15th Century Life

“Many casual students of history today and most students of past generations,” writes Ohio University Professor A. Compton Reeves, “thought of the fifteenth century in English history as a time when English folk had forgotten what was good for them politically, religiously, legally, and in most other ways. Such a viewpoint has become increasingly less tenable as researchers delve more deeply and with greater sensitivity into what was truly taking place in fifteenth-century England.” aquarius

This section on fifteenth-century life was established by the Ohio Chapter of the Richard III Society. It takes as its “keynote address” Professor Reeves’ presentation, “Delights of Life in Fifteenth- century England,” delivered literally as the keynote address at the 1989 Annual General Meeting of the American Branch. Members of the Ohio Chapter have a particular interest in recreating the material culture and coming to an appreciation of the rich life of the mind in Yorkist-era England.

We are pleased to present this section of the Richard III Society Ohio Branch Web site as both an example of a chapter project and a model of the kind of collaboration possible between professional and amateur scholars. Special thanks are due to Judie C. Gall, the originator and organizer of this section, and to Tina Cooper for her continuing web work.

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