Fifteenth Century Life: Annotated Bibliography

An Annotated Bibliography


The Home & Family Life

  • Aries, P. & Duby, G., Eds.: A History of Private Life II: Revelations of the Medieval World; Harvard Press, Cambridge, MA & London, 1988. General study of private life from the 11th to 15th century. Illustrations, bibliography, index. 650 pp.
  • Burke, John: Life in the Castle in Medieval England; Crown, NYC, 1978. Evolution of architecture & lifestyle in the castle from Norman times onward. Bibliography & index. 120 pp.
  • Duby, Georges: The Knight the Lady and the Priest: AThe Making of Modern Marriage in Medieval France; Trans. by Barbara Bray; Pantheon, NYC, 1985. Study of the evolution of the rituals of marriage & its institutionalization in the Middle Ages. Genealogical tables, notes, & index. 311 pp.
  • Geis, Frances & Jos.: Life in a Medieval Castle; Harper/Row, NYC, 1974. Study of the impact of the castle & its inhabitants on life in the surrounding villages & countryside, as well as of the everyday life inside the castle. Illustrations, glossary, geographical guide, maps, & index. 272 pp.
  • Geis, Frances & Jos.: Marriage and the Family in the Middle Ages; Harper/Row, NYC, 1987. Study of the development of marriage & family life frm Roman times through the Middle Ages. Illustrations, notes, bibliography, & index. 372 pp.
  • Hanawalt, Barbara A.: Growing Up in Medieval London: The Experience of Childhood in History; Oxford Press, London & NYC, 1993. Life of London youth in the 14th & 15th centuries. Illustrations. 320 pp.
  • Hanawalt, Barbara A.: The Ties That Bound: Peasant Families in Medieval England; Oxford PRess, London & NYC, 1986. Re-creation of family & community life. Appendix: Coroners’ Rolls. Illustrations, bibliography, notes, & index. 346 pp.
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  • Humble, Richard: English Castles; Artus/Orion, London, 1993. Exploration of extant castles, conveniently arranged by region: The South-Est; The South Country; The South-West; The Midlands; & The North Country. Illustrations, further reading, acknowledgments, & index. 152 pp.
  • Johnson, Paul: The National Trust Book of British Castles; Crown, NYC, 1984. General study of the evolution of the castle from the Iron Age until its general demise. Illustrations, bibliography, glossary, & index. 288 pp.
  • Rosenthal, J. T.: Patriarchy and Families of Privilege in Fifteenth Century England; Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 1991. Study of 15th-century family life & values, divided into four sections: “Fathers and Sons: Patrilineage and Patriarchy”; “Networks: The Horizontal and Collateral Family”; “Widows”; and “Family Life: The Predictable and the Unpredictable.” Tables, etc. 285 pp.
  • Sheehan, M.M., CSB: Marriage, Family, and Law in Medieval Europe: Collected Studies; Ed. by J.K. Farge. FORTHCOMING OCT. 1995 Univ. of Toronto Press, North York, Ont., Interpretive study of documents on property, marriage, family, sexuality, & the law in medieval Europe delineating the social & legal realities of marriages & family life. Approx. 500 pp.
  • Wood, Margaret: The English Mediaeval House; Bracken, London, reprint, 1985. Comprehensive study of domestice architecture from the Conquest to 1540. Illustrations, bibliography, glossary, & index. 448 pp.


Household Accounts

  • Woolgar, G.M., Ed.: Household Accounts from Medieval England, Part I: Introduction, Glossary, Diet Accounts; Oxford Press, London & NYC, 1993. Study of the accounts as a coherent body of records, placing them in the context of the administrative system for which they were created. Illustrations, 488 pp.
  • Household Accounts from Medieval England, Part II: Diet Accounts (II), Cash,Corn and Stock Accounts, Wardrobe Catalogue. Specialized accounts. 400 pp. Together, a comprehensive study of daily life, diet, hospitality, etiquette, the arts, politics, & medieval household finance.
  • Nicolas, Nicholas H., Ed.: Privy Purse Expenses of Elizabeth of York: Wardrobe Accounts of Edward IV, Facsimile Edition; Barnes & Noble, NYC, 1972. Reproduction of 1803 original. Included: Memoir of Elizabeth of York; her Privy Purse expenses from March, 1502 to March, 1503; and the 1480 Wardrobe Accounts of her father, Edward IV. 265 pp.


Family Letters & Papers

  • Barber, Richard: The Pastons: A Family in the Wars of the Roses; Folio Society, London, 1981. Eclectic collection of letters written by members of the Paston family from 1426 through 1485. Illustrations. 297 pp.
  • Hanham, Alison: The Celys and Their World: An English Merchant Family of the Fifteenth Century; Cambridge Press, Cambridge, UK & NYC, 1985. Using previously published Cely Letters and a wealth of additional resources, this details both the commercial & social life of a family of prominent wool merchants & ship owners. Illustrations & tables. 472 pp.
  • Richmond, Colin: The Paston Family in the Fifteenth Century: The First Phase; Cambridge Press, Cambridge, England, 1990. First of a planned 2 volumes on the subject, this one examines the Paston family itself via their extensive correspondence, without delving into the minute details of the era the corresponds spans. Footnotes, genealogical tables. 269 pp.
  • Virgoe, Roger: Illustrated Letters of the Paston Family: Private Life in the Fifteenth Century; Weidenfeld & nicolson, NYC, 1989. Study of the Paston family & their correspondence from 1388-1504. Chronology, calendar of religious feasts, biographical sketches of the correspondents, illustrations, glossary, further reading, & index. 288 pp.


Food & Clothing

  • Calthrop, Dion C.: English Costume 1066- 1820; A&C Black, London, 1950. History of clothing from Norman times through the Regency, categorized by reigning monarch. Illustrations. 463 pp.
  • Cosman, Madeleine: Fabulous Feasts: Medieval Cookery & Ceremony; Braziller, NYC, 1989. Detailed study of food as it was sold, prepared, & consumed; of the laws governing it, & of the ceremony often surrounding it. Illustrations, recipes adaapted for the modern cook, culinary glossary, & bibliography. 224 pp.
  • Heal, Felicity: Hospitality in Early Modern England; Oxford Press, London & NYC, 1990. Study of one of the most basic tenets of medieval life, the art & obligation of hospitality. Illustrations. 476 pp.
  • Hieatt, C., Ed.; An Ordinance of Pottage: An Edition of the Fifteenth Century Culinary Recipes in Yale University’s MS Beinecke 163; Prospect Okks, London, 1988. Typically meticulous Hieatt treatment of a culinary text. Illustrations, recipes adapted for the modern cook, notes, bibliography, & index. 239 pp.
  • Hieatt, C., & Butler, S.: Curye on Inglysch: English Culinary Manuscripts of the Fourteenth Century (Including “The Forme of Cury”);Oxford Press for the Early English Text Society, London, NYC, & Toronto, 1985. Compilation of several extant manuscripts on food, diet, & recipes. Glossary & index. 224 pp.
  • Hieatt, C., Hosington, B., & Butler, S.: Pleyn Delit: Medieval Cookery for Modern Cooks, Revised Second Edition. <e,>FORTHCOMING IN NOV. 1995. Univ. of Toronto Press, North York, Ont. Updated with new recipes from a greater variety of countries. Approx. 192 pp. The first edition is still available.
  • Peacock, John: Costume, 1066-1966; Thames/Hudson, London, 1986. 900 years of English fashions examined through detailed sketches arranged according to reigning monarch. Further reading. 128 pp.


Art & Literature

  • Alexander, J.G.J.: Medieval Illuminators and Their Methods of Work; Yale Univ. Press, New Haven & London, 1992. Study of both the production of illuminated manuscripts and the medieval view of the creative process itself. Illustrations, etc. 214 pp.
  • Benson, Larry D., Ed.: The Riverside Chaucer: Third Edition; Houghton Miflin, Boston, 1987. Analysis & reference guide to the prose & poetry of Chaucer, in Middle English, with commentary and/or explanations. Introduction: Chaucer’s Life; The Canon and Chronology of Chaucer’s Works; Language and Versification;and The Texts. Appendix: General Bibliography, Abbreviations, Explanatory Notes, Textual Notes, Glossary, Index of Proper Names. 1,327 pp.
  • Collins, Marie, Ed.: The Description of Britain; Weidenfeld & Nicolson, NYC, 1988. Modern rendition of William Caxton’s The Description of Britain, printed & published by him in 1480. Illustrations, notes, & index. 176 pp.
  • De Hamel, Christopher: A History of Illuminated Manuscripts; David Godine, Boston, 1986. Introduction to the medieval manuscript, its making & its place in the world of art & literature. Lavishly illustrated. 256 pp.
  • Harrison, Keith, Trans.: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; The Folio Society, London, 1983. Reprodution of the 15th-century text in the Cotton Collection of the British Museum. 98 pp.
  • Hepburn, Frederick: Portraits of the Later Plantagenets; Boydell, Suffolk, UK & Dover, NH, 1986. Although reviewed as a “frustrating text,” this nonetheless provides a detailed, descriptive account of royal portraiture from Richard II through Richard III. Illustrations. 104 pp.
  • Jost, Jean E.: Ten Middle English Arthurian Romances: A Reference Guide; G.K.Hall, Boston, 1986. Annotated bibliography of literature popular in medieval England. 162 pp.
  • Langland, William: Will’s Vision of Piers Plowman, Trans. by E.T. Donaldson, Ed. by E.D. Kirk & J.H. Anderson. W.W.Norton, NYC, 1990. Modern translation of the medieval classic. 259 pp.
  • Morrison, Theodore, Ed. & Trans.: The Portable Chaucer; Penguin, NYC, 1981. Modern English versions of Canterbury Tales, Troillus & Cressida, The Book of the Duchess, and a selection of short poems. 611 pp.
  • Olsen, Alexandra H.: “Between Ernest and Game”: The Literary Artistry of the “Confessio Amantis;” American Iniv. Studies 4/10, P. Lang, NYC, 1990. Study of John Gower’s style via an analysis of his Confessio. 130 pp.
  • Salter, Elizabeth: English and International: Studies in Literature, Art, and Patronage in Medieval England; Ed. by D. Pearsall & N. Zeeman. Cambridge Press, Cambridge, UK, NYC, & New Rochelle, NY, 1988. Posthumous collection of Salter works, including 2 projects unfinished at the time of her death. Primary focus:Piers Plowman and alliterative poetry, Chaucer, and medieval literature & visual arts. Illustrations. 377 pp.
  • Spisak, J.A., Ed.: Caxton’s Malory: A New Edition of Sir Thomas Malory’s “Le Morte Darthur” based on the Pierpont Morgan Copy of William Caxton’s Edition of 1485, Vol. I & II; Univ. of Calif. Press, Berkeley & LA, 1983. Reproduction of the original with 2nd volume of Notes, Glossary, Dictionary of Names & Places, Appendices, Arthur’s War with Lucius, & Bibliography.
  • Yeager, R.F.: John Gower’s Poetic: The Search for a New Arion. (Publications of the John Gower Society, 2.) Boydell & Brewer, Woodbridge, Suffolk & Wolfeboro, NH, 1990. Study of the works of Chaucer’s contemporary poet, a man more consistently earnest in his views than Chaucer, but one hardly less a “father of English poetry” than either Chaucer or Lydgate. 289 pp.


Leisure Pursuits

  • Barber, R. & Barber, J.: Tournaments: Jousts, Chivalry and the Pageants of the Middle Ages; Weidenfeld & Nicolson, NYC, 1989. General history of tournaments & their evolution from being an integral part of military & sometimes legal stratagems to the elaborate entertainments they become in the later Middle Ages & early Renaissance. Illustrations, glossary, bibliography, notes, & index. 225 pp.
  • Reeves, Compton: Pleasures & Pastimes in Medieval England; Alan Sutton, Gloucestshire, 1995. In depth account of what people did with their leisure time, from the hurly-burly of the tournament fields, wrestling matches & cockfights, to outdoor activities such as hunting or more private pursuits like chess or cards. Also details the pleasures found in music, painting, literature, jewelry, & the arts, as well as the enjoyment of religious festivals as times of recreation & relaxation.
  • Robinson, J.W.: Studies in Fifteenth-Century Stagecraft; Medieval Institute Publications, Western Michigan Univ., Kalamazoo, MI, 1991. Study of 8 plays from the York & Towneley cycles: the York Nativity, the York Shepherd’s Play along with the Wakefield Master’s First Shepherd’s Play, the Second Shepherd’s Play, the YorkSlaughter of the Innocents, The Towneley Herod the Great, the York Tiral before Annas and Caiphas, and the Wakefield Master’s Buffeting of Christ. Illustrations, etc. 246 pp.
  • Rooney, Anne: The Treytyse off Huntying (Cambridge University Library MS Ll.1.18, fols. 48r-55v); Brussels: Omeril, UFSAL, 1987. Translation of original manuscript. Illustrations. 90 pp.
  • Southworth, John: The English Medieval Minstrel; Boydell & Brewer, Woodbridge, Suffolk & Wolfeboro, NH, 1989. Study of English minstrels from Anglo-Saxon to Tudor times. Illustrations, etc. 191 pp.


Warfare & Armaments

  • Bradbury, J.: The Medieval Archer; Boydell, NYC. History of the archer from the Conquest through the Wars of the Roses. Illustrations. 198 pp.
  • DeVries, Kelly: Medieval Military Technology; Broadview Press, Peterborough, Ont. & Lewiston, NY, 1992. Objective, detailed summary of the advances in military technology during the Middle Ages. Illustrations, etc. 345 pp.
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  • Featherstone, D.: The History of the English Longbow; Barnes & Noble, NYC. Re-creation of the life & practices of the English bowman & the development of the strategies which made them into something akin to a long-range artillery force. 196 pp.
  • Norman, A.V.B.: The Medieval Soldier; Barnes & Noble, NYC. Study of the life of the average soldier; his training, his rights & obligations under feudal law, the evolution of his armor & weapons, & the tactics & strategies of medieval armies. Illustrations. 288 pp.
  • Norman, A.V.B. & Pottinger, Don: English Weapons & Warfare 499-1660; Dorset, NYC, 1985. Study of military practices, advancements, & improvements. Appendix: The Making of Armor. Illustrations & index. 244 pp.
  • Reid, William: Weapons Through the Ages; Crescent, NYC, 1986. Study of weaponry from Roman to modern times. Detailed illustrations, glossary, bibliography, additional reading, & index. 280 pp.
  • Rudorff, Raymond: Knights and the Age of Chivalry; Viking, NYC, 1974. General history of knighthood & warfare in the Middle Ages. Illustrations, bibliography, & index. 239 pp.
  • Turnbull, Stephen: The Book of the Medieval Knight; Crown, NYC, 1985. General history of knights & knighthood in medieval Europe. Illustrations, further reading, & index. 192 pp.


Monastic Life

  • Gilchrist, Roberta: Gender and Material culture: The Archaeology of Religious Women; Routledge, London & NYC, 1994. Detailed study of life in medieval convents. 222 pp.
  • Harvey, Barbara: Living and Dying in England 1100-1450: The Monastic Experience; Oxford Press, London & NYC, 1993. Daily life in Westminster Abbey, not only that of the Benedictines themselves, but of their pensioners & patrons as well. Maps. 296 pp.
  • Platt, Colin: The Abbeys & Priories of Medieval England; Fordham, NYC, 1984. General study of the monastic age from Norman times to theDissolution in the 16th century. Illustrations, glossary, notes & references, & index. 270 pp.


Personal Religion & Piety

  • Beckwith, Sarah: Christ’s Body: Identity, Culture and Society in Late Medieval Writings; Routledge, London, 1993. Examination of the intense medieval devotion to & preoccupation with the wounded body of Christ via individual mysticism, various degrees of imitation of the sufferings of Christ, comparisons of the Church, the body politic and even the king’s body to the body of Christ, & Corpus Christi in late medieval religious culture. 199 pp.
  • Brown, Andrew: Popular Piety in Late Medieval England: The Diocese of Salisbury 1250-1550; Oxford Press, London & NYC, 1995. An exploration of lay piety from the 13th century to the Reformation, using Salisbury as a basis for the analysis of various issues & activities, such as religious guilds, charity, & heresy, among others. Maps. 344 pp.
  • Hamilton, Bernard: Religion in the Medieval West; Arnold, London, 1986. Study of the practice & beliefs of Christianity in the Middle Ages. Illustrations, maps. 216 pp.


Women in Medieval Society

  • Anderson, B.S. & Zinsser, J.P.: A History of Their Own: Women in Europe from Prehistory to the Present, Vol. I; Harper/Row, NYC, 1988. General analysis of the role of women & their actual impact on their life & times & involvement in professions & activities not heretofore generally accredited to them. Illustrations, notes, bibliography, & index. 591 pp.
  • Bennett. J.M.: Women in the Medieval English Countryside: Gender and Household in Brigstock Before the Plague; Oxford Press, London & NYC 1987. Study of gender relations in peasant society. 338 pp.
  • Collis, Louise: Memoirs of a Medieval Woman: The Life and Times of Margery Kempe; Harper Perennial; 1983. Part – time historian Louise Collis brings a novelist’s flair to this fascinating, well – researched story. 270 pp.
  • Gies, Frances and Joseph: Women in the Middle Ages; Harper Perennial; 1978. The lives of real women in a vibrant age of transition. 264 pp.
  • Goldberg, P.J.P.: Women in England c. 1275-1525; Manchester University Press; 1995. Provides texts central to medieval studies courses and focuses upon the diverse cultural and social as well as political conditions that affected the functioning of all levels of medieval society. 307 pp.
  • Goldberg, P.J.P.: Women is a Worthy Wight: Women in English Society c. 1200-1500; Alan Sutton Publishing Limited; 1992. This collection of essays explores the role of women in medieval English Society. 229 pp.
  • Goldberg, P.J.P.: Women, Work, and Life Cycle in Medieval Economy: Women in York and Yorkshire c. 1300-1520; Oxford Press, London & NYC, 1992. Economic & demographic study of late medieval York, focusing on women. Maps & charts. 424 pp.
  • Leyser, Henrietta: Medieval Women: A Social History of Women in England 450-1500; St. Martins Press, New York; 1995. Looks at a thousand years of English histroy, as it affected – and was made by – women. 337 pp.
  • Power, Eileen: Medieval Women; Cambridge University Press; 1995. Power gives a vivid account of the worlds of the lady, the peasant, the townswoman, and the nun. The result is a historical yet intimate picture of a period gone by yet with resonances for today. 104 pp.
  • Staley, Lynn: Margery Kempe’s Dissenting Fictions; Penn State Press, University Park, PA, 1994. Study of Margery Kempe’s writings not as those of a reputed mystic, but as social commentary on her times. 224 pp.
  • Ward, Jennifer: English Noblewomen in the Middle Ages; Longman Group UK Limited, London and New York,1992. The attempt to recover, and to understand, the contribution that women have made to the societies of the past is often hampered by the shortage and incidental nature of the suviving evidence. 190 pp.
  • Ward, Jennifer: Women of the English Nobility and Gentry 1066-1500 Manchester University Press; 1995. This book provides a collection of sources for an important and influential group of women in medieval England, and examines changes in their role and activities between 1066 and 1500. 252 pp.


Commerce, Trades, & Technology

  • ———–Medieval Craftsman, Vols. 1 to 8; Univ. of Toronto Press, North York, Ont., 1991/92. Each book 72 pp. with illustrations:Painters, P. Binski; Glass-Painters, S. Brown & D. O’Connor; Goldsmiths, J. Cherry; Masons & Sculptors, N. Coldstream; Scribes and Illuminators, C. De Hamel; English Tilers; E. Eames; Armourers, M. Pfaffenbichler; Embroiderers, K. Staniland
  • Epstein, Steven A.: Wage Labor and Guilds in Medieval Europe; Univ. of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, NC & London, 1991. General study of guilds & their importance socially, economically, & religiously. 307 pp.
  • Fudge, John D.: Cargoes, Embargoes, and Emissaries: The Commercial and Political Interaction of England and the German Hanse, 1450-1510; Univ. of Toronto Press, North York, Ont., 1995. Based on largely unpublished manuscript sources, this new study provides a comprehensive analysis of Anglo-Hanseatic trade & the economic & political impact it had on England & northern Europe in the later Middle Ages. 280 pp.
  • Geis, Frances & Jos.: Cathedral, Forge, and Waterwheel: Technology and Invention in the Middle Ages; Harper/Row, NYC, 1994. Study of technological advances in Europe during the Middle Ages, many inspired by knowledge gained outside Europe & adpated for European use, as well as much that was the viable precedent for better known and more highly acclaimed breakthroughs in the Renaissance. Illustrations, notes, bibliography, & index. 357 pp.
  • Hindley, Geoffrey: England in the Age of Caxton; Granada, London & NYC, 1979. Although a biography of England’s first printer, this is also a detailed study of the politics, social development, commerce, & history of late 15th-century Britain. Notes, addendum, bibliography, & index. 336 pp.


Health & Medicine

  • Gottfried, Robert S.: Doctors and Medicine in Medieval England; Princeton Press, Princeton, 1986. Study of medieval medicine in the wake of the Plague, when the importance of surgeons as medical professional was beginning to emerge. Footnotes, illustrations, tables. 359 pp.
  • Rawcliffe, Carole: Medicine & Society in Later Medieval England; Alan Sutton, Gloucestershire. General Study of physicians, surgeons, & apothocaries; their methods & cures, and their social & financial position in society. Illustrations. 241 pp.
  • Siraisi, Nancy G.: Medieval and Early Renaissance Medicine: An Introduction to Knowledge and Practice; Univ. of Chicago Press, London & Chicago, 1990. Examines medieval medical practice, education, anatomical & physiological knowledge, disease & its treatment, & surgery. 250 pp

Social Patterns & Attitudes

  • Dyer, Christopher: Standards of Living in the Later Middle Ages: Social Change in England, c. 1200-1520; Cambridge Press, Cambridge, Eng., 1989. Study of the changes in the patterns & attitudes of medieval society at all levels. Tables, maps, notes, bibliography. 297 pp.
  • Horrox, Rosemary, Ed.: Fifteenth Century Attitudes: Perceptions of society in late medieval England; Cambridge Press, London & NYC, 1994. Compilation of essays on various aspects of medieval life. The King and His Subjects, G.L. Harris; Law and Justice, Edward Powell; Aristocracy, Kate Mertes; Service, Rosemary Horrox; Education and Advancement, Michael J. Bennett; Information and Science, Peter M. Jones; Women, P.J.P Goldberg; Urban Society, D.M.Palliser; Rural Society, Mark Bailey; The Poor, Miri Rubin; Religion, Colin Richmond; and, Death, Margaret Aston. Individually footnoted. Illustrations, further reading, & index. 244 pp.
  • Reynolds, Susan: Fiefs and Vassals: The Medieval Evidence Reinterpreted; Oxford Press, London & NYC, 1994. Examination of social relations within the noble class & between lords & their vassals. 560 pp.
  • Thomson, John A.F.: Towns and Townspeople in the Fifteenth Century; Alan Sutton, Gloucestershire, UK & Wolfeboro, NH, 1988. Compilation of papers delivered at a conference on urban history. Contributors & their topics: D.M. Palliser, both decay & prosperity of English towns; Gervase Rosser, London & Westminster; Stephen Rigby & Jennifer Kermode, each on using “oligarchy” to describe medieval town government; Rosemary Horrox, resident gentry in provincial towns; Michael Lynch, differences in the development of English & Scottish towns; and P.J.P. Goldberg on women in the towns. 192 pp

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