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Author Article Date
Compton Reeves Gile’s Chronicles of the Lancastrian Era Sep-18
Susan Troxell The Royal Progress of Richard III
Susan Troxell Thomas Langton: Richard III’s Character Witness Mar-18
Author Article Date
Andrea C. Silen-McMillin The Yorkist Monarchy and the Church Sep-17
Susan Troxell The 1471-74 Dispute Between Richard and George
Compton Reeves THE SUMPTUARY STATUTE OF 1363: A look at the aims and effectiveness of English legislation on diet and clothing Mar-17
Author Article Date
Annette Carson Thomas More, John Morton and Richard III Sept 2016
Susan Troxell Richard III’s Intestinal Infection—Fact vs. Fiction
Annette Carson Why it had to be the Tower of London Mar-16
A. C. Reeves, Ph.D Richard, Duke of Gloucester, as Admiral and Constable of England
Susan Troxell Can a Coin from 1483 Solve a Ricardian Mystery?
Author Article Date
Merlyn MacLeod Even by Tudor and Stuart Standards, Edward IV’s Marriage to Sep-15
Elizabeth Woodville was Invalid  
Judith Arnopp Margaret of Anjou—A Medieval Woman  
Jonathan Hayes Thoughts on Bosworth  Mar-15
The Evolution of Longbow Tactics
John Erath Bosworth 1485 Dec-14
Tamara Baker Were they really called that?
Troxell, Susan L. Lecture: Rulers, Relics and the Holiness of Power Sep-14
Ashdown-Hill John The burial—and reburial—of King Richard III
Hayes, Jonathan Crosby Place: A Ricardian Residence Jun-14
Rubino, Diana Essay: Shakespeare’s Hollywood vs. History
Stride, Peter / Qureshi, Haseeb / Masoumiganjgah, Amin / The Scoliosis of King Richard III: did he suffer pain or lung trouble during his lifetime and how would he be treated today? Mar-14
Alexander, Clare
Higginbotham, Susan The Many Facets of Anthony Woodville Dec-13
Troxell, Susan L. The Tenth Coin: Richard III’s Parliament and Publlic Statutes Dec-13
Lindsey, Erin Receiving the King: Pageantry and Politics in the First Royal Progress of Henry VII Sep-13
Troxell, Susan L. Richard’s Affinity and Good Lordship as Duke of Gloucester 1468-1483 Sep-13
Higginbotham, Susan Richard III’s Daughter: Katherine, Countess Huntingdon Sep-13
Hayes, Jonathan Leicester: Greyfriars Dig Conference & Rose-Laying Ceremony at Bosworth Jun-13
Duncanson, Bob Thomas More, Richard III, and Utopia Jun-13
Bale, Paul Trevor Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham: Richard the Third’s Dark Angel Jun-13
Szechtman, Joan Miracle in a Municipal Parking Lot (on finding Richard III’s remains Mar-13
Hayes, Jonathan Francois Villon–Fifteenth Century Poet–and Criminal Mar-13
Keil, Sally B. Richard Plantagenet and Anne Neville: Childhood Sweethearts? Mar-13
Carson, Annette The Search for Richard III: Some Personal Impression Dec-12
Blanchard, Laura Work on Online Edition of Edward IV Roll Now Complete Dec-12
Higginbotham, Susan Elizabeth, Lady Scales: The First Wife of Anthony Woodville Dec-12
Hayes, Jonathan Medieval Christmas Dec-12
Tracy, Larissa Torture and Revelation in Arthurian Tradition Dec-12
Smith, Gordon Lambert Simnel and the King from Dublin Sep-12
Carson, Annette The College of Arms Jun-12
Davis, Marion Disinheritance: Some thoughts about Jacqueline of Hainault and Anne Neville Jun-12
Lark, Stephen Thomas Stafford–16th Century Yorkist Rebel Jun-12
Carson, Annette Was Edward V Sick? Mar-12
Hatle, Elizabeth Dorsey Margaret Pole Mar-12
Otarod, Vhalla Warwick’s Wars Mar-12
Stride, Peter The history of foxglove poisoning, was Edward IV a victim? Mar-12
Higginbotham, Susan The Boy Who Did Not Become King: Edward of Lancaster, 1453-1471 Dec-11
Nelson, Margaret A Short History of Crosby Place’s Great Hall Dec-11
Carson, Annette The Questionable Legend of Henry Wyatt Sep-11
Okerlund, Arlene Naylor Elizabeth of York: A Biographical Saga Sep-11
Stride, Peter Edward IV King of England 1461-83, the original type two diabetic? Sep-11
Hatle, Elizabeth Dorsey Duchess of York–Cecily Neville Sep-11
Wainwright, Brian Economics and the Wars of the Roses Jun-11
Hatle, Elizabeth Dorsey Duchess of York–Cecily Neville Jun-11
Algar, G. Peter Towton Battlefield: Richard’s Cross to Bear Apr-11
Carson, Annette The Duke of Gloucester and Edward V’s Convocation Apr-11
Pries, Dorothea St. Albans: Saints and Sinners Spring/Summer 2010
Register Editor The Austen Sisters on Richard III Spring/Summer 2010
Higginbotham, Susan Plantagenets at Play Spring/Summer 2010
Davis, Marion Gloucester’s Dukedom Fall/Winter 2010
Higginbotham, Susan Did the Woodvilles Raid the Treasury? Fall/Winter 2010
Davis, Marion Gloucester’s Dukedom is too Ominous Fall 2009
Ashdown-Hill, John Dorset Secrets Summer 2009
Hancock, Peter The Ascent of Richard Plantagenet To the Throne of England Summer 2009
Higginbotham, Susan Meet the In-Lawas: The Lesser Known Woodville Siblings Spring 2009
Davis, Marion The Miser’s New Clothes–a parable Spring 2009
Davis, Marion Gloucester’s Dukedom is too Ominous Part II Winter 2008
Davis, Marion Gloucester’s Dukedom is too Ominous Part I: Duke Humphrey, 1390-1447 Summer / Fall 2008
Carson, Annette The Tower & The Princes Spring 2008
Higginbotham, Susan The Second Duke & Duchess of Buckingham [Sources missing in Winter 2007 publication] Spring 2008
Kent, Jean Medieval Recipes: Towres Spring 2008
Higginbotham, Susan The Second Duke & Duchess of Buckingham Winter 2007
Hancock, P. A. The Mystery of the Princes in the Tower–The Locus in Quo Fall 2007
Wheeler, Geoffrey Curtailed Coronations at the Tower [a play overview] Summer 2007
Blanchard, Laura Richard III as Inspiration for You-Know-Who? Say It Isn’t So! Summer 2007
Enstam, Elizabeth York Time and Clocks in the Middle Ages Spring 2007
Habberjam, Maria The Ravenser Cross Spring 2007
Davis, Marion Sheep, Cattle & Sword: Som Thoughts about Richard, Duke of York Winter 2006
Szechtman, Joan Speculations on Francis Lovel–Richard’s Shadowy Friend Winter 2006
Poch, Virginia The Lady of the Lakes and the White Boar Winter 2006
Higginbotham, Susan The King’s Mother-in-Law: Anne Beauchamp, Countess of Warwick Fall 2006
Butler, Pam Four Saints of Northumbria Fall 2006
Dubious Ancestry (from the newsletter of the Mid Anglia Group) Fall 2006
Hancock, P. A. Kirby Muxloe Castle: The Embodiment of the Disembodiment of William, Lord Hastings Spring/Summer 2006
Enstam, Elizabeth York York Minster Library Spring/Summer 2006
Wheeler, Geoffrey The Abbey ‘Richard and Anne’ (re: Edward Austin Abbey) Winter 2005
Spaltro, Kathleen Elizabeth Woodville’s Families Fall 2005
Bridge, Noeline Sites for Elizabeth Woodville’s Families Fall 2005
Lutweiler, David Tewkesbury Revisited Fall 2005
Szechtman, Joan Flights of Fancy (re: medieval flying) Fall 2005
Moorehead, Victoria Dem Bones (re: genealogical research to find Richard’s mtDNA) Fall 2005
Kendall, Callie Right Trusty and Well Beloved (Keynote speech on Paul Murray Kendall) Fall 2005
Kvam, Jean Crosby Hall Summer 2005
Szechtman, Joan Plumbing in the Fifteenth Century Summer 2005
Wadsworth, Elizabeth The Wedding of Richard & Anne on a Tabletop Summer 2005
Register Editor Remembering Paul Murray Kendall Summer 2005
Hancock, P. A. On Images of the Princes in the Tower Spring 2005
Hatle, Elizabeth Dorsey Further Examination of Margaret Beaufort (1443-1509) Spring 2005
Lutweiler, David A King, a Duke, and a Bishop (re: Richard III’s visit to Magdalen College during his progress) Winter 2004
Butler, Pamela J. Visiting Fotheringhay Winter 2004
Mullen, Dikki-Jo To Seal a Fate or a Friendship: The prevailing Mystique of Sealing Wax Winter 2004
Davis, Marion Teflon and Stainless Steel: Some Thoughts about Margaret Beaufort Fall 2004
Wainwright, Brian Gainsborough Old Hall Fall 2004
Lutweiler, David Celebrating the Last Yorkist Victory Fall 2004
Enstam, Elizabeth York A Story of Dates & Calendars & Years Fall 2004
Mullen, Dikki-Jo Medieval Astrology Fall 2004
Jones, Michael Pikemen at Bosworth Fall 2004
Wheeler, Geoffrey The Easy-Melting King: The history of Richard III at Madame Tussaud’s Summer 2004
Wainwright, Brian The Talbot Sisters Summer 2004
Worth, Sandra Richard III: A Thoroughly Modern Man Summer 2004
Butler, Pam A Miscellany of Late Medieval and Early Renaissance Witchcraft Summer 2004
Rossignol, Rosalyn Community & Identity in 15th Century England Spring 2004
Hancock, P. A. On the Trail of King Richard III: From Speculation to Simulation Spring 2004
Butler, Pam Witchcraft & Heresy Spring 2004
Wainwright, Brian The Ballad of Bosworth Field (Original Version) Spring 2004
Wroe, Ann Perkin Warbeck & Elizabeth of York Winter 2003
Hancock, P. A. The Psychology of a Combatant Winter 2003
Eckford, Teresa Basinski Did Richard III Really Kill the Princes in the Tower? Winter 2003
Worth, Sandra Richard III and the City of Bruges Fall 2003
Wainwright, Brian Hanley Castle, Worcestershire Fall 2003
Richardson, Geoffrey The Gullible Duke of Buckingham Summer 2003
Wainwright, Brian Battle of Shrewsbury Summer 2003
Reboul, Martin The Battle of Barnet Spring 2003
Hatle, Elizabeth Dorsey Portrait of a Young Woman Spring 2003
Stenner, Keith The Battle of Merevale Spring 2003
Jones, Michael Why I Moved the Battle of Bosworth to Atherstone Winter 2002
Reboul, Martin The Battle of Barnet Winter 2002
Durham, Floyd Medieval Mystery Novels Fall 2002
Butler, Pamela The Myster of Josephine Tey Fall 2002
Hancock, P. A. The Troublesome Battle of Bosworth Summer 2002
Ingalls, Wayne Wargaming Bosworth Summer 2002
Wheeler, Geoffrey The Denver ‘Richard III’ (extant portraits of the king) Spring 2002
Hancock, P. A. The Polarizing Plantagenet Winter 2001
Worth, Sandra Richard & the Parson of Blokesworth Fall 2001
Blanchard, Laura Pray to St. Peket for Colin Richmond (Intro to Richmond’s article) Fall 2001
Richmond, Colin The Princes in the Tower: The Truth at Last Fall 2001
Prinsen, Eileen The Distinct Soul of Margery Kempe Summer 2001
Richardson, Geoffrey Bosworth Field Revisited Summer 2001
Worth, Sandra Richard & the Queen’s Brother Spring 2001
Zollo, Wendy Elizabeth Wydville (aka Woodville) Spring 2001
Zollo, Wendy What’s in a Name? Spring 2001
Hancock, Peter King Richard’s Field (re: Bosworth) Winter 2000
Smigelski, Joseph Contrasting Shakespeare’s Richard with the Historical Figure Winter 2000
Worth, Sandra Richard & the Percys Fall 2000
Pickering, Lorraine A Blue Velvet Mystery (could the artifact be the Parliament robe that Richard donated to Durham Cathedral in 1484?) Fall 2000
Craig, Leigh Ann The Cult of Henry VI Fall 2000
Spaltro, Kathleen Royal Bloodlines Fall 2000
Richardson, Geoffrey England’s Chickamauga/Chattanooga Summer 2000
Register Editor Dickon’s Ballad: reprint from Renaissance Magazine Summer 2000
Zollo, Wendy Isabelle & Anne Spring 2000
Treybig, David L. Ph.D. In Search of Greyfriars Spring 2000
Drake, Margaret A Visit to Richard III’s England Spring 2000
Hook, Ernest B. Shakespeare, Genetics, Malformations, & The Wars of the Roses Winter 1999
Enstam, Elizabeth York Regarding Richard (a tour of some Ricardian sites) Winter 1999
Worth, Sandra Richard and the Stanleys Fall 1999
Worth, Sandra Richard & the Nevilles Summer 1999
Treybig, David L. Ph.D. Greyfriars Friary Spring 1999
Blanchard, Laura Ricardian Fiends of Barley Hall Spring 1999
Vacara, Becky Medieval Phrases in Use Today Spring 1999
Register Editor Eulogy for King Richard III Spring 1999
Richardson, Geoffrey The Cat, the Rat, and Lovell the Dog Winter 1998
Smith, Anne Easster Charlie Rose’s Interview with Bertram Fields Winter 1998
Michalove, Sharon Queen’s College, Cambridge Winter 1998
Richardson, Geoffrey The Bones of Towton Fall 1998
Gilbert, James G. The Mysterious Case of the White Boar: Richard III and his Tudor Literary Characterization Summer 1998
Gilbert, James G. “Our Brother of Gloucester”–Richard III as Duke of Gloucester (1461-1483) and King of England (1483-1485) Spring 1998
Fitzalan de Clare, Valerie The Buckingham-Morton-Beaufort Connection Spring 1998
Maurer, Helen Not Just One of the Boys…Margaret of Anjou Winter 1997
Faubell, Jeanne Trahan Which Image: “Rose of Raby or Proud Cis?” Cicely Neville, Duchess of York Winter 1997
Blanchard, Laura Queen of the Woodpile or Babe in the Woods: The Dramatic History of the First Queen Elizabeth Winter 1997
Spaltro, Kathleen Margaret Beaufort Winter 1997
Penman, Sharon Kay On Reshaping History Winter 1997
Newman, Sharan Why Write History as a Mystery? Winter 1997
Gilbert, James G. Striking & Maintaining the Balance–Kingship & the Nobility in Fifteenthe Century England Fall 1997
Bongiorno, Michael Did Louis XI Have Edward IV Assassinated? Fall 1997
Bignell, Sheila Who Was Nicholas von Popplau? Fall 1997
Gilbert, James G. Richard III: A King Admist the Turmoil of 15th-Century History Summer 1997
Faubell, Jeanne Trahan Not Guilty–Again! (Richard on trial before 3 supreme court justices) Summer 1997
Landers, Karen Tewkesbury Faces New Battle Spring 1997
Tewkesbury Call to Arms Spring 1997
Faubell, Jeanne Trahan Mock Trial of Richard III Winter 1996
Ryan, Michael The Little-Known History of Shakespeare in Philadelphia Winter 1996
Ricardian Register Vol XXI No. 3 (Richard III in the movies) Fall 1996
White, David Peter / Richard the Third: An Assessment of the Man Fall 1996
Treybig, David Louis
Lepley, Jean Machiavelli’s “Battlefield Morality” Summer 1996
Hinton, Norman Caxton, Malory, and le Morte D’Arthur Spring 1996
Gwydion Ballad of King Richard III Spring 1996
Drake, Margaret A Plantagenet Princess in the Tudor Court Winter 1995
 A. Compton Reeves Paul Murray Kendall and the Anniversay of Richard the Third Fall 1995
Ricardian Register Vol XX No. 2 (Approaches to Teaching Richard) Summer 1995
Dexter, Susan The Medieval Horse Spring 1995
Emmert, Jack A Classicist Looks at Mancini Spring 1995
Middleham Editon Winter 1994
Summers, Dale Looking on his images Fall 1994
Wood, Charles T If Strawberries ripe on June 13th? Spring 1994
Weinsoft, Judy R Strutting & Fretting his hour upon the Stage Winter 1993
Michalove, Sharon D Courtier, Soldier & Diplomat Fall 1993
Petrik, Helen Edward IV’s Will Summer 1993
Hurlburt, Christine The King’s Touch Spring 1993
Baker, Robert P. The Fate of the Princes in the Tower Winter 1992
Murph, Roxane Maxwell Anderson’s “Richard and Anne” Winter 1992
Dorfman, Robin L. A Study in Patronage Winter 1992
McGee, Morris An Unofficial Account: Bosworth Field–August 22,1485 Fall 1992
Blanchard, Laura A Bosworth Tale: the Portuguese Princess’s Dream Fall 1992
Blanchard, Laura His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition (re: Charles Wood) Summer 1992
Friendberg, Toby Reginald Bray Summer 1992
Rosenfield, Dr. M. C. Richard III’s London Spring 1992
McGee, Morris Barnett, 1471: Imagine Spring 1992
Ricardian Register Vol. XV No. 4 Winter 1991
Hiller, Joyce The Use of Cosmetics in the Middle Ages Fall 1991
Wheeler, Geoffrey Putting Richard on Display: Exhibits on Three Continents Fall 1991
Castagno, Margaret Sir John Donne, Knight Summer 1991
Blanchard, Laura In the Public Eye Summer 1991

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