King Richard III Facial Reconstruction

The Richard III Society commissioned the reconstruction of King Richard III — The Last Plantagenet King who died at the Battle Of Bosworth,  age 32. Unveiled before media in London 5th February 2013 — after remains believed to be those of the medieval king were discovered under in a parking lot in Leicester, England.

Richard III Facial Reconstruction

Richard III Facial Reconstruction by Professor Caroline Wilkinson


  • Image was reconstructed from 3D scans of Richard’s skull

    King Richard III Facial Reconstruction

    King Richard III Facial Reconstruction

  • Experts confirmed Leicester skeleton was King Richard after DNA results, on 4th Feb 2013
  • Features are similar to those of portraits painted after his death

You Tube Film Published on Feb 5, 2013 – Short clip shows King Richard III’s face reconstructed from his skull for an accurate likeness

In an interview Dr Ashdown-Hill, historian & Society Member, explained that the reconstruction was particularly important because there are no surviving contemporary portraits of Richard III.

He added: “All the surviving portraits of him – even the very later ones with humped backs and things which were obviously later additions – facially are quite similar [to each other] so it has always been assumed that they were based on a contemporary portrait painted in his lifetime or possibly several portraits painted in his lifetime.”

Richard III Society’s  Press Release 5 Feb 2013 on the Facial Reconstruction


5 Feb 2013 University of Leicester academic gleans clues as to how King Richard III may have sounded from historical letters

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