow of when all thynges ys feneshyd than shall ze hawe the clernesse of all thynges her ys as now but fewe merchants ther shall be some fette done betwene Ceystmesse and Candyllmasse becawse of the ordynaunsse wherfor now y porpose me to tarry and com nott to yow tyll Candyllmasse as of any tydynges her y con cone wrytt yow as zett ther ys but y cannott hawe the trewthe therof ther has ben veryaunsse betwne the Deukes men of whar and his Allmaynes and ther ys many of his Allmanys slayne and therfor he takes grett ceffle fur ther ys dyvars of his jentyllmen stollyn away therfor and some ar comyn to Callez and hone of them ys sent to owr soveren lorde the kynge and some and som [sic] ben ren Frenche men when that the Frenche kynge has gottyn lattly dyvars of the best men of whar the Dewke hade wherof he makes hym now bowllde No mor unto yow at thys tyme but Jhesu have yow and all yowrs in His kepyng Amen Wrett at Callez the xxiiij day of Novembyr Anno iiijxx.

per yowr son
George Cely.
ytt ys so that y do send Harry myboye to whayght appon my brodyr thys Crystmesse.

Addressed: Unto my ryght worshypfull Fadyr Rychard Cely merchaunt of the Stapull of Calles being at London in Marte Lane so it dd.

Rent of a ‘passage-boat’ recorded, and two houses at sixteen and five shillings a year respectively.

Ryght honorable master in mi dew recommendacion I hartli recommend me unto youe and to my ladi your wiff thanckyng youe for my gret cher which I had wt youe and [sic] my last beyng with youe Certifying your mastershipe that I was with your servant at Weymouth and at Smalmoth and whan I had delyverd your servant possession your servant was hast for to fech a hors of his one as which hors a gentilman had hired for to rid into our cuntrey that night I taried at Weymouth all nyght & so I mad a bargoyne wt a honest mane for the passage bot1 for xxvjs viijd bi the yer for the full terme of xx yer and the hows upone the key I have let hit to a honest mane for xvjs bi the yer and the litell hows wch was at vs the same tenent kyepith hit styll Thes men woll paye truely the rent ij howses as yet stondeth voide wher as thei profre for a pis but vjs and viijdi and I graunted them for viijs a pis Writtyn at Bridport the xxvj day off November bi your servant William Preston to his litell powr in anythyng that I may doe Syr as for the obligacion I cane not fynd hyme but hit his no matter for whan that I had possession bi ladis attornaye & then the obligacion was void Sir I woll bryng the indenture at my next comyng after Cristmas bi the grace of God for to set in the ij akres of grownd and anythyng that shal be advised reasonable bi your lerned cownsel I wol be glad to do hit No more to youe at thys tyme but Jhesu preserve youe Amen.

Addressed: This be delyverd to mi honorable maister Sir Tomas Aymew Knyght and alderman of London Dwelling in Mylk Stret.

  1. Possibly a ferry-boat between Weymouth and Melcombe Regis. The sum seems too small for the passage-boat to the Channel Islands.

Rychard Cely the Younger
Jhesu Mliiijciiijxx
Riught whell belovyd Syr I recomend me harttely wnto yow plesythe yow to wndyrstone that I have schpyd at London in the Grase a Dew of Calles John Markes beyng master Mliiijxxxiij felles qwherof be iiijc xlvj Cottysowlde on markyd and the rembnant be somer and whynter of London and they be markyd wt an O aull iij sortes lyes togyddyr whon wt anothyr befor the maste wndyr the hachys Syr ze schaull ressave of Mondanyell a letter and a fardell wt pelltys the mast of the Grase a De schulde ave had them byt he whos awalyd and goyn no mor to yor Jhesu kepe yow Wryt at London the xij day of Decembyr.

per yowr brother
Rychard Cely.
Addressed: Wnto my whelbelovyd brother George Cely or Thomas Grayngear at Calleys be thys dd.

Jhesu Mliiijciiijxx
Ruyght whell belovyd brother I recommeawnd me wnto yow as lovyngly as harte can thynke ples hyt yow to wndyrstond at the makyng of thys howr father and mothe and whe aull ar in good heyll and prays to God send yow a fayr passayge and bryng yow whell hyddyr Syr I have resavyd a letter frowm yow wryttyn at Calles wpon Sent Stevyns day the qweche I wndyrs to ruight wh[e]ll bothe your beyng at the marte and what the marte whos and how ze porpos to be at Brygys at thys candyllmas I pray God speyd yow and sende yow good men to make yowr mony wt Syr I ondyrstonde be the same lettyr that ze have sowlde howre felles I thanke God and treste God whe schawll have hever Whytsuntyd mo and Sur as for yowr ij wyrkyns whon of samon and thothyr of tony they ar not com zeyt Gylbard Paulmor tellys me they be zeyt in Selond1 wt geyhyr of hys and Syr I have spokyn wt Bongay and he spekys of yow myche whorschype Syr the xxiiij day of Genever I resavyd ij lettyrs frome yow of Harrowlld Faiwnton whon to howr father another to me ze whryte to howr father that he schawll fynd clossyd in hys lettyr the sayll of ij sarpelers wholl I opynd hyt at London byt I don[d] non there in I sent have thys same day to howre father to Aulay2 wt your letter Syr ze schaull ressave closyd in this letter howr fathers wharant of hys fellys laste schipyd hyt amowntes ls. [sic] ster. and as tochyng yowr laste letter my lorde ys sende for be the lorde master byt the kyng wyll not lat hym departe the kynge has wry an auffer to the lorde master my loorde prays yow when ze cwm to Brygys that ze wyll enqwer of the whenysyans3 and florantynys of tydynges of the Rodys4 and the kyng has comandyd my Lord Rewars5 my loord Schambyolen6and my loorde Sente Jhon7 to go to the towyr and se hys hordenans and to amyt gonars and se that awll thynges be made redy and as for hors my loorde Rewys sendes dayly abhute it in qweyr for Syr gentyll hors ar awhorthe myche mony hey[r]. I whowlde awise yow brynge hower aull yowr trottyng hors and geys8 to kepe them I harde you say that zowr harnes wharyd to lyttyll for yow and ze bryng hyt be whell sowlde Syr I have a pyr of as fary bregenders as ony in London I pray yow by me a fayer and sewyr bycoket a standarde a payr sclevys af ze have and a fowld of mayll and then I troste Jhesu that I am whelharnest to kepe London wt Syr as for tyndynges I can whryte none byt ther come inbassyturs howt of Skotelond9 and the kynge whoulde not let them cowm no nar byt sent ther auffer to Newcastell whe say heyr that my loord Schambyrlen comys to Calles schorttely no mor to you at thys tyme Jhesu kepe you whryt at London the xxiij day of Genewer.

per yowr brother Rychard Cely.
Syr I whoulde awyse yow to brynge not paste ij or iij horse wt you byt and ze conde conwhay a barell or an hogyshed foull of sewyr fowllders flankardes and sum standardes of mayll whelbhowte ther whoulde be done good over them and I pray yow bryng the peys for dobletclothgs that I whrot to you for afor Kyrstemas syche as Hynys ys of I have a gowyn clothe of mostyrdewk of my ordes leverary for you agayn ze cwm.

Addressed: Wnto my brodyr George Cely merchand of the stapell of Calleys be thys delyvrd at Calleys or at Brygys in haste.

  1. Zeeland.
  2. Alveley.
  3. Venetians.
  4. Rhodes had been unsuccessfully beseiged by the Turks during the previous summer, but a new attack was apprehended.
  5. Antony Wydeville, Earl Rivers.
  6. Lord Hastings.
  7. Sir John Weston.
  8. Altered from Goys, Joyce, the servant.
  9. The incursions of the Scots had become more troublesome in the previous summer, and the Duke of Gloucester and the Earl of Northumberland had veen sent against them with little result. The Scots King, James III., apparently was trying to avert war, without success. A naval force was sent against him this year, and a treaty made with the Lord of the Isles. (Rymer, xxi. 139, 140.)