Nobility: Keeping Them Straight? New Charts to Ponder

By Tina Cooper

This, I guess you would say, is the sequel to my article done in the August issue of the Crown and Helm. I hope to contribute addition charts periodically and would love to hear from any of you who might want a title researched. I’ve been trying to stay with titles pertinent to the War of the Roses, either side. Please also feel free to send me suggestions on the format or information I’ve not included that you’d like to see. For many of these men, there was other information available, but in order to save space I only included that which I felt important to the transfer of the title. I hope these charts help all of you as well as they have myself, in sorting out the questions on how titles pass from one generation or family to the next!

# Name and Title Date of Birth Date of Death Date In Possession Of Title How Title Was Acquired
Pre-Conquest Waltheof Earl of Northumberland NA 1006 Between 965 and 1006 Originates with Danish and Saxon rule.
Pre-Conquest Uchtred Earl of Northumberland NA 1018 1006-1018 Son and Heir of Waltheof
Pre-conquest Ealred (Siward) Earl of Northumberland NA 1055 1042-1055 Received title through wife Aefflaed of Bernicia, granddaughter of Uchtred, after the death of her uncle in 1042.
Pre-Conquest Tostig Godwinsson Earl of Northumberland CIR 1026 1066 1055-1065 Awarded the title, being brother of Harold the favorite of King Edward the Confessor, on death of Siward. He was deposed in 1065 by the thegns of Northumbria.
Pre-Conquest Morcar (Morkere) Earl of Northumberland NA 1071 1065-1068 Elected by the thegns of Northumbria and appointed as such by Edward the Confessor to replace Tostig. Surrendered to the Conqueror after the battle of Hastings, confirmed then as Earl by William. Later died in prison being against William.
Copsi NA 1068 1068 Appointed as Tostig’s Deputy in 1068 to supersede Morcar’s nominee Osulf. Killed by Osulf 5 weeks later.
Robert De Comines NA 1069 1068-1069 Sent by the Conqueror in 1068 to take the place of Copsi. Opposed and slain Jan. 1069

By this time the southern portion of Northumbria (from Humber to Tees) appears to have been sufficiently in the Conqueror’s power to be ruled by officials responsible to him.

# Name and Title Date of Birth Date of Death Date In Possession Of Title How Title Was Acquired
Gospatric CIR 1040 1072 1069-1072 Grandfather was Malcolm II of Scotland who was married to Uchtred’s da. Ealdgyth. Combined the ancient earls and Royal houses of England and Scotland in blood. Paid the Conqueror a heavy fine to succeed to the Earldom. Forfeited in 1072, on old charge of assisting in the massacre at Durham.
Waltheof Earl of Northumberland NA 1076 1072-1076 Only surviving son of Siward Earl of Northumberland. Received title after Gospatic had forfeited. Executed May, 1076
Walcher NA 1080 1076-1080 Received the charge of gov’t of Northumberland upon forfeiture of Waltheof. Reckoned as an Earl a century later. Murdered May, 1080
Aubrey NA NA 1080 Appointed upon Walcher’s death but resigned.
Robert De Mowbray NA NA 1080-1095 Earl upon retirement of Walcher. Fought against William Rufus to put Stephan on the throne. He was deprived of his earldom and imprisoned.

The Earldom was taken into the King’s hands in 1095, and remained in the crown until 1139, when by the treaty made between Stephan and David I of Scotland, the English King alienated it, and the Scottish King conferred it upon his son.

# Name and Title Date of Birth Date of Death Date In Possession Of Title How Title Was Acquired
1st Earl Henry of Huntington ABT 1114 1152 1139-1152 Son and Heir of David I of Scotland
2nd Earl William the Lion of Scotland 1143 1214 1152-1157 Earldom assigned to him, after the death of his father, Henry. His elder brother Malcolm, King of Scotland surrendered the earldom to Henry II in 1157. William made frequent but unsuccessful attempts to regain the earldom both before and after his succession to the throne of Scotland (1165). Henry II of England promised him the title to purchase William’s support (1173)
3rd Earl Hugh De Puiset NA 1195 1189-1194 Purchased the earldom from Richard I when he was raising money for his crusades. Surrendered it 2 days after Richard’s second coronation.

The Earldom created in 1377 was not, except in name, the Earldom held by the earls mentioned above. Though the patent of creation of Henry Percy, contains provisions that the lands he then held and those thereafter to be acquired were to constitute a comital honour, the Earldom was no longer a Palatinate, and the earl, as such drew from his Earldom only the £20 assigned him in lieu of the old time Third-Penny.

# Name and Title Date of Birth Date of Death Date In Possession Of Title How Title Was Acquired
1st Earl Henry Percy 1342 1408 1377-1406 He was cr. Earl of Northumberland at the coronation of Richard II (1377). Played a prominent part in procuring Richard’s abdication in 1399, and probably his subsequent death. Questionable treason in 1403 and definite treason in 1405. Forfeited honours and estates and was attainted 1406. Beheaded in 1408.
2nd Earl Henry Percy 1392 1455 1415-1455 On 16 Mar, 1415 he was cr. in Parliament, with girding of sword, Earl of Northumberland. Father was Sir Henry Percy (Hotspur) & grandfather was Henry Percy 1st Earl. He was slain at first battle of St. Albans.
3rd Earl Henry Percy 1421 1461 1455-1461 Son and Heir of 2nd Earl. Slain at the Battle of Towton. Attainted 1461. Later reversed and given to son.
John Neville NA 1471 1464-1470 Cr. Earl of Northumberland by Edward IV in 1464. Title restored to Henry Percy 3rd Earl’s son 1470. Died at Barnet.
4th Earl Henry Percy ABT 1449 1489 1470-1489 Restored to title that had belonged to father in 1470 after swearing oath of allegiance to Edward IV. Murdered in 1489.
5th Earl Henry Algernon Percy 1477 1527 1489-1527 Son and Heir of Henry 4th Earl.
6th Earl Henry Algernon Percy ABT 1502 1537 1527-1537 Son and Heir of Henry 5th Earl. Since brother Thomas was attainted all honours were forfeited of the family.
7th Earl Thomas Percy 1528 1572 1537-1557


Nephew of Henry 6th Earl. Between 6th and 7th Earl Edward the VI had given the title of Duke of Northumberland to John Dudley since Thomas had been attainted above. John Dudley was however, attainted for treason against Queen Mary and she gave it back in 1557. This Thomas was beheaded in 1572 for having conspired against Queen Elizabeth.
# Name and Title Date of Birth Date of Death Date In Possession Of Title How Title Was Acquired
8th Earl Henry Percy ABT 1532 1585 1572-1585 Brother and Heir of Thomas 7th Earl. Remained loyal to Elizabeth during his brother’s rebellion. Arrested (1571) for helping Mary Queen of Scots and fined. Arrested again(1583) for same thing and found dead in his bed from 3 pistol shots(1585)
9th Earl Henry Percy 1564 1632 1585-1632 Son and Heir of Henry 8th Earl. Involved in Gunpowder Plot and sent to the Tower in 1605-1621.
10th Earl Algernon Percy 1602 1668 1632-1668 3rd but 1st Surv. Son of Henry 9th Earl.
11th Earl Joceline Percy 1644 1670 1668-1670 Son and Heir of Algernon 10th Earl. No surv. Sons.
Duke & Earl George Fitzroy 1665 1716 E-1674-1716


3rd and youngest illegit. Son of King Charles II. 8 y.o. when he was cr. Earl of Northumberland and was cr. Duke of Northumberland in 1683. All his honours became extinct upon his death.
Duke Phillip Wharton NA 1731 1716-1731 By titular King James III. He was outlawed for high treason 1729 and d. 1731
1st Earl Algernon Seymour 1684 1750 1749-1750 He was, in consequence of his maternal descent, cr. Earl of Northumberland in 1749. Mother was Elizabeth Percy daughter of Joceline 11th Earl. Special rem. was to go to his Son-in-law Hugh Smithson who was married to his da. Elizabeth and then to heirs male of her body.
# Name and Title Date of Birth Date of Death Date In Possession Of Title How Title Was Acquired
2nd Earl & 1stDuke Hugh (Smithson) Percy 1714 1786 E-1750-1786


Changed name in 1750 to Percy by act of Parliament

Son-in-law of above. Cr. Duke in 1766.

3rd Earl & 2ndDuke Hugh Percy 1742 1817 1786-1817 Son and Heir of Hugh 2nd Earl and 1st Duke Assumed Percy name under same act of Par. as father in 1750.
4th Earl & 3rdDuke Hugh Percy 1785 1847 1817-1847 Son and Heir by 2nd wife of Hugh 3rd Earl & 2nd Duke.
5th Earl & 4thDuke Algernon Percy 1792 1865 1847-1865 Only surv. Brother and Heir of Hugh 4th Earl & 3rdDuke.
6th Earl & 5thDuke George Percy 1778 1867 1865-1867 Succ. His cousin Algernon 5th Earl and 4th Duke. Went back to Hugh 3rd Earl and 2nd Duke, then forward to George.
7th Earl & 6thDuke Algernon George Percy 1810 1899 1867-1899 3rd but 1st surv. Son and Heir of George 6th Earl and 5th Duke.
8th Earl & 7thDuke Henry George Percy 1846 1918 1899-1918 1st Son and Heir of Algernon 7th Earl & 6th Duke
9th Earl & 8thDuke Alan Ian Percy 1880 1930 1918-1930 2nd Son of Henry George 8th Earl and 7th Duke. Older brother died of pneumonia in 1909.
10th Earl & 9thDuke Henry George Alan Percy 1912 1940 1930-1940 Son and Heir of Alan 9th Earl and 8th Duke
11th Earl & 10thDuke Hugh Algernon Percy 1914 1988 1940-1988 Brother and Heir of Henry 10th earl and 9th Duke
12th Earl & 11thDuke Henry Alan Walter Richard Percy 1953 1995 1988-1995 Son and Heir of Hugh 11th Earl and 10th Duke
13th Earl & 12thDuke Ralph George Algernon Percy 1956 1995-Present Brother and Heir of Henry 12th Earl and 11th Duke




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