Part III: Letters 51 through 91

Jhesu Mliiijciiijxx
Item the xxiiij day of Jenyver sowld be me in the name of my fadyr Rychard Cely unto John Delopis and Gryshebryght van Wensbarge merchantes of Breges vj sparlers good cottes pris le sac xix marke numbyr and porsse affter &c.:


No. xlviij… oo xlviij cl.
No. xxxix… oo xlviij cl.
No. xl… oo lx cl. Summa in sakes xv sac xxviiij cl.
No. xxxvj… oolv cl.
No. xxxvij… oo xxxvij cl.
No xlvj… oo lj cl. Argent ciiijxx xiijli xviijs ixd ster.
Item yt amountes in fl. at xxvs iiijd pownd Summa… ccxlvli xiiijs ijd fl.
All pll Ester next.

Jhesu Mliiijciiijxx
Preparations for war with France made at Calais; houses outside the gates destroyed. The priest’s title, Sir William Chanon, may be noticed. Sir William Stappel has his benefice.

Ryght worshypffull Syr afftyr dew recommendaschon I lowly recommend me unto youre masterschypp & Furder more plese hit yowre masterschypp to understonde that I hawe receyved an letter from yow the whych I hawe redd and well understonde all theynges theryn and as for yowre debenters I hawe delyverd hem to Wylliam Beneham acordyng to yowre commaundement and he hath promysyd me as sone as he ys furnyschyd wt money I schall be payd and content for the pertyschon off xs off the pownde wt the fyrste and as for yowre warantes off xvs off the pownde I have spoken to master lefftenaunte for them and he hath promysyd me that at yowre comyng to Caleys they schall be sett uppon yowre bylles of costom and subsede &c. Item Syr plese hit yow to wytt that on the xij day of Maye ther was ij frensche men chasyd an englysch schypp afore Caleys and Federston and John Dave and Thomas Owerton ley in Caleys Rode but themselffe were alonde and as sone as they sawe them they gote botes and zede a burde and soo dydd master marschall and Syr Thomas Eweryngham and master Messefolde wt deversse sowldeers off Caleys and rescudyd the englysch schypp and toke the Frensche men and I browght on off them yn to Caleys hawen the toder was so grett sche myght nott comyn but browght the master and the Capteyn to my lorde and they saye ther ys scottes amonggyst hem and they say that Federston and hys fellowys be gon wt the bygges Frensche man ynto Inglonde &c Item Syr hytt ys sayd here that aftyr thys day the xij of May ther shall no man kepe noo logyng of gestes straungers nor englysche men wtowte the gates of Caleys excep ij howssys syndyd that ys serche and the water balys and eny man that hath howssynge wt the gates ys warnyd to remeve hys howsse as schorttly as he can yn to the towne and sett hyt there where hym plese that he hath grownde and yff he doo nott soo stond at hys owne aventure at syche tyme that schall come to be pluckyd schorttly down or elles burnyd for the schoortter warke and betwyxte thys and that tyme non of them be soo hardy excep the ij plasys affore rehersyd to loge noo man ower an nyght payne of treson &c Item Syr plese hit yow to wytt that Syr Wylliam Chanon that was logyd wtJohn Fowlle ys ded he was beryd as on Sonday last was and Syr Wylliam stappell pryste hath ys benyveysse grauntyd be my lorde &c. Syr odder tydynges hawe we non but almyghty hawe you yn Hys kepyng Wrytten at Caleys the xiij day of Maye

per yowre servaunte
Wylliam Cely.
Addressed: To my worshyppfull master George Cely marchaunte off stapull off Calez being at Breges at the stape ys clawe soo hit dd:

Richard Cely the younger
Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxj
Riught interly whelbelovyd brother I recomend me harttely unto you thankyng you of aull good brotherhod that ze have scheuyd to me at aull tymms Syr ze know whell that I have bene in the northe contre and ther I have had grette scheyr of my nowlde aqweyntans as the bryngar heyrof can informe you and as for my noncle ys exseketurs has promysyd me and Plomton be the faythe of ther bodys to be wt howr father her myhellmes and to make a neynd wt hym and as I whente northe wharde I met Roger Wyxton a thyssyd Northehamton and he desyryd me to do so myche as drynke wt hys whyfe at Laysetter1 and after that I met wt Wylliam Daulton and he gave me a tokyn to hys mother and at Laysetter I met wt Rafe Daulton and he brahut me to hys mother and ther I delyvyrd my tokyn and sche prayd me to come to brekefaste on the morow and so I ded and Plomton bothe and ther whe had gret whelfar and ther whos feyr oste and I pray yow thanke them for me Syr and ze remembyrd whe thaulkyd togedyr in hour bed of Dawltonys syster and ze ferryd the condyscyons of father and brethyrn byt ze neyd not I saw hyr and sche whos at brekefaste wt hyr mother and ws sche ys as goodly a zuenge whomane as fayr as whelbodyd and as sad as I se hany thys vij zeyr and a good haythe I pray God that hyt may be inpryntyd in yur mynd to sette yowr harte ther Syr howr father and I comende togedyr in new orchard on Fryday laste and a askyd me many qwestyonys of gyn and I towlde hym aull as hyt whos and he whos ruyght sory for the dethe of the schlde2and I towlde hym of the good whyll that the Whegystons and Dawltons hows to yow and how I lykyd the zenge gentyllwhoman and he comaunded me to whryte to yow and he whowlde gladly that hyt whor brohut abohut and that ze laborde hyt betymys and I have towllyd howe father of Schestyrs douter how that I whowlde fayne be ther and howar father whos ruyght glad of thys comenycacyon Daultons mother comendes hyr to you and thankes you for the kuynys that ze sente to hyr howr father has ressayvyd a letter frome you wherby he undyrstond of the salle ij sarplers and a plke as for the mony as ys by yow he whyll that hyt ly be yow tyll Sencyon marte and lette the mersars have the lengar days bothe Browell and Paullmar and ther mony acordyng Syr I thanke you at hyt plesehyd you to leve me Goos for he has don me good sarves in thys gornay and I have delyvyrd to him xs to bryng hym to yow. My godfather has be syke byt he ys whell mendyd thankyd be God thys same day my loord3 ys comyn to London to aske the Kyng leve to go to Rodes4 for he ys sent for Syr I send you be Goos a purs sche as whos gewyn me at Zeorke5 and I pray yow by for Alyson Myhell a mantell of fyn blake schankys for I have mony ther for and sche comendes hyr to you. No mor to yow at thys tyme Jhesu kepe you. Wrytyn at London the iiijthe day of Joyn.

Rychard Cely.
Addressed: Wnto my riught whelbelovyd brother George Cely merchand of the estapell of Callez be thys dd.

  1. Leicester.
  2. This is not ‘Margaret’s’ baby. See date of August 29, 1482.
  3. Sir John Weston.
  4. Rhodes.
  5. York.

Rychard Cely the younger
Anno Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxj
Ruyght whelbelovyd brother I recomend me onto you as in lovyng whyes as hart con thynke informyng you at the makyng of thys howr father and mothe ar in good heyll thenkyd be God I marwhell grettely that I have no wrytyng frome you syn Geyos1 departyd I whot not whethyr he be come to yow or note Syr my loorde2 and the turkepler3 goys to the Rodys4 togyddyr thay pwrpos to be at Calles the xv day of Juyll he ys porposyd to take be exchonge of howr father an cli or ij and ze to delyver hyt at Bregys or Calles my loord prays you to gette hym as mony doketys and rynysche gyldyrns as ze may I whoulde wryte more byt thys day I departe in to Cottssould. No more. Jhesu kepe you. Wryte at London the xxiiij day of Juyn.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: Unto my brother George Cely marchand of the estapell at Calles or the marte be thys dd.

  1. Joyce, the servant.
  2. Sir John Weston, and Sir John Kendall, who was ‘Turcoplerius Rhodi, et Locum Tenens Magni Magistri in Italia, Francia, Anglia et Flandria.’ (Rymer xii. 112.) The Turcoplerius was a Lieutenant to the Grand Master. Sir John Kendall was made Prior to the Order of St. John in England in 1491. In 1480 the great siege of Rhodes by the Turks had been successfully resisted. Early in 1481 Mohammed II. was preparing to lead a new expedition in person, but died on May 3. Very likely the news of the abandonment of the expedition had not yet reached England.
  3. Ibid.
  4. Ibid.

Rychard Cely the younger
I gret you whell and pray yow heve my brother George Cely be not comn to Callez that ze wyll sende thys box and my letter to hym in aull the haste or hellys and ze knowe none sewr man that goys I pray you take an hors and go yowrsellfe to Bregys to my brother and delyver hym them I have sent Hayre wt the wolflet and barell and a wyrkyn of befe and a barell candyll I purpos to be wt scoostely.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: Thys letter be delyverd to Goos sarvant wt George Cely merchand of the staple at Callez.

Rychard Cely the younger
Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxj
Ryught interly whelbelovyd brother I recomend me wnto yow wt aull mine harte informyng yow that at the makyng of thys howr father and mother ar in good heyll and sendys yow ther blessynges Syr I send you Hayne [in Mwndunyellys schyp]1 and I have bohut a nox for you hyt coste xvjs and pwrpose to sell hys tallow and skyn and by therwt candyll and I havve sent you by Hayn a borell of candyll wher in ys xiiij dosyn and an hawlfe a dosyn of x the li. and ij dosyn vj le li. and aull remenant cownter candyll of vd qu the li. I send yow by hayne yowr whyt fruse and ij bytes and a barell befe and wyrkyn wt the same Syr my loord has made howyr vcli to resave of Lombardes at Bregys in flemsche mony the qweche ys payabull wt in ij days and ze to ressave thys mony I porpos to be wyt yow at my lordys comyng and then I schaull informe yow of many thynges Syr as for Haynys passayge ys payd for and yowr geve aull so no mor to yow.

Jhesu kepe yow. Wryttyn at London xxj day of July.

I pray yow se to yowr befe at hyt take no harme when hyt cwm to Callez.

per your brother
Rychard Cely.
Addressed: Wnto my whel belovyd brother George Cely merchant of the estapell at Callez.

  1. The words between the brackets crossed out.

Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxj
Riught interly whelbelovyd brother I recommend me larttely onto yow informing you at the makyng of thys howr father and mother ar in good hell and sendys yown ther blessynges Syr my loord comendys hym harttely wnto yow and thankys yow of your letter and syche tyndynges as he knowys a wryttys yow parte and he prays yow harttely that ze wholl be good factur for hym at thys tyme as ze have beyn in tyme passy as hever he may desarve hyt Syr he has made howyr wt Lombardys to Brogys apon vcli qwerof he sendes to you iij lettyrs of exchonge the qwyche he prays yow to schow them for thay ar payabull wt in viij days after the syhyt and ther ys in the same box ij lettyrs myssne my loorde prays yow to delyver them to the sayd Lombardes at Brogys I whollde not avyse yow to ressave none of thys mony tyll my loor cum hymselfe he prays you to dessyer them to make hym fayr payment at the day and be whowlde fayne that ze wher at Callez at hys comyng he pwrpos to brynge wt hym ij or iij cli of starlyng mony has a letter of passayge for the serche for hymselfe and l parsonys he prays yow that ze wyll make serche in the coletry or ony syche plasse as ze thynke that docettes wenycyons may be getyn he purpos to be at Calles the iij day of Augwste at the fardest and ther comys wt hym master twrkepler1 Syr Wylliam Wheston2 Syr James Dane wt many mo godfellows and at that tymy I schaull tell you many thynges I longe sore to speke wt yow. No more to you at thys tyme. Wryt at London on Sent Tanys day.3

per yowr brother
Rychard Cely.
Addressed: Wnto my whelbelovyd brother George Cely merchant of the estaple beyng at Calles or Bregys be thys letter or box dd.

  1. Sir John Kendall.
  2. A Knight of St. John, brother to Sir John Weston the Prior.
  3. St. Anne’s Day, July 26.

Rychard Cely the elder
Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxj
I gret you wyll and I have resayvyd a lecter from you wryte at Caleys the xxv day of Jule the weche I have wyll understand and that ye have be at the marte and resayvyd pert of my detys and zeve hover be exschange to mersers my money for the weche I am wyl plesyd and I have resayvyd of John London Robard Brone purser a packe of canvase acordyng to youre wrytyng also I fely be youre lecter ye avyse me for to by woll in Cottyswolde for soche I schall have of John Cely ys gaderyng xxx sacke and of Wyll Medewynter of Norlache1 lx sacke and I am avysyd for to by mor but woll in Cottyswolld ys at grete pryse xiijs iiijd a tode and gret rydyng for woll in Cottyswolde as was onny zere thys vij zere I fele be youre wrytyng that my Lorde of Send Jonns2 wolde have a C or to flemeche be exschaunge for ij zere day for soche I promysyd to my lorde vijsthe nobyll but I here no more thereof werefor at the comyng of my lorde at Caleys or at Brygys I wyll ye make an exschaunge wyt my lorde of Send Johnns and he wyll desyar for to have a Cli or more I wolld fayne plese ys lordschepe for to hese hym lyke as ye wryt to me.


In the handwriting of Rychard Cely the younger:
Syr howr father has whryt to you hys intent in the for partte of thys letter and my loord whoowl pray you to take the labor to Bregys for hys matter and he pwrpos for whery sartten to departe frome London the iij day of Auguste and at hys cowmyng I schawll informe yow of many thynges. No mor to you. Whrytten at London the laste day of Jully.

Addressed: (by Richard Cely the younger): Unto my riught whelbelovyd brother George Cely merchand of the estaple at Caleys or Bregys be thys dd.

  1. Northleach.
  2. Sir John Weston.

Bedfelow I comaund me to you and I thank you hertely of the good lodgeng that ye fand us at Derford1 I had forgettyn to have spokyn with you that and ye myght for to a provyded for me a fur of boge on of the fynest that ye can feynd in Brygesse I trust be the cownsell of my cosyn your brother and you that and ther be any fyne in Brugesse that ye wyll fynd hit and at your comyng ye shalbe trewlye payed therfor what somever it cost. And I pray as hertely as can that as sone as ye may that ye hast you homward for heyr is a heve howseold consyderyng that my lord and his feloship ys departed. No more to you at this tyme but Almyghty God have yow in hys kepyng. At Seyntz Johnz2 the iiijth day of August.

I pray you lat maister Wylliam my lord Chapelen undorstond that the parson of the church within Newgate3 that is in my lordes gyfte ys dessesced this howre.

By your bedfelow Syr
Roland Thornburght.
Addressed: To my worshipfull bedfelow George Sele this be delyvered.

  1. Dartford.
  2. Clerkenwell.
  3. St. Nicholas Shambles.

Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxj
Ryght rewerent and worschypfull fader affter all dew recomendacyon pretendyng I recomeonwonde me unto yow in the most lowlyest whysse that I con or may Forder mor plesyth ytt you to understond that it ys now condessendyd that there shall be a partysseon of xvs of the pownd of the debentyrs and byllis of xviij monthis and xviij and obllygacyons of whollis bowght all in hon casse &c. her ys moche ado wt us at Calles and ther ys grett uttraunsse of wholl as Thomas Grayngger con infforme yow her ys none hottraunsse of fellis nor whas nott sen the marte j sawe newer Hollendars make whorsse payment in my dayys God amend ytt ze shall resseywe an byll clossyd herin of the salle of iij sarplers sowlld to John Vanderhay of Mekelyn of yowr medell cottes ytt ys so that I loke for my lord of Sent Jonys1 dayly and at his comyng I wholl breng hym appon the way or do as my broder shall avysse me to do for the mayr ys porpossyd to departe an Fryday com viij dayys and I am porpossyd to come hovyr to you that same tyme myselffe and than shall I show unto you be mowthe many thynges &c. and so con the brenger herof plesythe ytt you to undyrstond that yowr wholl ys an whardyd for good Cottes be Wylliam Bretten and Harry Jon was non sarplers cast howght but sen ijdshow of hoder tyndynges I con non wrytt unto you but Jhesu kepe you Amen Wrett at Calles the v day of Augost.

per yowr son
George Cely.
Addressed: Unto my ryght whorschypfull Fader Rychard Cely merchant of the stapull of Callez at London in Marte Lane so it dd.

  1. Sir John Weston.

Right worchipfull Syr and Broder after all dew recommendacyon hayd I recomaund me unto you and unto my Broder and yours Rychard Cely. Further more Syr plese yow to wit that here hese be Gysbreth van Wynbarow and I have sold hym the vj sarplers of the Cottes old wooll that freeth hymsellff acordyng to your remembrance alsoy Syr wenyng to me that they wold have hayd Syr your new wool for they causyd me to kep hyt iiij or v dayes and then the sayd the staple wherof was to schoortte notwythstandyng had they not bene I had soold partt therof un[to] Arnold Johnson from Andwarpe and as for fells I can seell non ytte God knowes I wold be ryght glayd to do that myght be plesur unto you in sayelles or oder wayes and yf ony Holonders come done I schall do my best in sayelles to my otterst poyer boyth in wooll and ych feelles. I remember well that yow desered to my best for Wylliam Maryon felles and Syr ytt schall nott be so forgetten and Gud wyll And Syr wat plese yow that youre wyll schall be don wt much money as I have by me yt schall be redy for yow whersum ever ze wyll have ytt wheder ytt be at Calley, Bruges or Andwarpe Syr they laytter end of next weke I purpose in to Flaunders Alsoy Syr I have wretten your affor thys that I have sent yow yowr gounysse the wych I trost ze have resevyd or thys tyme alsoy Syr your horson doyth weell God sawe them and Syr thys weke have we hayd in iij loodes heey for you Syr as towchy[ng] all oder maytters I schall do my best and hath done to sum of them and I have reseyved of Prestun xxs fls Andwarp and I spoken wt the oders that ow you money but yette can I geet no moch therof Syr I have lent un[to] Andrew Hawes iiijli but I havve and swerte thereof that I shalbe wt at my plesur and the byll ys mayd in my name and he sayeth wher yow come ze schuld have a bargyn of hym to pay me agayne &c. Syr I pray yow that I may be recomaundyd unto my mayster your fayder and moder. No more to yow at thys tyme but our Lord send yow lang lyff and gud to His plesur and yours. At Calley wt owt gattes the xxij day of September.

Your Broder
John Dalton
Alsoy Syr I forgeet not your hawkes but her comes non but the farest that I may geet for money I schall send yow wt Godes grace.

Addressed: Unto my interly beluffyd brother Jorge Cely merchaunt at the staple of Calles. so it don.

Anno Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxj
Whelbelovyd I grehyt yow whell and as for yowr pesse of gowlde whe cannot fynde hyt zeyt netyr no whord of my bowhay I have a cheys frome my mother to send yow I marwhell grettely that we have no whrytyng of my brothers comyng to Calleys and as for Py ys whell mendyd and the Thorsday after yowr departtyng the gray bhe whelpyd and had xiiij and on the Sattyrday next afftyr sche dyed sodenly and x of her whelpys and iiij be kepyd as whell as they can be Geoos I pray send me the aulmen dagar that my brother gave me and send me whorde zefe Wesylton sellyd heny of my brothers hors whyll he wher heyr or not and commend me to Wessylton and aull good fellows, no more. Whryt at London the xvj of Octobur.

per Rychard Cely the zeungar.
I pray the sende my brothers letter to hym in haste.

Addressed: Unto Gese sarwhant wt George Cely marchand of the estapell at Calleys.

Ryght worschypfull Syr after dew recommendaschon I lowly recommend me unto yow doyng yow to wytt that be the grace of God ze schall receyve of the Mary Grace of London, John Lockyngton master vj packes felles whych lyeth nex the maste after warde loweste and nexte abowe them lyeth v packes felles of Thomas Graunger of the vj packes fell beth vcxxviij caste small tale wynter felles of London markyd wyth ynccke the marke ys a C and certyn somer felles the marke ys of them a O whyche vj packys ye muste receyve and paye the frayte. No more unto att thys tyme but Jhesu kepe you. Wrytte at London the xxvj day of October.

per yowr servaunte
Wylliam Cely.
Addressed: To George Cely merchaunte of the stapell of Calys.

soo hit dd.

Worshipfull Coyssyn wyt du recomendassions premysit it is so I come to Rome the xv day of Octobre and was ryt welcome wt one nobleman saying thay sawe not hys sye [sic] & solequelly a fellyschyppe for so manny and in that aray come howte of Ynglonde the pope hollynes made me gret cher and wallde a sente me home agayn and follet me of al mannor abedyenssess or comandementt made to me or motte be made bot I, Syr desyret is hollynes at I mette do my vayage sennes I was so far fourthe and so is ollyness sendes me as is imbassador wyt materis of gret importanss I truste do be the sonner a come be Godes grace Coyssyn as toshith the mater of the staple Ryscharde Herzon and the kynges proctor and I as don in that mater as meche as motte be don to fulfylle the kynges intente and the wel of the marchantes of the staple for I take God to recorde and the brynger of this gere at I dede in is as mess as I wolde affe don and they ad gyn me a gret gud as thay sal se al the remedyis and demaundes at the sayde Herzon makys I sende hayme ben the sayde frere I promesse zow he is gretly favouret and he wolde a made a fol werke and remedy an not son be fonde Coyssyn I pray zow sende me worde of your welfare and comande me to my fader and zours and your moder and Jhesu keppe yow. At Rome the xxvij day of Octobre 1487.

Be your coyssyn Syr John
Weston Pryor of Santjohns.
Addressed: To is worshypfull Coyssyn Jorge Sellay this leter be deleverde at Callez.

Ryght rewerent Syr and my specyall good frend y recommend me unto yow evere mor deseyryng to her of yowre well far Forder mor plesed yow to wete that y have schypped in the Mare of Raynam,1 John Danyell beyng master, vj packys halffe lvij somer London felles contaynyng MlMljclviij felles the wyche be bystowyd in the sayd scheppe all afor the mast and lowyst abafte the mast and yowre broder Recherd Cely ys ys [sic] felles bestowyd abaft the mast upon myn and ther have no more men felles in the sayd schyppe but yowre broder and y ther be of hys felles iiij packys xlj felles the wyche felles y pray yow that ye woll ressay for me to do housse them the on the halffe in the housse and the toder hallffe in anoder housse and that wer met for the marchant beyer and y pray yow that ye woll paye the freyght and all schesche oder sostys as schall ron up on them. No mor unto yow at thys tyme but the Trenyte have yow in hys blessed kepyng. Wreten at London the xxviij day of October Anno Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxj.

per Wylliam Maryon.
Addressed: Unto George Cely marchant of the stapall at Callez thes letter be delyverde.

Of the schippyng of MlMlvjclvij felles of Wylliam Maryons.

  1. Rainham, in Essex. See Letter of October 31, 1481.

Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxj
Ryght worshyppffull Syr after dew recommendaschon I lowly recommend unto yow lettyng yow understonde that my master hath schypped hys felles at the portte of London now at thys schyppyng yn October yn the yere abowesayde whych felles ze must receyve and paye the frayghte furste be the grace of God in the Mary of London, Wylliam Sordyvale master, vij packes sum ijml viijc fell lyng be afte the maste1 j packe lyeth upprest and sum of that packe ys somer felles markyd wt an O and than lyeth iij packys felles of Wylliam Daltons and under them lyeth the toder vj packys of my masters. Item yn the Cristower of Raynam2 Harry Wylkyns master, vij packes and a hallffe cottes fell sum iijMl pelt lying be affte the maste and under them lyeth a ij c felles of Wether Fyldes, Wylliam Lyndys man of North Hampton and the partyshon ys made wt small cordys. Iten yn the Thomas of Maydeston Harry Lawsson master vj pokes sum ij Ml iij c pelt wherof lyeth v packys nexte before the maste under hatchys3 noo man abowe them and j packe lyeth yn the sterne shete of the vj packes felles beth sum somer felles markyd wt an O lyke wyse. Item yn the Mary Grace of London John Lokyngton master vj pack, sum ij Ml iiij c pelt lying be affte under the felles of Thomas Graunger, the partyshon betwyxte them ys made wt rede, sum of the felles my master hath schyppyd at thys tyme xxvj packes and a hallffe wherof be wynter felles of the contrey v c lvj felles and they be markyd wt an C. and of somer felles ther schuld be v jc and moo but parte of them be lefte behynde for we hawe ij packes we cowde hawe noo pwoyntment for them and all the somer felles be markyd wt and O. Item Syr ye schall receyve of the Mary of Rayhnam,4 John Danyell master, yowr male wt yowr gere and a esex chesye markyd wt my masters marke. Item Syr ye schall receyve of the Crystower of Raynam Harry Wylkyns master, a fardell of pelltes maryd wt incke my godfader Maryons marke and wt chauke my master marke and parte of them be my masters and parte my godfader Maryons and my masters be markyd wt a C. No more unto yow at thys tyme but Jhesu kepe yow. Wrytten at London the laste day of October.

per yowre servaunte
Wylliam Cely.
Item Sur ye schall receyve be the grace of God of the Myhell of Hull Andrew Goodes master j packe fell conteynyng iiij c felles wherof sum of them be of the vj c xliij somer felles and ye muste paye noo frayte for them for the frayte was payd at London.

Item Syr ye schall receyve be the grace of God of the Thomas of New hythe5 Robard Ewen master j packe hallf a c xiiij felles lying nexte the maste affte warde under the felles of Thomas Bettsons and a few broken felles and pesys bownde togeder markyd wt my master marke and they lyeth uprest nexte the maste and they be the laste end of all my masters felles, sum to all yn packys xxviij packys and a hallff lxiiij felles.

Addressed: To George Cely merchaunte of the stapell of Caleys be thys dd.

  1. The Mary was apparently a single-masted vessel with deck cargo.
  2. Rainham, in Essex.
  3. A dingle-masted vessel, but decked.
  4. Rainham, in Essex.
  5. Newhithe on the Medway.

Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxj
Ryght worschypfull Syr After dew recommendaschon I lowly recomend me unto yow lettyng yow wytt that be the grace of God ye schall receyve of the Thomas of Newhythe1 Robard Ewen master j packe hallff a c xiiij felles and a lytyll fardel of felles that ys alowyd for iij felles with the costomer and the sayd felles lyeth nexte be afte the maste lowest under the felles of Thomas Bettson and the lytyll fardell lyeth juste to the maste uprest of my masters felles whych felles ye muste receyve and paye the frayght. No more unto yow at thys tyme but Jhesu kepe you. Written at London the second day of November.

per yowre servaunte
Wylliam Cely.
Addressed: To George Cely merchaunte of the staple of Caleys be this letter deluverd.

On the Dorse: Of shippyng of iiijclxiiij felles.

  1. Newhithe on the Medway.

Rychard Cely the younger
Anno Jhesu iiijciiijxxj
Riught whell belovid brother I recomend me wnto yow wyth aull myne hart informeyng yow at the makyng of thys howr fathe and mother were whell comforttyd and sendys yow ther blessynges hyt whos so that be the menys of Brandon howr father and I wher indyttyd for the scleyng of an hartte and whos drevyn into Kent the qweche whe nevyr se new knew of and thys day I have ben wt master Mwngewmtre1 and gevyn hym the whalew of a pype whyn to have ws howt of the boke hevir hyt be schewyd the Kyng and so he has promysyd me and to be good master to howr father and ws in the matter betwhene Brarddon [sic] and hus John Froste Foster brohut me to hys mastyrschyp and aqwaynttyd me wt a gentyll mane of hys hos name ys Ramston that ys a ny many to master Mongewmbre and so I mwste infor hym my matters at aull tymys and he whyll sche them to hys master &c Syr I have ressavid a letter frome yow wryte at Calleys wherby I wndyrstone ze have pwrwayd xli in carolus grottes I pray yow send them at the next passayg for I pwrpos schorttlely into Cottysosllde and I have informyd my godfather that ze have made for hym wt Wylliam Browell xxxjli and I thanke God that He pwt hyt in yowr mynd to have the c xxxli howt of the whystelers2 handys when I whos laste wt yow at Bregys Syr hyt whosso that when Whykyng3 whos deyd and another whos chossyd howr father whos sor kawlyd apon and byt at Chary4 whos bettyr knowyn howre father hade beyn scherufe &c howr father wyll that ze by vjc stykes more canvas at thys marte and I wndyrstone that ze have sowlde yowr greyght gray hors and I am ryught glade therof for ij ys as good as xx I wndyrstonde that ze have fayre hawke I am ryught glade of hyr for I trwste God sche schall make yow and me ryught greyght sporte zefe I whor sewr at what passayge ze whollde send her I whowlde fett hyr at Dowyr and kepe hyr tyll ze cwm a greyght inforttewin ys fawlyn on yowr beche for sche had xiiij fayr whelpys and aftyr that sche hade whelpyd sche whelde byt newyr hett mette and so sche ys deyd and aull her whelpys byt I tryste to pwrwhay agayn yowr comyng as fayr and as good to plesse that genttyll man I wndyrstond ze and whe schaull make mery whethyr Brandon wyll or not be the grasse of God and as for Py ys as hartty as hevir I sau hym and in ressenabull good plyte and hole Wylliam Cely do ys partte whell in kepyng of hym and as for howr pensyon in fornyng whall ys in schaull be payde wythin thys iiij days Syr heyr aftyr aperythe howr father schypyng and schyps namys and mastyrs
Item…. in the Mary of London Wylliam Sordywoll master vij packys cottsowllde fellys bestowyd behynde the maste vj be wndyr holl5 and a packe lyes wpwrmwste apon Dawlttons behynde the maste…. Summa xxjcviij felz
Item…. in the Crystower of Rayname6 Hary Wylkyns master vij packys and an hawlfe cottsowlde thay ly behynd the maste and no mane abowe them…. Summa xxxcfellz
Item…. in the Tomas of Maydston Hary Lawson master vj packys cottysowlde medyllyd wt somer London fellys markyd wt O thay ly befor the maste wndyr hatches and parte behynde zevyn next the maste in a pyle as brod as ij fellys be long…. Summa xxciij fellz
Item…. in the Mary Grasse of London John Lokyngton master vj packes fellys qwherof be vclvj whynter London thay be markyd wt C. and the rembnant be Cottsowlde thay ly behynde the maste and Granger apon them and Rade betwyn them…. Summa xxciiij fellz
Item…. in the Myhell of Lyll,7 Andrew Good master j packe fellz cottsoulde medyllyd wt somer London markyd wt O. thay ly behynde the maste wpurmoste and I have payde hym hys hole frayte for that packe fellys…. iiijc fellz
Item…. in the Thomas of Newhythe8 Roabard Hewan master a packe lxiiij fellz Cottysowlde thay ly behynde the maste and Bett sonys ly abowe them…. iiijclxiiij fellz
Summa total of howr fathers fellz…. xjMliiijclxiiij fellz
Item in somer London fellz…. vjclxiij fellz
Item in whyntter London…. vjclxiij fellz
Item in Cottsowlde…. xMlijcxlv fellz
Item…. in the Mary of Rayname John Dangell master I schyppyd iiij packys xlj fellz of yowrs and myn thay ly behynde the maste iij packys of them be Cottsowlde and whon packe xlj fellz be Wharwykschyre thay ly wppurmwste I pray yow lay them by themselfe hurtteyng of the tother sorte…. xvjcxlj fellz
Item…. my godfather has vj packys a hawlfe lvij fellz in the same schype and no mane has a fell in that schype byt whe my godfadyr and I…. Summa xxvjclvij somer London fellz
I have spokyn wt Wylliam Dawlton and schewyd hym the clawys that ze whrat of Laysetter9 in and he whos riught glade therof I whosse hys geste on Hawlhalou hevyn in howlde Fysche Strette at Dynar wt and Charllys Wyllars I pray yow thanke the at ther comyng to Calles Syr I whoowllyd fayn heyr some good tydyngys of yowr matter that Claysse Demowll has in hande No more to yow at thys tyme Jhesu kepe yow Whrtte [sic] at London the v day of Nowembyr.

per yowr brother
Rychard Cely.
Addressed: Unto my whell belovyd brother George Cely merchant of the stapell be at Caleys so dd.

  1. Sir Thomas Montgomery, Member of the Privy Council of Edward VI, and Steward of the King’s Forest of Essex.
  2. Money-changer. Wisselen, in Flemish, ‘to exchange.’ See May 13, 1482.
  3. William Wikyng, Sheriff of London, died 1481; Richard Chaury succeded him.
  4. Ibid.
  5. Below the deck.
  6. Rainham, in Essex.
  7. Hull. See Letter of Oct. 31.
  8. Newhithe on the Medway.
  9. Leicester.

Ryght reverent Syr and my specyall frende I recommaund me unto you ever mor deseyryng to her of yowre wellfare for yt hat be sayd unto us that ye hath be sor seke but y truste to Good ye be now amended my master yowre fader and my maysterys yowre modere hat ben ryght hevy for yow after tym they hard that ye war seke ther coude nothyng make them mary nat tyell yt warr Alhalowhyn heven heven [sic] that my master hat wrytyng from yow also my maysterys yowre moder and yowre broder Rechard thay have had a lytell fette of sekenes to but now thanke God they be amended and all holl and so I trust God ye be also Syr I pray yow that ye woll remember my bellys of the holondorys the weche that be payabell now at thys could marte and zeff so be that ye ressayed I could pray yow that ye would bestowhyd no mader of thys sum yerys growyng yeff so be that ye can beyhyt for a nobell the c and yeff ye can nott bey for a nobell a c. than I pray yow that ye woll by me non but yeff yt owte unto som good man and yeff Rechard Robard Eyryk ys schyld have any ned of any mony now at thys mart I pray yow lyke as I have wreten unto yow dyverys tymes her beforn that ye woll bey for me now at thys mar a xx or a xxx yelles of fyn halffter for to make me schetys therwyt and also that ye woll bey for me a dagar seche as ye thynke ys good for me also Syr yeffe my wenter felles be nat ysowld wan ye com hover into Hynglond now at Screstemas y pray yow that ye woll speke unto Thomas Grager and yeff hym the chard and the gydyng of my felles the wylys that ye be her in Ynglond Also Syr ye schall understond that Peleppe Seller ys desesyd her at London and therfore my master yowre fader would that ye would nat lat seche thynkys as ye have in yowre handys in plege for to do parte owte of yowre handys tyell ye be sewer of seche mony as ye schuld have of hem &38;c. Wreten at London the viij day of November &c.

per Wylliam Maryon.
Addressed: Unto George Cely merchant of the stapull at Calles thys letter be delvyerde.

On the Dorse: Lettyrs.

Rychard Cely the younger
Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxj
Ruight whellbelovyd brother I recomende me harttelley unto yow informyng you at the makyng of thys howr father and mother and whe aull ar in good heyll and so whe treste ze be Syr I have whryttyn to yow dyvarys lettyrs byt I have of them none anssor the laste I sente be Kay therin wher many maters and amonge aull I pray you remembyr the x li that ze pwrvayd at the laste marte and send hyt at the nexte passayge for I had beyn in Cottyssowlde hen thys byt for tarryng on that mony and as for howre matter that howr father and I and Loutlay wher in dyttyd for whos be Brandons sormyse that whe schulde dryve an harte howyr Temys the qweche whos sclayn at Darteford and that whe schulde scle ij hynde caulluys and aull thys he dyde hymsellfe wt myche more and ys in dyttyd hymselfe for the detthe of ij harttes and sartte cawlys hyt ys so that Syr Tomas Mongehowmbre1 ys comyng to Calleys wharde and so he whyll consent Tomers2 for to fete my lady I pray you at hys comyng whate apon hym and thanke hym for us for he has beyn howr spessyall good master in thys mater and has promysyd me to contenew and labord for for [sic] us and thorrow hy labor I am cwm in qwaytans of dyvars whowrschypfull men that wyll myche for ws for hys sake I gawhe hym of howr fathers pwrs an c s. and Ramston a gentyllmane of hys iij s. iiij d. I pray yow make hym good scheyr for he has beyn good cellyssytor for ws and he brynge ys yow a letter frome and whe whoulde be ryughte glade and ze myhyt be redy to cwm in cowmpany of my lady wt master Mongewmbre for he pwrpos to be heyr afor Cyrstemes and as for howre for sayde matter whe have hwore supar sedyas for aull iij and howr father ys fully agreyd that ze schawll have howyr at yowr depattyng ageyn Hectyr and four [sic] for the lewhenftenawt of Gravenyng3 in recwmpwnse of yow bothe for he wyll kepe no mo grewandes a whyll be greabyll to kepe a hawke and spaynellys so I have my loordys hawke and a kepar byt he cwmys not heyr tyll I cum howt of Cottyssowlde for he and sche goys wt me to Attytbery4 and as for yowr hawke I cowde not kepe hyr my besynes whos so gret I have sowlde hyr for vij nobullys byt whone nobyll ys pwt on ywor wyll at yowr comyng sche whos not hawlfe in samyde I whowlde awyse yow to bryng anothyr wt and ze may grhyt hyr gowd schepe hyt ys informyd howr father at her ys myche Normandy Canwhas at Calles he wyll that ze by for hym iijc awnys and send them be the wholschypys and as for tydynges I cane none byt my zeunge lady of Zeurke5 ys deyd no more to yow whryttyn at London the xxvj day of Nowhembyr.

per yowr brother
Rychard Cely.
howr mothe whowlde the ze wyllyd by for hyr
mor greyn gynger and a qwhattyrn safron

Addressed: Unto my ruight whelbelovyd brother George Cely merchand of the estapell beyng at Calleys so dd:

  1. Sir Thomas Montgomery.
  2. sic. It means, ‘Come to St. Omer.’
  3. Gravelines.
  4. Adderbury, in Oxfordshire.
  5. Lady Anne Mowbray, the nominal wife of the child Richard, son of Edward IV.

Rychard Cely the younger
Anno Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxj
Riught whell belovyd brother I recomend me unto yow plesse hyt yow to whete that I have tarryd heyr in London for whryttyng frowm yow thys xiiij days hevyr syn Kay departtyd and thys day I ressayvyd a letter frowme yow be Randowlfe the stapell clarke I sent yow a letter be Flemynges mane, anothyr be Kay, a thyrd be Benet Trotter, wull iij sowndyng whone matter &c Syr I undyrstond be yowr letter that aull the whowlschypys ar cwm to Calles savyng vij qhwer of ij be spent I trwste to God that the Crystower of Rayname1 be cwm to Calleys be thys and as for howre matter of indyttemente whe be thore and have howr sewpsedyas undyr sele of hoffes of my loorde of Essex2 the Kynges lewhetenawnt of the forreste byt hyt have coste myche mony byt and Sur Thomas Mongewmbre3 had not beyn howr good master hys wholld acoste myche mor and my loorde of Essex hasse confermyd and subferyvyd hundryd hys syngnet the same whryttyng that my loords of Sent Johnys4 gav me and thys same daye I departe into Cottsowllde I may tarry no leng and ther rydys wt me Wylliam Cely apon Py your hors and I have wt me my fawkener wt my lordes hawke that noyn of howr hows ken of I sau heyr newyr fle zeyt the fawkener and hawke schawll be wt howr father and hus at my cwmyng hohme schepe dys wpe in Englelonde No more unto yow at thys tyme Jhesu kepe yow. Whryttyn at London the xxviij day of Nowhembyr.

per yowr brother
Rychard Cely.
Addressed: Unto my whell belovyd brother George Cely marchand of the stapell at Calleys be thys delyiverd.

  1. Rainham, in Essex.
  2. Henry Bourchier, Earl of Essex, Master of the Royal Forests south of Trent, November 18, 1461. He died in 1483.
  3. Sir Thomas Montgomery, Steward of the King’s Forest of Essex.
  4. Sir John Weston.

Rychard Cely the younger
Probably written in 1481, Richard Cely the elder being alive.

Ruight whelbelovyd brother, I recomende me unto yow as lovyngly as harte can devyse or thynke plese hyt yow to undyrstond thys same day I ressayvyd a letter frowm yow be Kay and the fayreste sor1 hawke thys day wt in aull Yngelond the qweche schaul be as whelkepyd tyll ze cwm be the grase of God and I have yowr box wt saulwe hyt schall be whell kepyd tyll ze cwm and I am ryughte glade of your apwunttemente and pwrpos to be heyr at Sente Tomas tyde. Syr I sente yow a lettyr be Robard Flemyngys man by the qwyche ze myte heyr of aull owr schypynge and many hother maters at has beyn to me laborous and owr father an ws cwstelew. Syr I pray yow send me the xli that ye whrate to me ze had pwrwhayde in carlys grottes. I porposyd to be yn Cottysowlld wt in iij daye after the dat of thys byt for taryng for that xli byt hyt cwm wt in thys xij dayes I am hawlfe shamyd bellys be my promys and ther for I pray yow for God sake rememyr my pwr honeste. Syr howr father whryttys to yow an letter I awyse yow loke theron and undyrstonde hyt whell for he thynkes the whorlde qwhessy and ze ar whelknowyn and therfor he whowlde that ze gehart not yowrselfe to hofton to Bregys rather he had levyr ze sent Geos and as for tydynges I can whrytte yow noyn byt hyt ys sayd ther schawlbe a cownsell and a parlemente sone after. Syr I have ressayvyd my lorddys2 hoby and I schawll have the hawke and I hawe a goode kepar of my nowyn pwrwyans byt I pwrpos to have hym and that hauke to Melcheburne3 and leve yowr mehyg wt what kyn fawkyner at Bwshay4 or hellys to have her wt me in to Cottysould. Plumar has promysyd me to brynge me to my loorde of Essex and I to schew hym that my loorde gave me at Barwyke5 I undyrstond that my sayd loorde sayce that he newyr gave Brandon no powher I schall whryte mor playnely to yow in my neste letter. I have delyvyrd Kay iij s acordyng to yowr whryttyng and vj d mor becaus he says he whos robbyd be the whay of iij s. byt the thevys gave hym viijd ageyn…he delyvyrd me the hawkes in savete and he sayd ze spake to master…te and marschaull for yowr sarwantes and se had them grawnttyd…vc Doche pepwll whos pwt hut of Calles No more wryt at London…day of Nowhembyr.

per yowr brother
Rychard Cely.
Addressed: Unto my whellbelovyde brother George Cely marchand of the stapell at Calleys dd.

  1. Lat. sorus or saurus, a hawk of a year old.
  2. Sir John Weston.
  3. Melchbourn, in Bedforshire, where was a Preceptory of the Hospitallers.
  4. Bushey, in Herts.
  5. Berwick, in Essex.

Worschipfull Broder after all dew recommendacyon hayd I recommaund unto yow &c. Further mor Syr it ys so that we lack pelltes her and we have sent for to Sent Tamos1 and ther we bene promesyd to have ij c for yow and I have sent to Bryges and to Sandwych for mo pelltes for we must have mo for yow and Syr Robard Byngham sent to me for iiij nobles of queyt rent for the ground ze have bowght of Andrew Howes and I told hym I know not therof yff it were yowr dewte to do I wold answer thertto wherffor I pray yow of answer, alsoy Syr it ys soo that Botrell hase be uncurtese in hes dedis for he hath thawn in at yor wooll house wendow dengke among yowr felles and syn that tyme he hase qeffun a man that spreyd the dongke abrood iij or [sic] stripes and toke hes forke frome hym albeit I have spoken wt hym and he hes uncurtes in his saying for the sayd Botrell has bene owt of towne unto thys same day and no Syr I schall schew the matter to ye lewtenant and so forth to the consell purpossyd No more to yow at thys tyme but Jhesu kepe you. At Calles the xix day of Jenever.

Yours to my power
John Dalton.
Addressed: To my interly beluffid brother George Cely merchaunt at the s[tappel o]f no beyng in London in Marke Lane be it don.

  1. St. Omer.

By the reference to the recent death of Richard Cely the elder this letter belongs to the year 1482.

Ryght interly beluffyd Broder after all dew recomendacyon I recomaunde me unto yow as hartely as I can or may. Furthermore Syr I have receved ij letters from yow by the wych letters I ondersatnd of your grett hevenes for your farder on whose sole God have mercy. Furthermore Syr it is so that Gysbreth van Winbragh hayth bene her syn yow departyd and he wylle here agayne he telles me within xiiiij dayes after Candellmes and syeth the xj sarplers cottes woolle of yours on the wych I have taken a gode peny of hym for alsoy syr here came non Holanders syn yow went but won felyschip of Delff the wych I kod seell non flec[es] and no be sent ovyr in to Ynglond and ther payd at plesur your faders byll at plesur amontes unto xvli> vjs viijd ster: your broder Rychards xliiijs ster: and Wylliam Maryon byll iijli xs viijd ster: Alsoy Syr syn yt ys soo as it is of my mayster your fayder in the reverence of God take it pacyenly and hurt nott yoursell for that God wyll have done no mane may begense. Alsoy Syr all your felles here don well but ze schall onderstand that we lacke peltes and here is non thow that bene be at xxd a dossene Alsoy Syr syn yow departyd I have bene wt my broder Wylliam Dalton at Bruges and there I bowgh vic peltes after iiijs iiijd a lb and lytyll moor the wych ze schall all waye have the ton hallffee of as long as I have ony the wych peltes schalbe here schortely sum of them and betwyxt thys and fast I trow to have Ml peelltes Syr I schall do my best for yow in all maner of theng belongyng unto yow as I wold do for owr broder Wylliam Dalton so helpe me Jhesu. Alsoy Syr I trowe to have of Gysbreth van Wynesbragh xl or lli of Carolles at ys comyng he told me that he wold do ys best to geet them for me at xvjd the pond in case be that yow wyll that I schall send them ovyr to yow or to any oder for yow send me worde and it schalbe don and that I can do for you or maye do in any oder matter. Your horsyn do weell, God save them. Alsoy Syr wheras we ette the good podynges the woman of the hosse that mayd them as I onderstand sche ys wt schylde wt my broder that had the jeyscheskeyne1 of me Syr all owr howsswold by nam recomaund them unto yow and the bene ryght sore of your hevenes in gud fayth Syr I pray yow that I may be recomaunded untow yowr broder Rychard Cely and ych of yow cheere oder in the reverence of owre Layde who preserve yow. A Calles the xxviij day of Jennar.

Your broder to my poer John Dalton
that I can or may.
Addressed: To my interly beluffid brother Jorge Cely merchant [of th]e staple of Calley no beyng [in Lon]don in Marte Layne.

  1. Perhaps the Flemish Gesellin, a female companion.

No year or month is mentioned in this letter, but the promise of a buyer of wool to fetch it away within the fourteen days after Candlemas fixes it as written on January 30. The reference to the death of old Richard Cely as recent news, fixes the year as 1482.

Ryghte worshipfull master I recomande me unto yow lattyng yow wyt that I have reseyvyd ij letters that cam frome yow be the whiche wryttyng I onderstond my mayster ywor fader is descesyd on whose sowle God have mercy lattyng yow wyt that your woll & fell ar in good sawte we lak no thyng but onely pelt & fer we can have none her onder xxli d. a dosen if it please yow to send me Ml wt next schippyng that comys betwene I wolde pray yow Also your broder Dalton hathe promysyd me Mc pelt that he hathe boghte in Flawnders thay be not suffisient Also I lat yow wyt that Bottrel hathe brok up a wyndew of the west syde off your wolhowse & ther he hathe caste in horsse donge upon your seller I dyd mak a man wt a donge fork in his honde to caste the donge asyde Bottrell cam in & tuk the forke fro hym & bete hym wele & inthryftyle I seynge hes uncurtess delynge I prayd John Ekynton Robert Turney John Ellybek & Wylliam Hyll wt moo to breke faste in your chamber for this entent to see the hurtes & harms he dyd uppon your goodes that thay myghte beyr record one other day what so ever ye wold say therto Doyng yow to wyt that ther be no holanderes come unto ther day that ther byll was mayd & than ther cam out cartt. Also I latt yow wyt that your broder Dalton hathe solde xj sarpleres of woll to a mann off Brggs & he hathe mayd promyse to be here wt in xiiij days after candylmess to get thayme away & he hathe promysid to helpe yow of lli of caruluss grottes for xvj d in ther pownd change [I can do more to yow at thys tyme but]1 Also I lat yow wyt that Charles hathe offryd viijli flemysche for Bayerd your horse I have grantyd hym for ixli wharfor I pray yow to send me word how ye wyl be disposid therin also I lat yow wyt ther ye go & ete puddynges the woman is withe child as I onderstond Also I pray ze to purvay yow off cottys for we can have none onder ijs iiijd the rasur and to purvay you bothe of whete vj rasures I can no more to yow but I beseche yow to recomande me to my good maystres your modir to all my maysters your brethyrne & Hankun & all your howsehold is in savety blissid be Jesu who preserve you bothe body & sowle.

At Calice xxxti

Be your servaunt
Joysse Parmenter.
Addressed: To my rughte worshipfull mayster George Seely in Marke Layne in London thys byll be delyvered in goodly haste.

  1. The words between the brackets are crossed out.

Rychard Cely the younger
Anno Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxj
Riught whelbelovyd brother I recwmend me wnto yow wt aull my hart informyng you that I hawhe resawyd ij lettyrs frome John Dawltton thay bothe derecttyd to yow wherby I wndyrstond he desyrys to hawhe bohwt for hym iij zeardes of blake pewyke and I hawhe pwrwhayed hyt for hym byt I can gehyt no caryayge tyll Robard Heryke cwm at Estyr Syr thys day I spake wt Bryan and he says at that ys not the bastard swherd at he whowlde havhe hyt ys youre gylte swherd and my loord schambyrlen1 pwrpos to be at Calles befor Ester and thys day I departe into Cottyswolde wharde be the grase of Jhesu kepe yow and send ws goode tydynges frome yow. Whryt at London the xxij day of Marche.

per yowr brother
Rychard Cely.
Syr I hawhe bene spokyn to for a whyfe in ij plassys syn ze departtyd whon whos be the Prayfayrs as schawll wryt to yow mor playne in my next letter.

Addressed: A my whelbelowyd brother George Cely merchand of the stapell beyng at Calles thys dd.

  1. Lord Hastings, afterwards executed by Richard III. He was made Chamberlain of the Exchequer, June 7, 1472, and Master of the Mint and Keeper of the Exchange in the Tower and at Calais, January 7, 1477.

Rychard Cely the younger
Anno Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxij
Riught whell belovyd brother I recomende me unto yow as lowyngly as I con or may informyng yow that the xxviiij day of Marche I ressawyd a letter frome yow whryt at Calles the Twysday after howr departtyng qwher by I ondyrstonde ze be howyr in safette thankyd be God and ze fynde aull thynges acordyng to yowr intent and as for Thomas Kesten ys letter is delyvyred and as for all thynges in Essex I schawll do for yow as I do for my nowyn Syr I wndyrdtonde be Wylliam Celys letter that aull owr Cottes wholl ys sowlde in Calles hyt ys goode tydynges I pray God sende ws sum sall of howr fellez I hawhe beyn at Abynton syn I whrat my laste letter and spake wt Wylliam Bretten and he myte go no fardar wt me for packyng of Lombardes wholl at Hamton the qweche muste departe into Gean1 at thys Ester in the Kynges schypys and he has promysyd to met wt me at Norlache2 on Low Sonday Syr I pray yow sende me a letter schorttely how I schawll be demenyd in anssor to Wylliam Mydwyntter of hys fellys for and ze make any salle hyt wylbe whysdom to be sewyr of mo heyr ys Wylliam Dawlton now and I thynke heff he hwahe any wente at Calles hyt wyll cawse hym do the lese wt yow. Syr heyr has beyn John Croke of the Tempyll wt howr mother and informyd her that he hard the echetter of Essex say that he moste go into Essex to sit in an enqwery of howr londys qwether howre father dyed sesyd in hys lond or qwether whe be of lawfull ayge and of home howrlonde ys howlldyn and zestyrday I whente to master Molenars and bare wt me the laste made deyde of Brettes and yowr laste madedys of L. Malyns3 and whe schewyd hym that the londe stode in fefes handes and hyt whos informyd ym that Malyns whos holdyn of the Kyng and aull londe howldyn of the Kyng schulde be exchettyd for the Kyng tyll the hayre has made hys fyne wt the Kyng byt whe hafe no londe that holldes of the Kynge be the awyse of master Molenars I gawhe the exchetter xls for ws bothe and so whe to be thorow wt hym for aull matters and parellys byt I mowste brynge hym at laysar a byll of the day a the dysses of owr fathe owr ayge and of home owr londe ys howldyn at he may set hyt in the Kynges bokys and on the xxviij day whos Byfelde berryd and on the morow herby hys whyfe toke the mantell and the rynge and at aftyrnoyn the same day whos the grehyt new gone of brasse shot at Myleseynde4 at whos mad in the Towyr and hyt braste awll to pessys Syr I hawhe lettyrs fromy lorde wryte in Napwlles byt I red them not zeyt whane I se them I schawll whryte to yow of syche thynges as ys in them be the grasse of Jhesu ho kepe yow. Wrytte at London the xxix day of Marche.

per yowr brother
Rychard Cely.
Addresssed: A my whell belovyd brother George Cely marchand of the stapell beyng at Callez so tys dd.

  1. Genoa.
  2. Northleach.
  3. Perhaps this is Little Molands, in South Ockendon, near Aveley, part of the Manor of Groves, held of the Honour of Tutbury, which was itself part of the Duchy of Lancaster. It might be argued that it was not held of the King, that is, of the Crown, though the King held the Duchy of Lancaster. Bretts was, at the death of the younger Richard, held of the Lady de Inglesthorpe.
  4. Mile End.

Anno Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxij
Riught whell belovyd brother y recomend me wnto yow as hartte hart [sic] con thynk informeyng you that I hawhe resavyd a letter from yow whryt at Callys the xxvij day of Marche wherby I wndersto of yor salle wt many hother thynges and ze schawll resave of Wylliam Dawltom iij zeardes pewyke for howr brother John Dawltton and as for fellez I troste whe schawll have as good as any schawll com howt of Cottyswold for as ze whryte to me wholl wyll be skante I pwrpos to ryde into Cottysowld on Tewsday in the Ester wheke for to pake now whyll I am a whryttyng of thys letter Wylliam Mydwytters mane ys com to fet mony and I pwyrte my tyme wt hym as for tyndynges frome my lorde I sende you my lordes letter and an letter frome Syr Wylliam directyd to yow and I send yow the copy of my lords byll that he made me closyd yn thys and hystyr day the inbaseturs of Frawns1 wher ressavyd in to London and thys day I depart into Essex Whettyn in haste at London the sekunde day of Aprell.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: To my riught whelbelovyd brother George Cely merchant of the stapell beyng at Callez.
On the Dorse: ijcxxxvjli
  1. This seems to be the Embassy which arranged the Treaty of 1482, the last successful attempt by Louis to keep Edward quiet. (see Introduction).

Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxij
Ryght Reverent Syr and my specyall good frende I recommaund me unto yow Ferder mor and yt plesse yow ye schall understone that I have resseyved a letter from you wreten at Calles the xxviij day of Marche the wyche letter y have well understonde that ye have sowlld unto Henry c packe unto Jacob Tymanson and hys feleschype of Laythe1 xxiij c of my new some fellys London for xvj noblis halffe le c Argent clxiijli ixs fl. werof ye have ressayved in hand and schall ressayve at thys next martt iiijxx ijli ixs fl. and the xxvj day of Marche the rest xljli fl. and so Syr I understonde ther remayng behynd wheche be made a fore brent ij c xxv felles the wyche ye woll do yowre best to put away wyt yowre felles for the wyche I thanke yow hartley also Syr I understond that y schall leysse cler of my brent felles the wych woll never be mad sum. cxxxij felles. Syr I thanke Good as the casse requered that I lesse no mo also syr I understond that a lytell befor yowre comyng to Calles John Dallton had found all myn hoder fellys the wyche y had in Calles for the wyche Syr y thankt yow and hem bothe herttely and y pray to God that I may deserved ayenst yow for God sent you now lokeley to Calles for to do so sone so grett a fette as ye have don set ye cam to Calles thanked be God Syr yowre broder Rechard Cely a ij dayes afor owre Lady Day he wasse a Habendon2 and wayted upon Wylliam Breten for to goo unto Norlagh3 but Wylliam Breten myt nat atendyt and in that men tym com Wylliam Medwenter to London so non of hem spake wyt hoder and so Rychard Cely porposed be the leffe of God for to reyde into Cotyswold ward upon Wesynysday or on Thorysday in Hester weke. I pray to God be hys sped Syr upon Palm Sonday the Frensche imbaset com in to London and they war worschyppefullley ressayved wyt the mayher and all the craftys of London Also Syr ye schall understond that my mayesterys yowre moder ys in good hell so ressonabelay and wext all strong as of a woman of har age thanked be Good and sche recommaund her unto you and sendyt unto you God ys blessyng and harys Also Syr ye schall understond that all the hooll houssould faryt well thanked be God. No more unto you at thys tym but the Trenyte have you in hys kepyng Wreten at London the ij day of Aprell.

Be youre owne
Wylliam Maryon.
Addressed: Unto George Cely merchant of the stapull at Calles thys letter be delyverd.
On the Dorse in a different handwriting:
Thes be lettyrs. Anno Mliiijciiijxxj & ij
  1. Leyden.
  2. Abingdon.
  3. Northleach.

Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxij
Riught interly belovyd brother I recomend me harttely unto yow & informyng yow that I hawhe ressayvyd an letter frowme yew wherby I wnderstonde the dethe of my yowge lady of Borgen1 and of the reson at Sent Tomers2 I pray God kepe hyt and sawhe Flawndyrs I wndyrstone be a letter that cam to me frome Wylliam Cely nowht that ze hawhe sowlde vjMl vjc d. of Cottysowolde fellys and thay ar in to Hollonde in safette as he whryttes to me thankyd be Jhesu and as for tyndynges I can none wrytte the kynge the qwehyn and the prynse lyes at Eltam and I pwrpos to departe into Cottysowlde the ix day of thys monthe and the xj day I wnderstond ze pwrpos to Bregys whard the holy Trenyte sped ws bothe and I pray yow thynke apone howr bowys for I hawhe brokyn the bastard bow that ze lefte heyr as I zayde to Hawelay3 whard and Louttelay and Lasse has beyn at your plasse Malyns4 mendyd your hege hevery letter that I ressaive frome yow ys to me a greht cwmfortte wrytte at London the viij day of Aprell.

per your brother
Rychard Cely.
Addressed: my riught whell belowyd brother George Cely merchand of the stapwll at Calleys so dd.

On the Dorse in a figgerent handwriting:
Thes ben lettyrs. Anno Mliiijciiijxx & ij

  1. The Duchess Mary of Burgundy.
  2. St. Omer, betrayed to the French, 14 2.
  3. Alveley.
  4. Little Molands. A word has apparently been dropped.

Jhesu Mljjjjciijxxij
Ryght reverent Syr and my specyall frende I recommend me unto you. Ferder mor and yt plese you ye schall understonde that y have ressayved a letter from you wretten at Calles the xxviij daye of Marsche leyke af y wreten unto yow in my last letters that y well understonde that ye have sould all my fellys at Calles safying ijc xxv felles for the whyche salys Syr I thanke yow harteley & also Syr y pray you that ye woll delyver unto Robard Eryk xxx or xlli ster: lyke af ye and he can agre and as ye do wyth oder men of lyke if ye do hould me greyd both in mony and in dayes saffying he hitt promysed me xli her in hand at my plesser and ther for I wold that he had the lengar day of the rest they yt be mehellmas day and as for yowre broder Rechard Cely ye schall understond that he ys at hys plasse in Hessexe for he wos y porposed for to abe at thys day in Cottyswold safying Wylliam Breton sent hem word fro Hamton that he myt nat attend unto hem Nat Tyell ys be xiiij dayes after Ester and be that day yowre broder porposed be the leve of God to be at Nortlache1 an at that day Wylliam Breten hat y promesed therfor to met hem also ye shall understond that my misterys yowre moder ys in good hell thanked be God savyng her leghe ys not yt all holl but y trust to God yt stondyd in good casse Syr sche recommaunds har unto and sche sends you God ys blessyng and harys and so sche doyt in good fayyt every day seyt ye departed yowre broder Robard and all the houssould faryt well thanked be God. Wreten at London the xiiij day of Aperell, &c.

Be youre owne
Wylliam Maryon.
Addressed: Unto George Cely marchant of the stapull at Calles thys letter be delyverde.

On the Dorse, in a different handwriting:


Logyd at the howyse in Barow.Of Claysse Peterson and his fellows.

iiijd ob … …xxjli flemish.
iiijd ob … …xiijli xvs flemish.
xxxiiij lewis vijs … …xjlixviijs fl.
x andreus iiijs viijd … …ixli vjs viijd fl.
xxvj new crouns vs vjd … …vijli vijs iiijd fl.
xxj owlld crouns vs vj … …vli xvs vjd
xxx postlates ijs viijd … …ivli iijd fl.
Summa… …lxxijli xvijs ixd fl.
iiijd ob … …vli vs fl.
ijd qa … …ijli xivs fl.
ix lewys vij … …iijli iijs fl.
iiijd … …vjli fl.
xix crowyns viij … …iijli ijs fl.
iij crownys vs vjd … …xvjli
vij andres iiijs viijd … …xxijs viijdfl.
iiij rydars iiijs xd … …xvs iiijd fl.
an rynyshe gylden … …iiijs vjd fl.
ijd qa … …vli fl.
iij postlates … …viijs fl.
xij hettinus (?) iiijs ijd … …ijli xvs fl.
in pensse … …xs fl.
iiijd ob … …vijli xixs fl.
Summa … …xlli xijd fl.
ijd qa … …xxjs fl.
xxj rydars gyll iiijs xd … le plese vli xviijs xd fl.
in whyght mony … …xvijd fl.
Summa … …vijli xvd fl.
Summa totallis … …cxxli fl.
  1. Northleach.

Jhesu Mliiijclxxxij the xviij day of Aprell in London
Right reverent & woschopfull Ser I recommawnd me unto you wt all my hart desyryng to heer of your welfare the wheche I beseche God to preserve to his blessud plesure & to your most preffyt both of body & soulle. Ser yf hyt plessith yow to wete that my mastras your moder & my maysters both your bredurn my emer Wylliam Maryen & all your houssold faryn well & my mastres is in gud heell thanyd be Jhesu & mery, God kepe her long soo. Also Ser pleseth hyt yow to wyt that my emer & I be agreed that I schold have xl li that schold be delyvyrd by yow. Syr hit is so that I perposed to a byn wt yow in the esterne weke but in treuth I have a let that hath kaused me to tere & zyt I have not done but Ser I perpose to be at Brygges mart yf I may & els I prey yow that hyt may be redy when I come fer I tryste to have hyt redy as my em tellyth me when so I come I had leve to have hyt at Brygges or at Barow than at Cales yf hyt plese yow to provyde for me. Also Ser I prey yow to be my gud godfader in the mater that spake unto and I wyll evyr do yow servys in eny thyng that I can by the grace of God who have yow in his blessud kepyng. Wryttyn in hast.

By your owne
Robert Eyryk.
Addressed: To my right reverent & trysty frend Jorge Cely marchante of the staple be this letter delyveryd in Calles At Brygges or at Barow Mart.

In George Cely’s hand: Nihil for the xlli of Robert Erykkes.

Jhesu Mliiijclxxxij the xx day of Aprell in London
Ryght reverent and worschopfull Sur I recommaund me unto [sic] wt all my hart desyryng to heer of youre welfare the wheche I beseche Jhesu long to preserve and kepe also Ser lettyng yow wet that at the makyng of this letter my mastraas your moder & my masters your brodurs & all your houssold farn well blessid be God Also sen my emer Wylliam Maryon & I be agreed as for xlli that I schuld kep of yow the wheche I prey yow yf that ze come home or I com that hyt hyt may be left at Bruges or at syche a place as I may hawe hyt redy when I come or els wt Wylliam Cely at Cales. Sir in treuth I porposed to abe wt yow at Esture weke but I hawe suche a lettyng that I can nott com zyt but odur I wull be at Bruges mart or else at Synksen betymes by the grase of God who have yow in his blessid kepyng. Wrytten in haste.

Ser yf hyt wold plese yow to send me word in a lytyll byll by Thomas Clarke that was my broder Richards man wher that I schall kep hit I pray yow hartly for I trowe he wyll come sone hastely.

By yowr owne Robert Eyryk.
Addressed:Unto my right reverent & worshopfull George Cely merchaunt of the stapull beyng at the howeyse at Barow.

Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxij
Ryght wurshyppffull Syr afftyr dew recommendaschon I lowly recommend me unto yowre masterschypp &c. Plese hit yowre masterschypp to understond that John Dalton and I have spoken to master Lefftenaunte for payment of yowre warranttes and he sayth we schall have payment wtyn v or vj days but he sayth we can nott hawe all at thys tyme and we desyryd to hawe them there sett upon yowre bylles of costom and subsede and he sayth hit may nott be for ther be moo soo don than may be perfformed for the whych they shall bryng yn sterlyng mony yn to the collectors agayn and hawe her payment owte of the tressery &c. Syr plese hit yow to wytt her be many Hollonders butt they bye noo noder felles of [sic] but London and contrey felles and as for woll I can sell her non wt owte I hadd olde wull for they can hawe no olde wull but where they bye new wull &c. Syr I hawe receyvyd noo letters owte of Ynglonde syn yow departyd but I haw sent yn to Ynglond at every passage &c. Syr Baryarde yowre horse doyth well and so doyth yowre toder horse at Twysulttons too and I here no body that makys any do for hym Joysse wold fayne have hym home yn hys stabull. I pray yow send us worde how we schall be demenyd wt hym &c. Syr oder tydynges hawe we non here but I pray almyghty Jhesu kepe yow Wrytten at Calys the xxiij day of Apryll

per yowre servaunte
Wylliam Cely.
Addressed: To my wurshyppffull master George Cely merchaunte of the stapell off Caleys he beyng at the martt at Bartowe be this delyverd.

Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxij
Ryght wurshyppffull Syr affter dew recommendaschon I lowy recommend me unto yowre masterschypp. Further more plese hit yowre masterschypp to understonde ther ys bonde unto thys letter serteyn letters selyd that come from my lord of Sent Jonys1 but oder letter owte of Ynglonde hawe I receyved non syn youre masterschypp departyd from Calys &c. Syr plese hit yow to wytt that yowre horss ys be all yn gode pwoynte and Bayarde ys all hole of hys maledy and he was newer better to labor than he ys now &c. Syr Joysse prayes yow to send hym worde when ze thyncke ze schall be redy to com to Calys that he myght send yow lyccwll2 Bayarde to come home on &c. Syr we have tydynges yn Calys that my lorde chamberleyn3 ys at Dower and they loke afftyr hym at Calys at every tyde &c. Syr all thynges at Calys doys well thanckyd be Godd Syr oder tydynges hawe we non but Jhesu kepe you. Wrytten at Calys xxix day of Apryll.

per yowre servaunte
Wylliam Cely.
Addressed: To my worshyppffull master George Cely merchaunt off the stapell off Calys being at the martte. Soo hit dd.

  1. Sir John Weston.
  2. Sic. Perhaps little.
  3. Lord Hastings.

Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxij
Ryght worschyppffull Syt Afftyr dew recommendaschon I lowly recommend me unto yowre masterschypp &c. Plese hit yowre masterschypp to understond that master lefftenaunte hath had commynecaschon wt my lordd Chamberleyn and wt the Kynges Counsell for the payment of thys hallff zerys wagys and they demaundyd all starlyng money1 to be payd at Caleys but master lefftenaunte and the fellyschypp at Calys hath greyd wt my lorde and the Kynges counsell and be fully concludyd apon the same that they schall paye for thys hallff zerys wagys the ton hallff sterlyng money yn Ynglond to be payd the last day of Jule and the toder hallff to be payd at Calys be mydsomer yn Flemysche money att xxvjs v[iijd fl.] the pownde and soo for to send bylles ower yn to Ynglonde of the ton hallff but he that hath sterlyng money here and wyll paye hit here schall be deductyd of hys byll yn Ynlond &c. Syr my master lefftenaunte says he fynd my lordd hys godd and gracis lordd for the stappell &c. Item Syr master Debyte reported yow to master lefftenaunte affore my lordd chamberleyn that ther was a dewte of sterlyng money betwyxte pore Henley and yow and he says ze wold receyve no money of hym benethe xxviijs the pownde ster: &c. Item Syr as for yowre gode detters here I can receyve no money of hem zett they ascuse hem that I must tarry tyll they be payd of her wages &c. Item Syr John Dulcon hath ben at a feyr yn Flaunderss and he hath bowght hym a feyr yong horsse be yn goode state thanckyd be God who hath yow yn his kepyng. Wrytten at Calys the v day of Maye.

per youre servaunte
Wylliam Cely.
Addressed: To my worshyppffull master Geroge Cely merchaunte off the stapell off Caleys he beyng at the martt Soo hit dd.

  1. As formerly arranged. See Letter of May 8, 1478.

Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxij
The negotiation between the King and the Fellowship of the Staplers, recorded in this letter, illustrates the possiblity of what really amounted to extra-parliamentary grants through a chartered company. The King was anticipating the payment. See also Letter of August 20, 1482.

Ryght worshypfull Syr afftyr dew recommed[aschon]. . . .masterschypp & further more plese hit yowre. . . .I hawe receyved a letter from yow whych. . . .well understond and as towchyng zowre. . . .schall endewer me to hym acordyng to yowre letter. . . . Item Syr I understondd that yowre masterschypp wold [th]at John Dalton schuld bye the horsse that he wrote to yow off Syr he hath bowght won as on Sint Telen Day1besyde Odenborow2 at a fayer and he standys yn yowre stabull hys color ys maner of a grey coler and he ys but yong for he was new broken yett and he ys almoste as moche as yowre grett Bayardd &c. Item Syr hytt ys grauntyd to the Kyng be the fellyschypp at London vj thowsand marke for hys syrplysage and upon that the lefftenaunte and the fellyschypp here hath agreyd as be an asemble the vj day of Maye that all the woll and felles that schall be schyppyd at London thys nexte schyppyng schall be kockyttyd yn affore the vj day of Aprell last past and hit schall paye the costom yn Ynglonde at syche days as they can gett of the Kynge and takyn to the payment of the sayd syrplysage and that ys schyppyd more than the syrplysage schall be cokettyd yn aftyr the xj day of Apryll last past and pay nott tyll com to Calys and all the woll and felles that ys schyppyd at all oder porttes schall paye nothyng tyll hit come to Calys noder and all that schall ryn to the payment of the nexte hallffe yerys wagys &c. Item Syr hit was agreyd that thys hallfe yerys wagys schold abe payd hallff yn Ynglonde sterlyng money be the last day of Jule and the toder hallff at Calys be mydsomer yn Flemische mony at xxvjs viijd le pownde Syr now I undersonde we muste paye all here be Whyttsontyde at xxvjs viijd the pownde for the sowdeers hath lewer to be payd here at xxvjs viijd than hawe yn Yngland sterlyng money for they mystruste her payment there &c. Syr oder tydynges hawe we none here but Jhesu kepe yow. Wrytten at Calys the vij day of Maye.

per yowre servaunte
Wylliam Cely.
Addressed: To my worshyppffull master George Cely merchaunte off the stapell off Caleys he beynge at the Martt soo hitt dd.

On the Dorse:

From Andwhurp
And at Andwhurp
At And. . . . xs viijd
At Gent so. . . . vs iijd
And abatid vd
yow at delyv[ery] iiijs xd fl.
leyd owght per me G.C.

  1. Not any of the recognised St. Helen’s days, but the day of the Invention of the Cross, May 3.
  2. Ouldenburg, on the coast between Nieuport and Bruges.

Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxij
Ryght worshyppfull Syr afftyr recomendaschon I lowly recommend me unto yowre masterschypp &c Syr plese hyt yowre masterschypp to understond that John Dalton and I have spoken many tymes under master lefftenaunte for payment of yowre warrantes of xvs of the pownd and he hath drewen us off many tymes and dessyryd us to forbere but vj or vij days and we schylde have payment but as on the x day of thys month we spake to hym agayn and dessyred hym that we myght hawe payment of them or elles that they myght be sett uppon yowre bylles of costom and subsede and he dessyryd us to tarry tyll ye come and than they schall be sett upon yowre bylles of costom and subsede &c. Syr as for yowre horsse that Twyssulton hath I wolde a hadd hym home to yowre stabull but Joysse wyll myssdeme tham and take it att a grett onkyndness &c Syr I pray yow send me wordde how I schall demenyd wt hym &c Syr Joysse prays yow come home on &c Syr no more unto yowre masterschypp at thys tyme but Almyghty Jhesu hath yow yn hys kepyng Wrytten at Caleys the x day of Maye

Per yowre servaunte
Wylliam Cely.
Addressed: To worshyppffull master George Cely merchaunte of the stapell off Caleys he being att the martt soo it dd:

Rychard Cely the younger
Anno Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxij
Ruight interly whelbelovyd brothe I recomende me harttely unto yow informing yow at the makyng of thys howr mother brother my godfather and the howsowlde ar in goode heyll thankyd be the good Loorde Syr the same day that I departtyd into Cottesowlde I ressayvyd a letter frome yow wryte at Calles the xiiij day of Aprell wher in I fynde the inuiatory of syche godes that whos howr fathers and mony on that syd of the see Syr I spake not wyth the byschopys ofesars syn that I ressayvyd yowr letter when I spake laste wt them they sayd that awlthynges schulde abyd yowr cwmyng I wndyrstonde be your letter that ze wyll make howyr abowe vcli I hawhe beyn in Cottysowllde thys iij whekys and packyd wtWylliam Mydwyntter xxij sarplers and a poke where of be iiij mydyll Wylliam Bretten saye hyt ys the fareste woll that he saw thys zeyr and I packyd iiij sarplers at Camden of the same bargeyn wher ar ij good ij mydyll ther wylbe in aull wt blottes apon xxvij or xxviij sarplers wholl. Syr I cannot hawhe Wylliam Mydwynttyrs fellys undyr iijli xld the c. and I schaull [hawhe them I]1 go to that pryse I pray yow send me a letter schorttely Syr I hawhe bohyt in Cottyswolde apon the poynt vijMl resenabyll good fellz and I pay iijli I can gehet noyn undyr Syr I whryte to yow a prosses I pray God send ther of good heynd the same day that I come to Norlache2 on a Sonday befor mattens frome Kurforde3 Wylliam Mydwyntter wyllecwmyd me and in howr comynycacyon he askyd me hefe I wher in any whay of maryayge I towlde hyme nay and he informeyd me that ther whos a zeunge genttyll whoman hos father ys name ys Lemryke and her mother ys deyd and sche schaull dispend be her moter xlli a ze as thay say in the contre and her father ys the gretteste rewlar as rycheste mane in that conttre and ther hawhe bene grete genttyllmen to sey and wholde hawhe her and hewyr matens wher done Wylliam Mydwynter had mevyd thys mater to the gretteste mane a bot the gentylam Lemeryke and he zeyd and informyd the forsayd of aull the matter and the zewng gentyll woman bothe and the Sattyrday aftyr Wylliam Mydwyntter whent to Lonon as aull wholl getherars wher sent for too be wryt be the men of Pettyt for in wynde and grete markyng and thay hawhe day to cwm [agen] at Myhellmas. When I had packyd at Camden and Wylliam Mydwyntter parttyd I came to Norlache ageyn to make a nende of packyng and on Sonday nexte aftyr the same mane that Wylliam Mydwyntter brake fyrste to cam me and telde me that he had brokyn to hys master acordyng as Mydwyntter desyryde hym and he sayd his master whos ryght [we]ll plesyde ther whothe and the same mane sayd to me hefe I whowllde tary May day I schulde hawhe a syte of the zuenge gentyllwhoman and I sayd I wholld tary wt a good wyll and the same day her father schul a syttyn at Norlache for the Kyng byt he sent whon of hys clarkys and rod hymselfe to Wynchecwmme4 and to mattens the same day come the zewnge gentyll whoman and her mother i law and I and Wylliam Bretten wher seyng mattens when thay come in to chyrche and when mattens whos done thay whente to a kynnys whoman of the zewnge gentty woman and I sent them a pottell of whyte romany and thay toke hyt thankefully for thay had cwm a myle a fote that monyng and when mes whos done I come and whellcwmyd them and kyssyd them and they thankyd me and they made me promys to drynke wt them after dyner and I sent them to dyner a galon whyne and they sent me a heron sew roste and aftyr dyner I cwm and dranke wt them and toke Wylliam Bretten wt me and whe had ryught gode commynecacyon and the person plesethyde me whell as be the fyrste comenycacyon sche ys zewnge lytyll and whery whellfavyrd and whytty and the contre spekys myche gode by hyr. Syr aull thys matter abydythe the cwmyng of her father to London that whe may wndyrstone what some he wyll departe wt and how he lykys me he wyll be heyr wtin iij whekes I pray send me a letter how ze thynke be thys matter Heyr has beyn whyt my mother Myhell Koke and hys whyfe from Zoerke5 and my mother and I hawhe made them gret scheyr and my mother has gweyn to Myhellz wyke a cremsyn goune of hyr wheryng and sche has prayd me to whrayt to yow to by for her a for of callo. . . .for to lay in the same gowne and hys Kokys whyfe and sche prays yow to by for them x a fyne mynkes as ze can fynde in the marte and ze schawl be plesyd for them I schawll send to Calles be Robard Heryke at thys Whyttisontyd the byll of xiijs iiijd hyt amwntys to xvli vjs viijd and payde I undyrstonde be Wylliam [Celys] letter that ze hawe whryttyng frome my lorde of Sent Jonys6 I pray yow sned me partte of your tydyng I sent to yow the laste that I had Syr thay hawhe begwn to schype at London and aull howr whooll and fell ys hyt in Cottysowlde sawhe iiij sarplers therfor whe can do nothyng at thys tyme. Syr I thynke mony wyll be gode at thys marte for the Kyng has sente to the mercars and lette them what that he wylle hawe iij whystylles7 whon at Bregys another at Callez the thyrd at London and as I am informyd what merchand of the stapell that fellys hys whe he may be what whar that he wyll ageyn and thay that by nowhar schaull brynge in ther mony into the Kynges wystyll at Bregys ar Calles and be payd at London at a monythe day and the mony schawlbe stablyschyd at viijs the mercars be not conttent therwt. I pray yow remembyr howyr bowys. No mor. Whryt at London the xiij day of May.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed:To my riught whellbelovyd George Cely merchand ofthe Stapell at Calleys or at the Marte be thys dd.

On the Dorse: Billes and letteres of Anno Mliiijciiijxx ij super viset.

  1. Crossed out.
  2. Northleach.
  3. Perhaps Burford.
  4. Winchocombe, in Gloucestershire.
  5. York.
  6. Sir John Weston.
  7. Wissel, in Flemish, ‘An exchange for money.’ See November 5, 1481.

Rychard Cely the younger
Anno Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxij
Riught interly belovydwyd brother I recomend me wnto yow wt aull myne harte informeyng yow that I hawhe ressayved an letter frome yow whrytten at Barow the weche I do whell undyrston and as for wholl and fell loke aftyr noyn of howrs at thys schypyng for whe hawhe not cwm to London byt vj sarplers frome Kynges Sotton1 and not a fell I hawhe bohut at Chepyng Nortton vjMl fellz iijs le c I hawhe caste them and I fynd them resnabyll good I cannot deyll wt Wylliam Mydwyntter wnd[er] iijli iijs iiijd he has apon iiij Ml I pray yow send me whorde how I schawll be demenyd howr mother longys sor for yow Wylliam Cely wrat that whe be lyke to hawhe whar wt Frawns and that makys her ferde. Syr Hary Bryan the bryngar of thys laburs me soor to goo and se Rawson[s] dowttyr I am beheldyng to hym for hys labur for I know whell that he whowlde I dyd whell and I pray yow delyver hym som mony at thys tyme and do whelby hym for hyt ys seuyr I know I hawhe many thyngs in my mynde byt I hawhe ne laysar to whrytte ze may wndyrstone partte be my letter that I sente yow befor thys. Syr I wndyrstonde as I ryd in the cwnttray many thynges whone ys that howr brother Wylliam Dawltton schaull be maryd2 to whon of the nexte kynys whoman that Kyrstower Brown has Syr I hawhe sowlde Py I kon not get for hym byt v marke on my faythe and zehyt he that has hym thynkeys hymselfe full begyllyd I pray yow harttely sped yow into Yngelonde for many thynge abydes yow cwmyng I have whorkmene a settyng in Berwyke3 parke abouhe xij Ml. stakys. No mor. Whryttyn at London the xxiij day of May.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: A my riught whell belovyd brother George Cely merchand of the stapell beyng at Callez or at Bregys so dd.

Nota.–Autoritate & racione huius littere Georgius Cely deliberavit Henrico Bryan Lli fl ut patet per literam xxxviijva de quibus Richardus Cely est responsurus.

  1. Kings Sutton, Northamptonshire.
  2. William Dalton was perhaps a widower.
  3. Berwick, a hamlet of Rainham, Essex, which belonged to the Hospitallers.

Rychard Cely the younger
Anno Jhesu Mliiijciiijxxij
Riught whelbelovyd brother I recomend me harttely unto yow informyng yow that I hawhe resavyd an letter frome yow be Robard Heryke wherby I wndyrstond that ze wyll send owyr an zewnge horsse whe schaull kepe hym wt grasse a whell as whe can tyll ze cwm acordyng to yowr whryttyng Syr hyt whos tellyd Robard Heryke at Calles that howr mother showlde be maryd or in the whay of maryayge into so myche that thay sayd howr mother schulld go on preschesyon on Corpys Kyrste day1 in a cremsyn gown and hyr mayny in blake and a my howll howr mother whe[nt] at that day byt sche when’t at owr fathers monthys mynd and therfor I whowlde hyt wher tryd howt the bryngar of that to Calles Syr whe ar grehtly enoyd I trwste Jhesu whe schaull be abbull to wythsontde owr enmys Syr John ys in grehyt trobull2 and God knowys full whrongefowlly and parte of them that whe gawhe gownys to2 labors moste agayne hym I had lever then a good med that ze whor heyr. No mor to yow. Whryt at London the xxiiij day of Juyn I pray Jhesu send yow safe hythyr and sone Robard Eryke whos schasyd wt Scottes betwheyn Callez and Dover thy schapyd narow.

per Rychard Cely.
Addressed: A my riught Whell belovyd brother George Cely merchand of the stapell at Callez so dd:

  1. Thursday after Trinity Sunday. In 1482 it was June 6.
  2. Perhaps for the failure of his embassy in the previous year; but it does not appear why, certainly.
  3. A sort of bribery apparently, evidently of influential persons.