Clarence’s Bones

The following images were sent to us by Karen Ladniuk of Brazil, who describes her 1996 trip to England:

In February 96 I traveled to England following many places related to Richard’s history like: Fotheringay, Middleham, Ludlow, Wakefield, York, Pontefract, Gloucester and Tewkesbury. Unfortunately I could not go to Bosworth and Barnet by that time, but I am planning to do that soon, as I go to England almost once a year.

In Tewkesbury I did managed to take pictures of Clarence’s (and his wife Isabel) remains by simply entering into the crypt which is not inside the small chapel, as I thought at first, but in the floor. After a long “negotiation” (begging, imploring, etc…) with someone who is sort of “sub-vicar” he agreed in showing me the very inside of the grave.

By the pictures I am sending to you, you can verify the open grate, the former coffins and the glass box where the remains are now. I hope you enjoy that as much as I did.




The remains of the man called “false, fleeting, perjur’d Clarence” lie with those of his wife Isabella Nevile, in a vault bellow the nearby grating.



The vault is the only underground part of Tewkesbury Abbey and is located behind the high altar, near the Beauchamp Chapel.


 It was made in order to accommodate the remains of Isabella Neville who died in childbirth on 21st. December 1476, and her body lay in state in the choir of the Abbey for 35 days.

George died in February 1478 and a beautiful tomb, surmounted by effigies of the Duke and Duchess, was raised to their memory, but has long gone.





Their remains are now enclosed in a box on the wall of the vault.