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The Rose-en-Soleil

Rose-en-soleilThe rose-en-soleil, a favorite Yorkist emblem combining the sun in splendor with the white rose of York, lends itself well to many applications, such as cushions and items of clothing.

This design was worked in two-strand embroidery floss on suedecloth for a dolman-sleeved pullover in the illustration shown here. The motif measured 10 inches across.





rose en soleil design
Rose-en-soleil design.
Click for printable enlargement and thread list. (Acrobat file)

(I’m not a genuine artist, so the design has some rough spots)

[enlargement of finished work]

Enlarge the design to the desired size and transfer to fabric. (To work on napped fabric, I transferred the design to iron-on interfacing, cut it out, and fused to the suedecloth.)

Work outward from the center. Divide the center circle into squares. Mine were approximately 3/8″, but you may wish to make them larger or smaller. Work alternating squares in differing directions to create basketweave effect, using DMC # 742 (golden yellow). Chain stitch in rows between squares, using DMC #741 (orange).

Work insides of petals in satin stitch two or three colors, depending on size of petals, using lightest color closest to center. I used DMC #746 (cream), DMC #739 (ecru), and #842 (beige) for the pullover, with two colors in the inner petals and three in the outer. Work the edges in white. Stitch direction should radiate outward from the center. (I’m not really thrilled with the way the color gradations worked out; if I ever do this over again, I’ll do the insides of the petals in chain stitch.)

Work leaves in center row in light green (I used DMC #3348). For the leaves in the outer row, divide into segments if desired and work in alternating light and medium green (I used DMC #3347 and #3348). Chain stitch “veins” of outer leaves in darker green (I used DMC # 319).

Outline spaces between petals and between edges and interior of petals with dark brown (black is too harsh, I think). I used DMC # 838.

For the rays of the sun, work a row or rows of chain stitch at the edges in DMC #742 gold and fill with #741 orange. I used two rows of gold for my 10-inch motif.

–Laura Blanchard
Philadelphia, PA (USA)

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