Richard and Anne’s Dispensation

This is the text of Richard and Anne’s dispensation as given in Peter D. Clarke’s article:

Rome [apud sanctum Petrum], x kal. Maii. Ricardus, duc Glouirestere [sic], laicus Lincolniensis diocesis, et Anna Nevile, mulier Eboracensis diocesis, cupiunt inter se matrimonium contrahere, sed quia tertio et quarto affinitatis gradibus invicem se attinent, quare petunt cum ipsi dispensari. Item cum declaratoria super tertio et quarto.


Which roughly translates as:

Rome [at St. Peter’s], 10 calends of May. Richard, Duke of Glouirestere, layman of the diocese of Lincoln, and Anne Neville, woman of the diocese of York, wish to contract matrimony between them, but because they are joined together in the third and fourth degrees of affinity therefore they asked to be dispensed with this. Also with declaratory [letter] upon third and fourth.